Positivity Unlimited: ‘This is the time to express our gratitude to society and serve others’

Positivity Unlimited: ‘This is the time to express our gratitude to society and serve others’

May 15, 2021

On the 2nd day of the #PositivityUnlimited lecture series organised by Covid Response Team (CRT), Delhi, on May 12, Founder of Art of Living Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji spoke thus: 

Our country is going through the biggest challenge of this century. Witnessing the loss of our near and dear ones, our minds can be affected. 

Many of us have lost our friends and relatives. Anyone can be affected mentally. So what is that we can do? We have to do 4 things to overcome this:

1. Mental Strength: We have to be mentally strong, and this is also our responsibility now. We have to reignite our energies and stay courageous.

2. Remain Conscious: We should not be affected emotionally, and we must be conscious and aware of the things happening around. It also gives us the strength to serve others. This will enable us to follow the guidelines laid for the sake of the society. For this we have to meditate, recite a few mantras and have faith in God. Our ancestors have done this for ages. We have to follow it at this juncture when the entire humanity is being tested.

3. Serve Others: This is the time to serve others. We have read of people who continued to serve despite death in their own families. This is the time to express our gratitude to society.

4. Yoga & Ayurveda: Along with this we have to control the food we take. We also have to practice Yoga and opt for Ayurvedic remedies to stay fit.

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We have to avoid negative news as much as possible and listen to more positive news and messages. Every person has to strive to keep himself/herself and his/her surroundings positive                                       he concluded.

‘Country must come together as one’

Another lecture was by Chairman of Wipro Limited, Azim Premji, who had to say 3 things in this hour of crisis:

1. We have to act fast, and our actions should be based on science. We must confront this crisis truthfully. Science is the foundation on which we can find solutions.

2. Country must come together as one. United we stand and divided we fall.

3. We have to be considerate to the plight of the downtrodden. The pandemic is also affecting the vulnerable. We need to restructure society so that the needs of the most vulnerable sections are taken care of.

I urge everyone to come together and do more for society in this hour of crisis.

[Report: Prashanth Vaidyaraj]

NOTE: Today’s talk by RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat will be streamed through the digital media platforms (facebook.com/VishwaSamvadKendraBharat and youtube.com/VishwaSamvadKendraBharat) from 4.30 pm to 5 pm.

17 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Positivity Unlimited: ‘This is the time to express our gratitude to society and serve others’”

  1. citizen says:

    Seize these godmen properties and distribute to public in pandemic
    Art of looting
    I wonder, we struggle whole life studying then getting in good companies then getting settled then wedding, then a car and a home some people may be couple of home then children education process continues…
    Some businessman lose sleep and earn, it will take years and decades to build their empire not so easy to become rich as well they struggle

    But these god men’s have immense wealth, cars hotels, now even corporate companies, lavish life style, TAJ, RADISON, SHERATON stays

    HOW ?

    what business they have ? what source of income they have ?

    if it is all donations , if should be liquidated at this deep stress and distributed among all poor !

  2. boregowda says:

    Your communist propaganda and ideals have miserably failed all over the world including Kerala and West Bengal. To cease and distribute properties was that easy than 1.4 billion (and growing) Indians would not be suffering today. Wake up, smell fresh air and do something good to the society.

  3. Raj says:

    ave you ever considered looking into Vadra’s wealth also? Or Chidambaram? As far as Sadguru, attend one of his meetings and ask! He has answered many a times this propaganda question and can give you a reply you deserve!

  4. Rakesh Gowda says:

    People were addicted to decades of looting and draining the temple treasures and spending on Vote bank politics and religious conversions are suffocated for the last 7 years! obviously people hate the government that puts the checks on these and spills out in these columns! Just an example, USA more than 598,540 people died(population 328 million) of Covid compared to 262,350 in India as of May 14th(population 1.4 billion). But neither NY times or Washington post never showed any graveyards while they showed 24/7 Indian grave yards with pyres burning. There health care infrastructure is 10 times more . Their news reporters are more dignified when reporting the news about their own nation! But they practice unethical vulturism when reporting news about India. We have our own share of shameless vultures who go to crematoriums to show gory pictures and write morbid articles to please their western bosses! Also All these people think they are defaming Modi but they are defaming India! They see a windfall in Covid deaths. On the one hand people are the victim of vultures who hoard oxygen, medicines and loot the patients and the opposition wants to defame central government! Do people think that they would have done anything better? What are your Hopes ? Rahul? Priyanka? Kejrival? Covid is not easy to manage by abusing or histrionics?

  5. citizen says:

    Looks like all belongs to same creed , chamchas and Bhakts of Chaiwala and Gaiwala.

    Rakesh Gowda : America replaced its president itself when they understood that they elected a useless scum and failed them in all fronts.

    Raj : Maga Vadra, chidambaram, sonia whoever you name, what your babu doing from 7 years ? buying MLA’s from vadra money ? Where is black money even after 7 years ? at least where are those names which were supposed to be declared in 100 days ? It 2555 days now in government ! May be there are planting chip in black money HA !

    Boregowda is a pure breed as he is inclined towards a fresh breath which comes khaki chaddi.. Didi o Didi forgot so early ?
    Kerala even metro man they sent him in same train to take fresh breath, intelligent people rejected chiawala and Gaiwala.

    I am seriously worrying about Karnataka, we were always in top 5 states in India I am worrying now that educated people like you cannot understand failed state, soon we will be pushed to become UP or Bihar.


  6. Ramu says:

    We are cursing PM, CM, Administration, etc. But who are we? Hold on, I am not saying that we are violating social distancing and masks compliance. Let’s say . by some democratic process w or otherwise , throw out all the people like PM, CM, Administration and replace all of them with your personal choice team ! Will anything change or improve? or we craving that we missed this windfall?
    As long as we don’t change the situation on the ground, nothing changes! We can spill our hatred to all the people whom we don’t like and call them names all we want! But Here is the reality!
    We are selling Rs. 700-800 oximeter for Rs. 3000 +
    Who are they? This is us!
    Those who are black marketing of oxygen
    This is us!
    Selling this Remdesivir for 20000 + plus
    This is us!
    Those who are doing dishonesty in the crematorium woods and asking for 20000 for cremation. This is us!
    From looting in coconut water, fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, lentils to getting beds in hospitals, all these people have looted
    This is us!
    In a country where whoever got a chance, started looting irrespective of the gravity of the situation, regardless of the suffering around.
    Those who start selling lemon worth Rs 50 per kg for Rs 150 per kilo when doctors ask to take more vitamin C..
    Those who sell coconut water for 40-50 rupees for ₹ 100..
    Those who hear the lack of oxygen for patients, start black marketing of oxygens selling them for 60,000 or worse vanishing after taking the money from the patient.
    Those who see the plight of dying patients, start black marketing of remdesivir injection..
    Those who sell their faith by mixing paracetamol in injection..
    Those who start asking for Rs 36000 from Panipat to Faridabad in the name of bringing dead body.
    Those who talk about taking the patient to a hospital located in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Noida, they start asking for ambulance fare 20000 to 25000. We do the business of booking beds for patients who are asymptomatic to block the real patients and sell it to the highest bidder and anybody who tries to investigate, we call them names and hijack the probe!
    Are we really very innocent??.. Or vultures that scratch the flesh of corpses…
    Vulture scratch dead bodies to fill its stomach after death but we are scratching living people to fill our vaults, where will we take such wealth or for whom?
    Corona is not killing India today
    Human greed is killing humans.

  7. citizen says:

    I totally agree with you brother Ramu, but who should check who should stop all this irregularities ?
    our governments do lot of advertisement on TV, paper, even petrol pumps, radio everywhere one face, even on vaccine card.

    One single statement and fix universal prices across India and publish in all papers, TV , Radio, petrol pumps. Pass an emergency ordinance 6 months jail for violators if any body indulge in black market or over priced with 1 single hearing from magistrate.

    Remdisiver -3500 RS across India
    Bed normal – 1000 rs
    With oxygen -2000 rs
    ventilator- 5000 rs
    Fabiflu- 2000Rs
    Pan 40 -50rs
    oximeter -1000 rs
    Ambulance per KM 50rs
    what so ever reasonable and affordable by bother seller and buyer.

    My personal experience for my mother I took Remdisiver in OCT2020 in mysore, I checked in 3 hospitals, I got it for 3500RS , another 2 hospital in one 5500RS and in one hospital 6000Rs. World is so transparent we can compare anything in just finger tips but we need to have that vision and administrative power to do it rather simply bluffing rubbish stories in Radio and at 8 PM on television, it is very painful we are losing thousands of people everyday.

    why do we elect governments, why do we pay tax, why do we abide by laws set by them, there are policy makers they should set policy and enforce that, it is their failure if they cannot manage irregularities !

  8. Shankar says:

    @Ramu and @citizen,
    You both have very good intentions and ideas and I support your candidature either for the local body elections or in the state elections. In that way, sensible people can make a difference to the society. But, the question remains.

  9. Raj says:

    @Citizen.. Looks like everybody is corrupt Bhakth of Chaiwala or Gaiwala or a cheddi except you! Yes, if you are a loyal follower of toolkit, this could happen to your brain! ! By the way Toolkit is producing amazing results!! Keep it up!!

  10. citizen says:

    Raj, Raja puuta , brain LOL i feel laugh on when you said word called “BRIAN ” chip in note, one click all hospital on desktop, bullet train, radar clouds, 15 lakh, pakoda job, global warming, dolan trump, divya coronil, how much more you want ?
    Tool kit , same what our pamper baby did in Bangalore simply blaming other community for failure naming some boys names out of 200 employees to divert , till when you will take advantage of other community , they are only 10 to 14% we are more than 70% . By showing them entire life we are pushed to dump yards diversion tactics same now TOOL KIT diversion tactic GROW UP

  11. boregowda says:

    Citizen – a citizen of our loving neighbors – China, Pakistan, Bangladesh????

  12. citizen says:

    A citizen who doesn’t wear khaki chaddi. See you do not have any words so diversion tactic , china, Pakistan, Bangladesh !
    You people so concerned about other countries that you ignore filthy situation of our own country , Did you had any guts raise on issue that dogs are eating dead bodies, thousands of bodies floating in Ganga or even you believe that it is from Nigeria ! You need to have balls to say wrong is wrong !

  13. boregowda says:

    With citizen like you, India does not need enemies

  14. Prabhu says:

    Here was a post from an India origin doctor who works in USA. For her service during the peek Covid time, as a mark of showing respect and gratitude, Thousands of people from her town drove in front of her residence on a Sunday morning waving Indian and American flags and honked their vehicle!
    Words from a doctor in USA:
    The COVID wave India is facing now, USA has already faced.
    US has a population of 328.2 MILLION, as opposed to India’s population of 1.36 BILLION.
    USA had 599,863 COVID related deaths.
    USA has one of the best healthcare infrastructures, USA has resources,has money.
    Yet, how many of you know USA underwent immense struggle during COVID surge?
    How many of you know there was acute shortages of medications, PPE kits- including face masks, even syringes and needles used in hospitals/healthcare settings?
    (We continue to have shortages of certain medications).
    How many of you know there was no room to store bodies in the morgues, the funeral homes were backed up?
    How many of you know there was and there is shortage of healthcare personnel?
    How many of you know many people lost jobs?
    No, there was no extra money that was paid to prescribers to treat COVID patients
    . The shifts were long and excruciating at times. Most of us didn’t get to see our kids for days at a time. Many a time healthcare workers weren’t able to pee for hours together- because they were that swamped.
    Most of you are clueless about it.
    Why? Because the media in the US was a little more responsible with the reporting.
    People, regardless of their political ideology or religious ideology came together as one, to HELP EACHOTHER.
    They didn’t make it a Republican Vs Democrat issue. Communities pitched in, they understood the limitations of the government, the healthcare sectors.. which included pharmaceutical industries.
    Healthcare workers weren’t beaten up because someone’s loved ones died, healthcare workers weren’t thrown out of their apartment complexes because residents feared these workers would spread COVID. Hospital properties werent destroyed because someone’s loved one died.
    People were thankful, they tried to boost our morale by sending us random thank you notes, memorabilia, treats. Many corporates sponsored food for healthcare providers.
    We didn’t have people black marketing essential medicines, oxygen cylinders. We didn’t and don’t have people trying to make an extra buck at the cost of other people’s lives.
    There is still some integrity, humanity and compassion remaining in general public in the USA.
    Did the government ask communities to do it? Did the healthcare workers ask for any of it? NO. It was completely voluntary, people realized the importance of WORKING TOGETHER RESPONSIBLY to keep America safe.
    Why am I talking about America? Because some of YOU are busy shaming India and asking me to compare it with America.
    So tell me, when are YOU ALL going to come together to help keep India safe?
    After she posted the above message on facebook last week, some of the people in India got very angry against her and called her all kind of names! Bhakth was one of those abuses and the least hurtful! Some were obnoxious and outright vulgar . I will leave it to your imagination as to which group or category they belong to!

  15. Pradeep says:

    A couple of days ago, Israeli opposition leader who was also a PM candidate was on TV giving an Interview to a news media. He was extending total support to the current PM, Netanyahu and blasted Hamas and defended their nation’s action 100%. He also said, in Israel in the matters of nation all the opposition parties render whole hearted support and their political and ideological differences are of no importance .
    We are so ashamed when we watch that interview. Compare it with what is happening in India! we dont want to miss this opportunity to weaken the government and abuse it, as though this is our last chance! We even take Paki and Chinese help for that and feed fake news to foreign media! we are like the Arjuna focused at the eye of the bird! We dont see anything beyond Modi!
    We suspect our soldiers when they conduct surgical strikes, In the matter of Pandemic we try to throw every hurdle to abuse the government even when it involves public health, We go out and bad mouth our nation in the world stage by siding with the international media and show dead bodies on all TV channels . We show the death and destruction and support even terror elements if it could bring down the administration! and we call it a democracy! Our media too is super liberal and can show anything with no shame. fake news is another story altogether! if we dont have any news we make up one!
    I too read the news that the US doctor who showed our face in a mirror in her facebook post was abused and received a lot of hate mail ! Must be from the Toolkit operators doing their job!

  16. Arun says:

    Kudos to all doctors and well wishers from India and overseas who are doing their best to alleviate sufferings of fellow Indians in their fight against Covid. Their efforts are commendable and News worthy. All the very best to them and a big thanks from bottom of my heart.

  17. citizen says:

    Grow up and become citizens not fans or followers for some parties and some institutions.
    Defend what is right, oppose and raise voice for wrong !
    Then only we will become super power and real democracy.


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