Much ado about ‘Hindu Pakistan’
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Much ado about ‘Hindu Pakistan’

July 17, 2018

By T.J.S. George

The furore over Shashi Tharoor’s remarks over the possibilities of India becoming a “Hindu Pakistan” must have surprised his enemies and his friends in equal measure. It also reminds us, yet again, that we live in a politically surcharged atmosphere where battles can suddenly break out over a gesture, a phrase, a nudge or a wink. Communal emotions have become the sustenance of public life. They are the stuff of headlines and headlines are today the sum total of existence.

Shashi Tharoor has an unusual problem to begin with. Those who hate him are more articulate than those who don’t. His quotable English creates more adversaries since angrez is quintessentially anti-national. He also ploughs a lonely furrow although he wears the badge of the Congress Party proudly on his Kurta. He went out of his way to write a whole book explaining why he was a Hindu. But the Hindus who matter in our polity don’t believe a word of it.

That must be the reason why his “Hindu Pakistan” jibe kicked up so much dust so suddenly. On the face of it, the gist of what he said would be seen as unimpeachable in non-BJP circles. If the BJP were voted back to power, he said, it would re-write the Constitution “and that will enshrine the principle of Hindu Rashtra that will remove equality for the minorities and that will create a Hindu Pakistan.”

That kind of speculation has been aired by others before. The idea of re-writing the Constitution has been publicly promoted by the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat himself. Addressing a lawyers’ conclave last year, he called for changes in the Constitution “in line with our value system.” He specifically demanded a legal system reflecting “Bharatiya ethos.”

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This is a fully accepted viewpoint from the RSS angle. If Bhagwat put it gently and in respectable phrases, the Hindu Janajagrati Samiti expanded on it in a different tone when it talked of making India a Hindu Rashtra by 2023. The choice of that year could not have been accidental. It actually said that Yogi Adityanath’s rise to power in UP had indeed started the process of creating a Hindu Rashtra.

Paradoxically, there is no consensus on what exactly is the definition of Hindu Rashtra. The term has liberal interpretations as well as communal ones. The RSS’s communications chief Aniruddha Deshpande saw Hindu Rashtra as a concept based on inclusiveness, which emphasises one’s duties to the nation rather than to the Hindu religion. Asserting that religion is a Western concept, he said: “Someone who is born a Hindu but is working against the country’s interests is not a Hindu for us. On the contrary, a non-Hindu dedicated to the country’s progress is a Hindu to us.”

This is as broad-minded a viewpoint as possible, considering that Hindu is a term derived from the Sindhu river and, therefore, geographical in nature. The spiritual side was covered by Sanatana Dharma, a non-religious term denoting, simply, a concept of Eternal Values.

Unfortunately, Deshpande’s generous definition of Hindu Rashtra is not supported by many of his ideological colleagues. An RSS-backed Think Tank in Mumbai recently organised a talk session with a group of authors, columnists and thinkers known for their anti-RSS stance. Many RSS stalwarts objected to this, calling it “appeasement of enemies.” One said: “In today’s time, those who see the Sangh as enemy should feel isolated, not honoured.”

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What did he mean by “in today’s time?” Clearly, hardline Hindutva groups feel that this is their time with a government that promotes their objectives. If these groups get another five years of power, it would be dumb to expect them to waste it. In a country where public debate is not only possible but is the norm, it is legitimate to raise such issues for people to think about.

Shashi Tharoor’s point, therefore, was valid, but perhaps he made a phraseological mistake, linking Hinduism with Pakistan, which helped attackers to open fire from multiple angles. Most of the shots were farcical — that the phrase showed denigration of Indian democracy, that India was being equated with Pakistan, that Islam was being promoted.

All that happened was another reminder that we are a democracy where an extremist ideology using religion as a tool is finding it hard to gain control. That is because the majority of Hindus in this Hindu-majority country vote not as Hindus, but as Indians. In their hands, our country and our Constitution and our Sanatana Dharma are safe and will remain safe.

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12 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Much ado about ‘Hindu Pakistan’”

  1. Raghu says:

    It is a very smart caption to suggest what Tharoor says was nothing!but the reality is Extremists, pseudo secular gang and Modi haters like this author are already trying to encourage chipping away the Hindu identity and trying to build Pakistan inside India, not because of Bjp or RSS but because their leaders from Pakistan are guiding them with a blue print, This is on the same lines as 26/11! Shashi Tharoor just wanted to link it to Modi , that’s all! For that matter there are already mini Hindu Pakistans currently existing! Owisees is ruling one of them. Every time you see a Pak flag hoisted, that is what it is. The good thing is, such statements from Tharoor and his supporters shows us the insight of congress thinking and sends a shock in the spines of sleeping Hindus that they can now understand the danger India is facing! When they say they hate RSS ideology, under the cover they actual mea Hinduism!

  2. Raghu says:

    These were the excerpts from one of the thought provoking article! Now it all adds up! Unwittingly Shashi Tharoor let out their game plan and congresss did not like it a bit!
    – I don’t know if BJP will come back in power or not! I am not sure!
    Since Dalits are being convinced that Modi is against them,
    Jats are being convinced that Modi is against them,
    Marathas are being convinced that Modi is against them,
    Farmers are being convinced that Modi is against them and
    Muslims are being convinced that Modi was always against them!
    Massive propaganda of Hate spreading through print, electronic and social media!
    All this will surely have some effect.
    – Many out of 1.4 billion of us are not well informed; some informed are idealistic; some informed are selfish; some informed are 18 year old and *haven’t really experienced old governments; some informed are too busy to get into quarrel; some informed don’t want to get labelled as Bhakt!
    MODI MAY FALL! *But, it will not be Modi who will actually fall* 😒 *India will then FALL* 😡
    Final tally will decide the PM candidate! There will be a dirty fight within the coalition for the chair of PM and important portfolios! There will be hard negotiations and dirty bargains for railway, coal, telecom and infra ministries, *not to make it better but to reap benefits out of it!* All the good work done by People like Piyush Goel, Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar, Nirmala Sitharaman under able leadership of Modi will get directional deflection or break!
    There will still be communal tensions, *(It is the upbringing of this society for last 70 years; everyone has been painted and labelled and it’s bound to happen!)*. But they will not be ‘news’ anymore!
    *Dalits and Muslims will still remain backward* and a vote bank (It’s for both the communities to introspect, *why they are backward even after 70 years in spite of being a vote bank!)*, farmers may be gifted with loan waiver to make them bankrupt in another five years! People like Mr. Ravish Kumar will do another episode with black screen to appear intellectual of intellectuals! Critics will keep criticizing governments. *There will not be discipline, there will not be targets, there will not be follow up!* Ministers of different parties will behave like independent kings and will not be answerable to any authority! *Corruption will increase to crazy levels!* Meanwhile China is getting stronger everyday, it will snatch the title of super power from US very soon! Hence massive geopolitical challenges ahead! There might be a war over water in near future! We need to earn more money, strengthen ourselves, that’s the way to avoide the war! Trade wars! Russia’s empty pockets and China’s deep pockets!
    *Who is good enough to handle this situation for the good of 1.4 billion people!?* The great Rahul Gandhi? Psycho Arvind Kejriwal (Whom, I have worshiped like a god for a good three years!)? Fool Kanhaiyya ?
    Dirty coalition will give ugly break to the present growth momentum. What will Dalit achieve out of this and what will Muslims get!? Will Maratha’s and jat’s get reservation!? Will farmers’ suicides be stopped? what is the reason farmers started committing suicide in first place? That day people will say, Modi was Good”. That will not repair the situation!
    Modi has been working on long term and concrete solutions for collective good! Everyone will be at benefit in long term, not realizing it and not keeping patience will take us further away from the dream ‘Antyoday’!
    Modi is a human and can not yield answer to chronic problems created over past 70 years in 4 years! Have practical expectation, understand the constraints and limitations of largest democracy and then pass the judgement on Modi! The job is not as easy as Kunal Kamra to make people laugh by saying “Hamere jawan seema pe lad rahein hain..” I have been following Defence Ministry since last 10 years very closely and this government has done phenomenal work, which normal public is not aware of! And *when cheap people like Kunal Kamra makes fun of the work done and send wrong message across, my blood boils….*
    All this will not lead to fall of Modi but fall of Republic of India! We will loose a leader who is strong, progressive, hard and smart working and doesn’t fear to take the right decision by worrying about vote banks! The same vicious cycle will continue which held us back from being great for so many years, inspite of having all the resources to become greatest of all!
    It’s the duty of every informed Dalit, Maratha, Jat and Muslim to inform people with the truth and explain the situation and consequences, else fall is sure!
    I am a Maratha by cast and I keep receiving msgs in family and community Whats App groups that Modi and his party is against our community and uninformed people fall for it! And I feel pity on the people who are doing this propaganda and people falling for it. As Voltaire said, *I would rather obey a fine lion, much stronger than myself, than 200 rats of my own species*
    Modi will be engraved in history as a glorified soldier who did everything he could do for good of his land! Alas! His own people couldn’t understand it!
    As Marcus Cicero said,
    “I have always been of the opinion, that *unpopularity, earned by doing what is right, is not unpopularity at all, but glory*”*
    We live in a quick fix society! Everyone is yelling where is the growth!? Where are the benefits of Demonetization, all the currency is back!? Where are the benefits of Swacch Bharat, my colony is still dirty!? Where are the benefits of Make In India, we still buy Chinese manufactured phone! Where are the 15 lakhs!?
    Poor souls! I hope they will come across the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree someday!
    I followed UPA1 & UPA2 very closely, read and educated myself a lot about India and it’s problems and what kind of mess India is, I learned about limitations and constraints created over past 70 years and when I saw Modiji handling this mess so well in the backdrop of a prejudice, hatred & criticism, *my respect for him has grown in multiple folds*!
    Modi has done amazing hard and smart work on so many fronts and I am so grateful to him for what he has done and achieved in past 4 years! Of course there are few mistakes, but can anything in this world ever be perfectly flawless!? For example, I never understood the ‘COW’ issue, but do we know what kind of pressure must be there on him from within the party!
    In a family or any small or big organisation, there will always be some people who we know are wrong and culprit for some mess, but we can’t help but to tolerate them at the cost of the unity of the family or at the cost of some bigger advantage in the case of organisation!
    One thing for sure, even critics will praise Modi someday, but it will be of no use then 😠
    🙄 *I only hope that better sense prevails amongst Indian people & they Vote Modi back to power in 2019* 😕

    • syed matheen says:

      You are a true bhakt, hence you can only write and read such foolish bhashan (lecture) like how Mitron do.

      You missed 2 significant words in you above lecture, one is Mitron and other one is Bhaio Aur Beheno.

      Post Independence India has performed, India was performing, India will perform.

      And you have witnessed it and you will witness that.

      We all majority Indians believe in it, we believe in democracy, secularism, pluralism and unity.

      • Rahul says:

        Well said Syed!

        India was performing relatively well compared to its neighbors BEFORE MODI and Will perform on same lines if not better AFTER MODI.

        Worshipping MODI is an artificial bubble created thru great corporate level marketing by key board warriors of BJP, lets see how long will it sustain.

        People are already sick of seeing the photo shopped images of Gujrat model which never existed at the first place.

  3. Dr sham says:

    yes i agree with raghu…lynching, rule of law, creating hatred among different castes and religions is insignificant…

  4. Haseeb says:

    Shahi Tharoor is only india to be nominated for United Nations Under Secretary-General .

    He is acclaimed writer, having authored 16 bestselling works of fiction and non-fiction since 1981, all of which are centred on India and its history, culture, film, politics, society, foreign policy, and more.

    we should listen his smashing speech at Oxford Union in 2015, Shashi Tharoor once again slammed British colonisation in India on Australian national television on Monday night. During a Q&A session, he said, “The British came to one of the richest countries in the world and over 200 years of exploitation, loot and destruction, reduced it to a poster child for third world poverty.”

    Hardly we have any politician of his Calibre , Excellent speaker , Good Human Being , True Hindu , ..

    we have politician dividing people .

  5. Shyam says:

    Scumbags blinded by hate can’t seem to learn or see the facts and always jump to call others Bhakths especially when they don’t have any logic or valid points! Raghu has already anticipated such creatures . They can’t be corrected! We can only pray for them! Religion is another barrier! After 7 decades of peaceful existence in India some still seem to think they are threatened ! On the contrary, they are scaring the majority!
    If Modi wins May be there will be Pakistan in India!
    But if the opposition wins, then it will be unofficially India under Pakistan’s and Chinas control!!
    Modi being a Hindu nationalist has poured ice cold water on on all their ambitious master plans! That is the reason why Modi has so many haters!

  6. Dr sham says:

    i was being sarcastic my dear friend…these things don’t matter for people like raghu… as these important issues were overlooked in the article…

  7. Dr sham says:

    i was being sarcastic my dear friend… as these important issues were overlooked in the article… i had sarcastically said then these issues are insignificant.


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