Citizenship Amendment Act: Dr. Swamy responds…
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Citizenship Amendment Act: Dr. Swamy responds…

December 21, 2019

This morning I had a pleasant surprise in The Hindu. It had published a response to what the leader of the CPI (Marxist) and Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan had written in The Hindu titled “Time to defend India’s secularism,” on Dec. 18, 2019 expressing his opposition to Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA). Dr. Subramanian Swamy rebuts all the three reasons the Communist leader had given in his article.

The present, ongoing agitation reminds me of JP Movement which led to 1975 Emergency declared by Indira Gandhi and the August, 1946 ‘Direct Action’ started by the Muslim League leading to unprecedented holocaust in Kolkata to make the functioning of the Interim Government led by Congress impossible so that division of the country became an imperative and naturally the creation of Pakistan. The grant of independence was just one year away — 15, August 1947. 

I have read that history has a quirky way of repeating itself. Perish the thought. We are in 2019 with a new BJP Government, not the Congress. For now there is no such danger despite the tenor and tenacity of the on-going protests.

After all, CAA did not happen like a surprise. All the political parties and leaders knew about its arrival. It had passed through the Joint Select-Committee of Members of Parliament some years back and in fact re-introduced in December this year (2019). It was passed by the democratically and constitutionally elected Parliament with a comfortable majority. Yet, the Opposition refuses to honour this democratic decision. 

Can’t they wait for another four years for the next Parliamentary election (2024) to win the election and undo whatever this BJP Government has done? Democracy means patience, tolerance and respect for the rule of law. Therefore, Dr. Swamy has discharged his democratic and patriotic duty by responding to political leaders like Pinarayi Vijayan and indirectly to all those of his kind. If political and intellectual giants like Dr. Swamy do not respond and react, these pseudo-Secularists and defenders of Muslim minorities would go unchallenged and would even succeed. That would be a bad day for the Hindu majority as it happened in 1947.

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Of course, it is difficult to convince most of the present day Opposition leaders because, as Spenser said, “Convinced against your will you are of the same opinion still.” Yet an honest and a timely response was needed and Dr. Subramanian Swamy had given it in full measure. But there is a caveat. As Alexander Pope had famously declared, “Our judgements like our watches, none go just alike, yet each believes his own.” The Congress, TMC and the Left ‘liberals’ are bound to believe their own watches !

Dr. Swamy writes about the ground realities to put sense into the thinking of some people. [Peaceful, Democratic protest as is happening in Hong Kong for months now is okay in a democracy. But, certainly not okay if the protest is not peaceful as is now in our country]. 

He writes: “The need for this Bill (now Act) arose partly because the Islamic theocratic nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have brutally persecuted non-Muslim minorities since 1947. This has led to a sharp fall in the proportion of the non-Muslim minorities in the total population of these countries.”

Dr. Swamy says that the problem of religious persecution by Pakistan was acknowledged by the then Working Committee of the United Congress Party which passed a resolution as long back as on November 25, 1947, urging granting of Citizenship and  “full protection to those non-Muslims from Pakistan who have come over to India or may do so to save their life and honour.”

Dr. Swamy responds to other issues also like Hindutva and the Constitution but the point he tries to impress upon is that the Kerala Chief Minister “seems not to have appreciated the historical context of the CAA and the need to bring to a closure the sad consequence of religious theocracy in our neighbouring nations.”

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Apparently, the Kerala Chief Minister has no qualms about our neighbouring nations — Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh — having Islam as the State religion, with consequential denials of many rights to the religious minorities, while gloating over secularism of Hindu majority India.

Jai Hind 

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16 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Citizenship Amendment Act: Dr. Swamy responds…”

  1. boregowda says:

    I meant Bharat – typo

  2. Lakshmi MS says:

    Refugees are a world issue and developing or third world nations are the ones providing the most security to these people. Third world nations have been the most generous nations and have accommodated the highest number of refugees. No one with power and money is dying or losing homeland, but poor and helpless people are. It is up to us to decide if we can provide a chance for these unfortunate beings to a new life. If we do, we should do it for all, for no one suffers less or more because they belong to a community, caste or religion.

    Finally, why this hatred towards Muslims? This is a question to all those true secularists.
    Do you not have a Muslim friend or know a Muslim family who just live their normal life and are good citizens? I certainly know. Prejudice is the biggest threat to humanity. ALL wars that are currently happening throughout the world is just because of our prejudice towards another community. Muslims are not the only threat to this world, but narrow-minded humans are. All possible religion that exists in this world has committed a crime against the other at one point of time and space. Let’s not forget our history. Being one of the largest democratic nations, let’s unite and lead by example.

    NRC is a threat to our own security and human rights. NRC is the one dividing people in the country. Making a particular class of people insecure about their own home, we are creating enemies in our own homes by making them victims. LET’S STOP IT.

  3. citizen says:

    Gowdre who has tied knot to your d..k, it is all in your capacity, if not you can take contribution now a days technology is improved !!

  4. Govind Pai says:

    Beautifully put, MS Lakshmi! Was reading a book by Jason Stanley, a professor of philosophy at Yale “How fascism works.” Here is a Whatsapp digest:
    “Fascism markers, as identified by Prof Jason Stanley at Yale, who has been studying it all over the world for years:
    * a strong patriarchal leader within whom power is overly centralised
    * A mythical narrative of a glorious unified past that has been lost. The leader is cast as a primary hope for the restoration of this past.
    * An obstructive other who is preventing the return – a sense of majoritarian victimhood that calls for elimination of this other
    * Growing incidence of vigilante justice which receives tacit support of the leadership
    * Labelling of dissent as anti-national
    * Deep suspicion of intellectuals and activists, labelling them as unpatriotic and initiation of legal cases against them
    * Weakening of cultural institutions through management whose priority is ideological conformity with the political dispensation
    * A highly organised propaganda arm of the party that works to popularise its ideology
    * Muzzling of independent critical media through tacit and explicit means
    * An unwillingness of the leader to engage in open unscripted interactions with the press. All of his media exposure is carefully managed by the propaganda initiative.”
    Sounds familiar? I agree with Vikram Muthanna’s assessment in his piece “Secular Who?” that it was the misdeeds of the Congress that has driven us into the embrace of the current duo. But we have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. (happened in Germany in 1933 as well). Hope we open our eyes before it is too late.

  5. samir sardana says:

    Y Muslims need to see CAB,UCC and NRC Together – like the Christian Trinity (which is Haram in Islam)

    A lot of the Hindooo Dindoo Bania/Brahmin TV media try to delink the CAB and NRC,and try to make Muslims believe that CAB is not Anti-Muslim and NRC is far off.dindooohinoo

    This is again a strategem of the Fat Pancho Amit Shah and Dishwasher Chaiwala Modi diwmit duopoly.

    Phase 1

    In Phase 1 – the Bania/Brahmin company did cow lynching,love jehad lynchings,rama temple lynchings – to place the Muslims in the siege mentality syndrome.This is the Israeli Model – who first rape and kill the Palestinians – who look to the UN and the USA/EU – who do not do a thing.This starts the siege mentality when the legal system turns its back on the race,and the said race becomes a pawn in the hands of nations,and international organisations.

    Phase 2

    In Phase 2 – after making the Muslims physically insecure and helpless,the Bania/Brahmin company,deliver legal blows like the triple talaq bill,rama temple etc.This is also the Israeli Model – wherein the Jews have conned the USA to shift the embassy to Jerusalem,and reckon it as the capital of Israel.

    Phase 3

    In Phase 3 – which has now commenced you have the trinity of CAB/Uniform Civil Code(UCC) and NRC

    The target of the NRC and the UCC are the Muslims,per se.In CAB,it is an assymetric target – by specifying 3 Islamic nations – and their Hindooo,”so called oppressed minority”.

    The expectation is that Muslims become innured and oblivious of this destruction – just like the Dalits did for 5000 years.

    Phase 4

    In Phase 4 – like the Israelis split the Fatah/PLO etc., the Bania/Brahmin scum will give an OPTION to the minority sects of Muslims,to state in their identity documents their sects.This is the phase of casteing and classing the Muslims – who will ultimately declare,that they are “Hindoo Muslims”

    Minority sects of the Shia,Bohris,Ahmadiyas etc are declared as Non-Muslims in several Islamic nations.West Asian History also records that the Mongol invasions were assisted by these sects.Hence,these sects will in all probability toe the line of the Brahmin/Bania vermin – and start offering ritualistic tribute to Rama and the mad team of ape gods

    Phase 5

    In Phase 5 will come the quarantining and class-ing of Indian Muslims and Dalits in special zones and geographies with separate tranist id cards and restrictions on voting and mobility.

    Class is a natural corollary of the caste sanction in the Gita.The aim is to 1st use class to split the Muslim sects and then target the Hindoo castes – namely the Dalits.The Muslims are targetted with the pretext of National Sacurity and the Dalits will be targetted on the grounds of economic security – and then split based on Valmikis etc.

    The Problem of the Indian Muslims

    What is The Problem of the Indian Muslims ? The Gita is the only scripture which authorises caste discrimination before a man is born,and which lasts beyond the death of the person.

    It is only a naturally corollary and evolution that the Brahmin vermin will apply the same maxim to the Indian Muslims through the contorted and contrived convolutions of the NRC – under the garb of National Security – ostensibly to satisfy Article 14 of the Constitution.In reality the Brahmin/Bania vermin does not care for the Constitution – which is the antithesis of the Vedas and the Gita and the Ramayana.

    The Hindoos did the same thing to the Sikhs.Nanak did not use the word “Khalsa”.It was the Hindoo who conned the Sikhs,to become a race of mercenaries – and a sort of a mad suicide cult – which started worshipping vulgar and naked Hindoo Gods and Goddesses.The Sikh Gurus,Ranjit Singh,Khalsa Empire and Sikhism,were all destroyed due to the spiritual corruption by the Hindoos.Whoever supported the Hindoos was destroyed – that is the record of history (From the Sakas to the Huns/Mongols and the Mughals) and also recorded by Beruni.

    Now it is the turn of the Indian Muslims – it is they who voted for the BJP – just like Solomon who broke the Oral law and specific injunctions by Allah.Now it their turn to face doom.If a follower of Isaac or Ishmael cannot recognise Evil and explicitly supports Iblis or Evil – then it is clear than the man has been forsaken by Allah – and, in the opinion of this author,deserves doom.

    An “Indian” Muslim is not a Muslim who follows the Oral Law as re-revealed to the Prophet.To live as an “Indian” Muslim is a spiritual curse – which would definitely,not lead to paradise.

    The Hindoos of Pakistan and Afghanistan

    Not even 0.1% of the Pakistani and Afghan Hindoos will seek refuge in Hindoosthan.And those that are in Hindoosthan will realise very soon that they have no DNA link with Indians.

    They will cohabit and marry with their own and eventually shift to USA/EU – just like the Iraqi Shias in India,who only marry among their own.

    The Hindoos of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has Gas.North East India has nothing.In the next 10 years,Indians will become economic refugees in Bangladesh – and many parts of North East India,will voluntarily secede from the Indian Union.In addition,like in Lanka,when a new political entity in Dhaka,kicks out the BJP and the Indian State and the PRC and PLA come in,the entire North East will be supplied from Bangladesh,at 20-35% cheaper items – for all purchases made by the North East Indians.They will be glad to secede from the Indian Union and form a trading block – with the PRC dam-ing the Brahmaputra,and wheeling the power right across India,to Myanmar and Dhaka.

    The Future of North East India lies in Myanmar,PRC and Bangladesh – and NOT with Eastern India or Central India

    Hindoosthan is doomed.


    The Solution is only the partition of Hindoosthan.Partition leads to evolution of the human race – when there is no 1 race,in a nation.PRC is one race – the Mongol and the Mongoloid.India has a million mongrelised races plagued by 2000 years of incestuous pullulation – and that is a sad historical and scientific fact and truth

    The suboptimal and retarded evolution of the Indian Mongrel races,is what is leading to the disaster of Hindoosthan,as it exists today.

  6. boregowda says:

    Solution to all your problem – Quit India

  7. boregowda says:

    Solution to all your problems – Quit India

  8. Strangeworld says:

    Dr Swamy has been cashing in his reputation, since the days of Indira Gandhi’s emergency rule, when he escaped to Europe disguised as a Sikh., thanks to his friends in the West. But then, this does not mean that he is right always.
    The maverick , Dr Swamy, changes his views and party affiliations too, as many times as one would change his vest and shirt! Despite his educational qualifications, I would not take his views seriously.
    The problem with the author of this article, is that he sees issues as black and white, them and us. For him, the BJP can do nothing wrong. Questioning their intentions, it could be even Congress in power, is somehow unpatriotic and undignified.
    The axiom that politicians in advanced country follow, after bugled attempts and bitter experience, is that perception (of any law or Act created) is more important than the detail itself. On that test, this CAA amended Act fails miserably
    @Lakshmi. It is not correct to say: “Third world nations have been the most generous nations and have accommodated the highest number of refugees”. Germany allowed more than a million of Syrian refugees, who are Muslims , although it is Christian country. So are most Western countries and tolerate the diversity they bring, and treat them equal under their laws, despite the refugees exploit them. The news report that a German exchange student in the IIT Madras was asked to leave, for joining the protesters and brandishing a placard ” we were there in 1933-1945″ reminding of the Hitler’s era. Indian students across Europe and North America, join protests with the local citizens whether it is Brexit in Britain, Trump’s immigration policy in US. The freedom of expression in these countries allow them to do so. Every illegal Indian immigrant-there are tens of thousands of them who hide there, but when discovered is given the right to appeal to the courts against deportation On that yardstick, alone, India is an immature democracy, and shows why it is still mired in the third world cesspit.

  9. Our so called peace loving community is using NRC as excuse to protest against CAA (which has nothing to do with any indian citizen). When govt have openly declared there will be no nationwide NRC they are still protesting. It only shows their real intention is to oppose CAA which gives humanitarian relief to poor non-muslims from 3 neighbouring countaries.
    Ironically our pseodo secular disparate opposition is triggering protests by misleading the main minority community to browbeat the Modi regime and get some political consolidation out of the resulting chaos.What is worse the Congress and it’s soulmates like Mamata are even reckless enough to internationalise the protests to the detriment of our national interest.

  10. Lakshmi says:

    @Strangeworld: The statement is based on statistics from UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) and in no way means the developed nations are doing any less. Any help is good help. But more resources must mean more help that’s all. I understand it’s not as simple as it is stated.

  11. strangeworld says:

    @lakshmi ou need to know the politics of the Un and its agencies like the UNHCR. The UN was established after WWII, and the lead then was Britain and the first UN General Assembly was held in London, in the Central Hall, Westminster, where recently the NATO leaders assembled. Since then, despite the UN being supported with bulk contributions by the Western countries, its agencies like the UNHCR is infiltrated by the anti-West anti-Israel cabals – most of the UN organisations , in fact are skewed favourably towards the third world and communist countries, which contribute a fraction of what the Western countries contribute, but yet serious criticism is directed at only the West. Since when, the largest communist countries, Russia and China open their doors to refugees?
    No one takes seriously the UN and its organisations which are bloated with third world and African politicos, whose countries escape not paying their fair share to keep the UN running. Not surprised that whilst UNHCR praises the third world,and communist countries, who pay in very little, it closes its eyes to the masses of economic migrants who swamp the Western countries and when taken they outnumber the local population in some areas.
    Trusting the UNHCR , I would say is daft.

  12. Lakshmi says:

    @strangeword: I am reiterating that in no way the effort of the western world is undermined by what I stated. Any help is HUGE help. But it is also true that Britain colonized a large part of the world and looted their wealth, routed men and resources from third-world nations (remember bengal famine??, black slaves??) to fight in world wars to be a leader and for comfort. And the western world supported armed militants around the world (Mexico, Vietnam, Middle east) to fight against each other. They are prosperous, wealthy and peaceful but are the highest suppliers of weapons for wars that happen elsewhere, where others die. I am not in support of autocrat leaders from Germany, Russia, China or North Korea, or in support of fascists, terrorists. But I have not lost my rational mind either. All I am saying is all of the unrest in the world is because of the play of power. Who wants to be in power, who want to rule, whose words should win, who is right. These are the wrong questions and those who are paying for these are poor, unfortunate human beings. I understand that much.

  13. Lakshmi MS says:

    @strangeword: I am reiterating that in no way the effort of the western world is undermined by what I stated. Any help is HUGE help. But it is also true that Britain colonized a large part of the world and looted their wealth, routed men and resources from third-world nations (remember bengal famine??, black slaves??) to fight in world wars to be a leader and for comfort. And the western world supported armed militants around the world (Mexico, Vietnam, Middle east) to fight against each other. They are prosperous, wealthy and peaceful but are the highest suppliers of weapons for wars that happen elsewhere, where others die. I am not in support of autocrat leaders from Germany, Russia, China or North Korea, or in support of fascists, terrorists. But I have not lost my rational mind either. All I am saying is all of the unrest in the world is because of the play of power. Who wants to be in power, who want to rule, whose words should win, who is right. These are the wrong questions and those who are paying for these are poor, unfortunate human beings. I understand that much.

  14. strangeworld says:

    You have poor knowledge. Germany is a democracy, much more stable democracy than India. It does not have autocratic rulers.
    You seem to live in the past. Grow up, a bit as India got independence 70+ years ago. Stop living in the last. The current Issue country is this CAA, which will in the end blow up much larger. Third world India, should have the priorities, and CAA is not one of them.
    Look at the people who with lighted candles and lamps are protesting , and the crowd looks like young Hindus who are ashamed of what this government is doing.

  15. What a culture! says:

    @Lakshmi. Your lengthy rant about the past and blaming every one else for the current situation in India, sounds so ludicrous. This situation is in India, after 7 decades of independence, in a country which boasts as the largest democracy.
    The current turmoil in the form of riots spreading across the country, is the sole responsibility of the current government at the centre, and exacerbated due to the ambitious and misplaced action of one man: Amit Shah, who was carried away . looking at the eulogies showered on him for his action on Article 370. A wise statesman, Amit Shah and Modi are not those, would thought carefully about the situation in Assam, and not rush in to introduce the CAA and its appendages like NRC etc.. as an act. They would have thought about the ramifications of alienating a large section of a minority citizens. The folly is as clear as the day light. The problem is going to escalate. It is easy to deport a German exchange student for pointing out what happened i his country during 1933-1945. Unless, the politicians in power act as statesmen not in the narrower interests of their party, your country is looking at more turmoil and upheavals.

  16. Strangeworld says:

    Interesting, @laksmi comments about autocrats, as if they are alien to India! Not long ago, in 1970s, your country had a female autocrat, who ruled with an iron fist, jailing thousands of opposition party politicians, torturing many of them, and using her son to forcibly sterlise Muslim women! This is not in the British India but in Indira’s India! Yet, she was elected again, and ruled!
    Indian leaders like Modi are taking selfies with Trump and Macron whose countries, you allege committed atrocities against countries of the third world. Indian techies and Indian doctors are swamping the queue to enter the above Western countries, to make careers, fed up with the corruption and nepotism that are rampant in their own country! Whenever Modi meets a Western leader, he asks for more visas for the above techies!!
    When challenged about your ignorance, you rant about West-supported terrorism and armed militants, as if they are also alien to your culture. Think of terrorism and armed militants in your own country. Should I give you examples of armed militants who snatch gold chains, who raid homes and kill people in peaceful Mysuru? What about the increasing incidences of rapes? As a woman, can you walk safe in your own streets? Where was the case of ” Nirbhaya”? Not in Germany! These crimes are Indian-inspired and made in India!
    The problem with Indians like you , is the attitude of: ” holier than thou”; now with this CAA policy, badly thought out and wickedly engineered, your political leaders in power cannot take the criticism and focus coming from around the civilised world. They deport a German exchange student who drew parallel to his own country in 1930s! Yet,, Indians like you support the leaders in power, who implement it.
    Quoting statistics does not help, when you have millions of Indians in abject poverty, and rich Ambani constructs a billion dollar tower for him in the midst of the shanty town in Mumbai. When a family lives in a public toilet, is allowed to live in that status, Indians should bow their collective heads in shame.


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