Ready for a Grave New World?
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Ready for a Grave New World?

May 26, 2020

By T.J.S. George

Virus cannot beat humour. A fun story circulating on the internet is titled “Class of 2025.” A delightfully strict school teacher calls out her class attendance … Quarantine Joshi, Lockdown Singh Rathore, Covid Awasthi, Corona Pal Singh, Social Distance Singh, Mask Mahto, Gloves Gaekwad, Wuhan Bhadoria.  When Wuhan does not respond, she warns: “Wuhan! You and Covid are very naughty.  Get out of my class.” She admits in motherly style that her favourite student is Atmanirbhar Kelawala.

Humour helps us survive man-made catastrophes.  But it does not erase reality. The reality we face today is that Coronavirus is going to change the world and our concepts of living.  The lifestyle changes that have already become routine — wearing masks, avoiding crowds — are by no means temporary adjustments to cope with a temporary problem.  That, from now on, is life.  Pity those who have to cough or sneeze.  They might do it with utmost care, but others will see it as anti-social and unforgivable.

Of course some things never change. Governments never admit, for example, that they are liable to make mistakes. All Governments believe that they know best and that their actions are wise.  Demonetisation? To this day the Narendra Modi school of thought is convinced about its correctness. Corona lockdown? To this day the aforesaid school of thought sees nothing wrong in announcing the lockdown on 4 hours notice.

To this sense of righteousness and infallibility Nirmala Sitharaman brings a stamp of authority that only she can. She likes to do things her way. Remember her carrying budget papers not in the traditional budget briefcase but in a cloth bundle? To give details of the Rs. 20 lakh crore stimulus package, she took five days to explain five aspects of the new policy.  Stretching things out that long, she must have thought that people would lose track of things and she could get away by doing the opposite of what she was saying.

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She was saying that atmanirbharta, self-reliance, was the heart of the Government’s economic policies. But what she was doing was handing things over to foreign private sector — reliance on others, not on self.  India’s defence itself is no exception; 74 percent of defence manufacture can now be owned by foreigners, instead of 49 percent as before. The 20-lakh crore turned out to be a chimera. As news reports said, few welcomed the concept behind it while some felt ignored by the package.  That was the sum total of Sitharaman’s concept of “new horizons of growth, unleashing new investment, boosting production and creating jobs.”

It was no surprise, then, that the march of the Coronavirus was not checked by any of the actions taken by the Government. In fact the virus spread during the lockdown because decision-makers ignored technical advice.  Experts had proposed the scaling up of testing, getting hospitals ready, working out guidelines and protocols.  As they saw it, lockdown was not even the most important solution to the problem. Yet the Government put all emphasis on lockdown, perhaps for its drama effect.

According to the COVID-19 Task Force, even the implementation of lockdown was unscientifically done. By the time lockdown was given a third extension it was clear that the initiative had failed to produce the desired results because it did not take into account the suggestions of the Task Force.  The net result was that, despite keeping 1.3 billion people under lockdown, India recorded more than one lakh confirmed cases, becoming the COVID epicentre in the Asia-Pacific region, overtaking China itself.

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Heavier has been the political price.  In any country, lockdown is an opportunity for single-party, single-leader ambitious to rise.  In the name of protecting public interests, leaders find it easy to promote private interests. The Modi Government, already given to concentration of power in one leader, is now in a situation that allows still more authoritarianism. Remember, there is no Parliament, no formal channels to provide space for alternate voices.  Those in power are firmly entrenched.

To project the head of Government as a messiah is useful. But it is unlikely to help us meet the unprecedented challenges that have suddenly come up as threats.  The economy is in tatters because social as well as business factors have changed  — for ever.  Travel, for example, is a dead industry and 70 percent of hotels in India stare at closure in the next month or two.  It’s a grave new world which needs a new kind of leadership and a new kind of vision.  Where are they?

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  1. Srinivasan says:

    Congress may be? That’s what you would love to suggest. An article full of finding faults with present government ( expected the usual in your articles). Do you have any alternate? If not, please support government initiatives. Sitting and finding fault with the central govt is easy and you find someone to publish it. Understanding the scale of problem at national level and taking right measures is not that easy.

  2. Hello Srinivasan! says:

    Hey Srinivasan!
    Have you read the New York Times, which is reputed to be a serious newspaper? No day passes without Trump being criticised by reputed news columnists for mistakes made in the delay to implement the lockdown in the USA. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives there, who is a Democrat and is second in line to the succession of the presidency should the President and the Vice-president got incapacitated, criticises him all the time. So far, she has no kind words to him. Take the case of Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald, a reputed national daily, has a number of syndicated journalists who constantly criticise the PM Morrison, finding one fault or the other. If you read also the French dailies, President Macron, is under verbal attack all the times.
    In democracies. The media is free and uncontrolled, and journalists hold to account the politicians in power.If you ask Nancy Pelosi in USA, she would give an alternative way of handling things, similarly Anthony Albanese , the opposition Labor leader in Australia, will give an alternative plan. Every plan bya government has an alternative plan by the journalists or the opposition. This is case in every democracy in every democratic country.
    O government is perfect and no politician in power is perfect-he/she will make plenty mistakes. Only in dictatorships ,journalists or writers agree with the dictator.
    It appears, you need take a course on democracy and media. In a democracy, one should welcome the scrutiny of the government, which often means criticisms. The SOM editor has written very good articls holding Modi to account.

  3. Srinivasan says:

    Thanks. I completely agree with your views. Not for a moment am I saying that Government or any individual/institution should not be criticized in democracy.
    But this article by Mr George (and many like this in the past) have been biased. And this is where I feel a writer should be responsible. You may, by all means criticize but a long list of complaining and whining about a government that you, as an individual may not like makes no sense to me. Please read his article again. It’s nothing but a summary of everything that Mr George doesn’t like of this government.
    While the world has praised India’s efforts in dealing with this pandemic, better recovery rate than many other countries, better CFR (case fatality rate) than many so called ‘developed’ nations – there is no reference to it in his article. If might not have worked the best. Agree, India has limited resources. People haven’t been too responsible either during lockdown period. Community spread also due to ‘religious’ gathering of a particular community in Nizamuddin is well known. Above all this is in unprecedented. Yes, India also has no experience in dealing with such situation. What suggestions has Mr George got instead of cribbing about a list of things that haven’t gone well. And it is unfortunate that SOM is giving a platform for such bias views of an individual. This is exactly where it differs from being critical to be someone who is complaining for the sake of it. This is when your ‘articles’ stink of bias and are no longer meaningful.

  4. Raj says:

    India has
    1. The Most Watched Government
    2. The Most Pathetic opposition
    3. World’s worst Media
    4. World’s most demanding Minority
    5. World’s most complacent Majority
    6. World’s most Venomous liberals
    7. World’s most deceitful intellectuals
    8. Most confused voters
    9. and the Best PM that even enemy countries admire his integrity and character
    Last week, China puts it’s troops in Ladakh border while our Army had some skirmishes and our Liberal media starts presenting their speculations as facts. They said there are over 10,000 Chinese soldiers are on Indian soil. Some went on even to start cheer leading Chinese , even after the Indian Military totally denied that no Indian soldier was detained! Some even said, Indian military has no chance against Chinese! That was demeaning and demoralizing for our troops to say the least! How would the family members of the Army men and women feel about these filthy creatures? Are they secretly paid by Chinese? India should know about them!
    What was the purpose of that? That was to deface our Military and of of course Modi! Can we call this anti-national? No, because only these people have the right to abuse others , not the humble voters!!
    If you believe that your opinion is much more sacred than the people’s will in a democratic society, then you have a fundamental problem. When a majority of the people elect a government, even if you do not personally like it, it is still your government. It is not Modi’s government! It is not someone else’s government.It is India’s military!If you cant support it, it is fine, at least need to learn to just shut up! If you think losers should make the decision that majority should accept, that is crazy!
    These people think nobody other than themselves should have the freedom of speech! If you try to counter them, be assured to be given a Title as ‘Bhakth’
    A few days ago, UNHRC pulls India for CAA which is the internal matter for a sovereign nation, our opposition, liberals and intellectual are cheering UNHRC! Everybody must remember, this bill CAA was passed by both house of parliament. Yet, they abused Modi for that and took the support of Anti India news media on foreign nations !
    They did not complain about emergency, Anti Sikh riots and massacre that killed 8500 Sikhs followed by it!
    Doesn’t this show where these people stand? They want to destroy Modi if it means destroying the nation and siding with the enemies!
    TJS George is a very old man 92 years old, and we expected some kind of decency or balance from him, but it may be too late! Appears like, is going to carry the Modi hatred to his grave! If you read all his ‘Point of view’ articles, every one of them reeks of Modi hatred! Most probably his unaccountable nest eggs must have been burnt by demonetization! Also , he has to be loyal to his undeserving Padma award! Whey you have a myopic view of facts and only see the bad and determined to accuse, you are unstoppable! That is what George’s legacy! He indirectly accused Modi and his RSS followers for even Gauri Lankesh’s murder! Even though still they have not proven anything yet, that should not stop you from accusing!
    Last week he put a fierce defense that China should not be blamed! in the International arena! He routinely presents the news from the Chinese government controlled news papers as facts and accuses India and all the liberals cheers his knowledge!
    Another funny think about Freedom of expression! They call Hindus, RSS amd Modi all kind of names! The accusations are, that we Hindus are Intolerant, Modi is a Mass murderer, fascist, dictator,.etc! And we all should accept it as a freedom of expression! Right?
    It may come as a surprise, but if this nonsense continues, we may even get Rahul as our PM and restore our glorious days of Looting and corruption!

  5. Srinivasan says:

    Well said. All who praise any good work done by the government is a ‘bhakt’ and those who love writing rubbish constantly complaining and whining against everything that Government does are ‘liberals’. What about media house that loves to forward such bias one sided poison to rest of the society through its channels? I am old reader of Star of Mysore. In the days when I don’t have access to the paper version, I use their website for news and articles. Should the editor not introspect why is he publishing such rubbish of Mr George to fill up the space? Mr Ganapathy – I am no Modi bhakt, but I expect some sense of discretion from you when publishing articles in your newspapers. Forwarding someone’s garbage in mind can be done via various social media platforms, you don’t have to lend space in your newspapers for it. Hope better sense prevails.

  6. Hello Srinivasan! says:

    Hey Srinivasan
    You are asking Mr Ganapathy or Vikram to censor what journalist like George writes. The press should have freedom. Only in the emergency days of Indira Gandhi’s rule such censorship was imposed.
    Any disagreement with the government as I explained above in my post is just a “bias” for you. You are pathetic , and should be ashamed,.
    I am not surprised to notice that you are just a chela of this government. Why can’t you accept this? Pure dishonesty, typical Indian.

  7. Hey Raj!! says:

    Hello Raj
    You have spoken like Modis shoe-licker and @Srinivasan agrees! Nothing more needs explaining!!

  8. Srinivasan says:

    And you @Raj? Rahul’s shoe licker or Sonia’s? Can issues be looked at instead of individuals? Thanks

  9. Srinivasan says:

    @hello Srinivasan I just hope you don’t carry same name as mine. What should I be ashamed of? For looking at the issue in a balanced manner and questioning the newspaper? Bias are those who just have one sided view – like that of TJS George. If it’s democracy it is for everyone – to question any individual or institution and that includes the newspaper and it’s editors. Well I can’t stoop down to your level and call you names. God bless you 🙏

  10. Hello Srinivasan! says:

    Fool, Hello Srinivasan means calling you. You have no brain cells at all.Keep licking Modi’s shoes.

  11. Namaste Trump! says:

    Your God Modi was over the Moon when he took part in Howdy Modi and Namaste Trump jumborees. He was so convinced that Trump was his best friend, that his Cabinet was gloating over this Chai Wallah’s success with Trump. Modi was now a Superman with a beard!
    Now in the news heading,: “US President Donald Trump keeps putting PM Modi in tight spots, notwithstanding bromance they often put on display” in Deccan Herald explains how this fool Modi is taken for a ride by crafty Trump. Trump does not need India, but India wants to export its IT coolies to USA.
    Well, George realised this immediately after the Ahmedabad Jumboree of ” Namaste Trump” which Trump used to his benefit. In his imaginary friendship with Trump, Modi ignored the Democrats, and their leaders. If Joe Biden gets elected, this November, Modi will be in a hot chai floating! Trump has washed his hands off Modi.
    So, now Modi’s Bhakts will be blaming Deccan Herald of bias!!

  12. Srinivasan says:

    @hello Srinivasan I thought you would at least have the guts to use your identity. Are you so ashamed of your birth? I am sorry… understand it’s a personal matter I can only pity you. For the kind of language you have been using perhaps that’s the reason. No wonder you side so much with Gandhi family. Similar thing there too!

  13. Srinivasan says:

    @Namaste Trump! Sorry are you from India? If from US, I really hope you are not in NY as next in line to be Covid 19 victim. If in India I admire your thick skin. The second slap that all of you got post one of the greatest win that Modi had doesn’t seem to have affected you. Don’t worry you will get one more in 2024 and you can cry silently in the washroom for this country will time and again elect a strong leadership not pappus whose slippers you lick!

  14. Hare Krishna! says:

    The person you accuse of bias, George , unlike you does not use your kind of foul language. He arguments are well reasoned, and a low life like you is not interested to tolerate his dissent. You are a sheer disgrace. Conduct yourself well. You should be very ashamed of what you have posted.

  15. Jalandhara says:

    I read George’s articles. They can be controversial for some, but yet no one can fault his reasoning which he holds with sincerity. Calling his article biased and urging the SOM to censor it, using so called ‘discretion, is a democratic outrage.’
    Posters like @srinivasan, who uses a language which a civilised human should abhor because of his hero worship Modi, who according to him can never be faulted, sounds like the Nazi Brown Shirts , who abused any one who founds fault with their leader: Hitler. When there is no strong opposition party, and the ruling party whips up Hindu Nationalism,which followers like @Srinivasan accept, the stage is set for an unhealthy atmosphere , where any one who disagrees with their beloved leader is a traitor, and should be silenced at any cost. Pure and simple Germany of the 1930s where, Adolf Hitler whipped up this kind of frenzy among his lunatic followers.
    @Sinivasan will abuse me with words only he is capable of using and may even call me Congress follower or a Muslim. I am neither. There is a danger that in a country like India, if this happens,the consequence will be dire.

  16. Srinivasan says:

    @Jalandhara – I am not abusive. I was annoyed with the kind of words that someone used against my comments. Mr George is a senior citizen. My only problem is that articles aren’t balanced and rather one sided – which is not fair. Everyone has a right to disagree with the prime minister or the government or any institution in a democracy. Likewise, I have a right to disagree with the views of this writer and SOM editor who chose to publish such articles. I will it at that – we can agree to disagree in a democracy.

  17. Go Figure! says:

    I have worked with Chinese and my fellow Indians. No Chinese, right or wrong, betrays another Chinese or China. They stick together and help their kind. They are proud to be Chinese! Indians? Happy to destroy, betray, and undermine each other. Muslims didn’t invade India, they were invited! As Russell Peters, Indian comedian, said “In most countries they hate foreigners, in India they hate each other!”. He is right. India has to worry more about the enemies within than external enemies!

  18. Ironically Mr.TJS George’s views match those of of our power hungry Opposition parities in their critical content. Instead he should have dwelt at length on the constructive aspect of nation building to offer some valuable suggestions to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on how they should have performed better in our national and public interest.

  19. Raj says:

    There is no point in blaming George or SOM for this hate mongering ! They are just doing their part of the of peddling the lies and pleasing their masters! See the list below and you still think what you read in these news media is real? That is the definition of stupidity!!
    Now they are showing even Military in bad light! See how Rahul and Vadra had a Photo op with Chinses ambassadors in the middle of Dhoklam Crisis? Now they are trying to tell you that our Military has No chance against China!!!! Because for 6 decades, they let Chinese nibble away our borders for good personal business relation with Chinese! if you are patriotic, that sounds like Crime against the nation! But when you have media in your hand, who can complain?
    For 60 plus years their life was very easy! Copy from another news media and print as their own! Congress always rewarded them handsomely! Their main mission was to make Rahul the next PM and Priyanka or Robert the next FM! They were almost there until their apple card tumbled in 2014! They cant forgive Modi or BJP for that! They want the power back if it costs the future of Entire India!!
    Here is how the Indian news media works. Also, Congress has always rewarded the journalists who help their image by peddling lies with great rewards like Padmashris, Padma Bhushans and free all expense paid trips ! Even the clean Manmohan Singh used to used to take up to 300 journalists from many news media to every foreign trips and they always reported favorably of Manmohan Singh! That is where Modi messed up! He discarded them and dumped them preferring Twitter and social media to directly talk to people! the result is, even every small time journalist hates him as he tried to make them feel insignificant! Republic TV sensed that vacuum and started pro-BJP stand and so more people started watching as any other was just
    1. Hindustan Times – Shobhna Bhartia, owner and editor-in-chief of Hindustan Times is a Congress MP from Rajya Sabha.
    2. Vinod Sharma, HT Political Affairs editor, is essentially a Congress spokesman on all TV panel discussions, because once his boss’ term gets over, he will be looking out for her RS seat next
    3. Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi, famous Congress stooges (and intermediaries for UPA allies) who were exposed in the Radiagate scandal, and are virtual Congress spokespersons in their capacities as electronic media personalities, are the ones who write opinion and op-ed columns most frequently (once every week) on the editorial pages of HT. In return, Barkha and Sanghvi are rewarded with Padma Shris and other monetary compensation by the Nehru dynasty or Congress party.
    4. NDTV’s promoters are Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. Radhika’s sister Brinda Karat is a famous CPM leader (well known for anti-Baba Ramdev views) and Brinda’s husband Prakash Karat is the CPM Politburo General Secretary (well known for preferring Congress over BJP). And Prannoy Roy’s first cousin is the famous far-leftist pro-Maoist-Naxalite pro-Kashmiri-terrorists “intellectual” Arundhati Roy.
    5. NDTV’s Barkha Dutt’s reality has already been exposed by me in above section.
    6. NDTV’s Sonia Singh is the wife of Uttar Pradesh Congress MP, Union minister and ex-princely state ruler, Mr. R. P. N. Singh, who is one of the fastest rising stars in the Congress party. If you remember, Sonia Singh is a very high-profile anchor on NDTV whose pro-Congress anti-BJP bias is legendary.
    7. NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan (high-profile anchor of Left Right Centre) is the current girlfriend of J&K CM Omar Abdullah (after Omar recently divorced his wife of several years and mother of his two children, Payal). Nidhi Razdan is also famous for her legendary pro-Congress and anti-BJP bias.
    8. CNN-IBN : Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife and co-promoter of CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose, who anchors Face the Nation and is famous journalist of CNN-IBN (well, her hubby is the owner-editor-in-chief after all) are famous Congress stooges.
    9. Sagarika’s father Bhaskar Ghose was a famous sarkari babu and was made the chief of Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan) during Indira and Rajiv regimes. Bhaskar Ghose was well-known for personal loyalty to the Nehru dynasty, and now his daughter and son-in-law are rewarded with their own channel to do Congress propaganda.
    10. In fact Sagarika’s extended family even consists of her aunts Ruma Pal (former Supreme Court justice and a close friend of the Nehru family) and Arundhati Ghose (former diplomat and Indian ambassador to various countries, predictably, under Congress regimes).
    11. Let’s now come to another famous CNN-IBN media personality who also writes columns frequently for Hindustan Times — Karan Thapar. What you may not know is that the Nehru family itself is related, through blood and marriages, to the high-profile Thapar family. India’s Army chief during the 1962 debacle against China, Gen. P. N. Thapar, is brother-in-law of Nayantara Sehgal, the daughter of Vijaylakshmi Pandit and niece of Jawaharlal Nehru. Gen. Thapar’s son is pro-Congress journalist Karan Thapar. Gen. Thapar’s sister is Romila Thapar, a famous “top” typical JNU Nehruvian communist ideologue historian, who gets to write our textbooks and pollute them with pro-Congress Marxist propaganda.
    12. The HIndu – The Worst – N. Ram, owner and editor-in-chief (till February 2012) of The Hindu, was once a vice president of the Students Federation of India. SFI is the students’ wing of the CPM.
    13. P. Sainath of the The Hindu (acclaimed journalist well known for his, again, unsurprisingly, typical left-wing Nehruvian communism ideology), is the nephew of Congress politician V. Shankar Giri and the grandson of V. V. Giri, ex-President of India and famous Congress politician. Giri was especially known to be one of the first few staunch loyalists of Indira, and whom Indira fielded for President elections against her own party’s Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, and who ultimately became the cause of the first high-profile split in the Indian National Congress into Congress (O) and Congress (I) — almost all the pre-independence regional stalwarts split away to join Congress (O) or form their own state parties, and the rest including Giri (all the loyalists of the Nehru family staying on with Indira).
    14. Or even what about little known News24 Hindi media channel? Owned by ex-journalist and editor Rajiv Shukla, famous Congress MP in Rajya Sabha, Union minister, industrialist, BCCI vice president and IPL chairman.
    15. Or even what about little known Lokmat (and IBN Lokmat) that is Marathi newspaper (and channel) in Maharashtra? Owner and editors-in-chief are the brothers Vijay Darda (Congress MP) and Rajendra Darda (Congress MLA in Maharashtra, and minister in state govt).
    16. Or even the other bigger and smaller media houses, such as The Times of India and Indian Express, where the Nehru dynasty has managed to infiltrate its loyalists such as Dileep Padgaonkar and Shekhar Gupta, who are essentially paid stooges of the Congress party.
    17 Vinod Mehta – Outlook editor has been well known to take anti BJP stand.
    The Congress (in fact just the one single family — the Nehru dynasty) has been in power for 56 of the last 65 years of independence. This matters a LOT. Personal relationships have been built, blackmail-worthy secrets have been spied, monumental wealth has been accumulated … all by the one single Nehru dynasty (and its family-business-cum-political-party aka Congress) that helps it maintain its tight irongrip over not just the entire Indian mainstream media, but also deep into our bureaucracy, our governmental institutions, and even our journalism and mass media colleges and grad schools.
    We have probably not even scratched the surface of the network of family and personal relationships through which the Nehru dynasty has completely dominated and controlled the entire intellectual, historian and journalist landscape of India. And we haven’t even talked about the monumental wealth or the blackmailing secrets. All because the one single dynasty got to rule over India for 60 years uninterrupted. It matters a LOT.
    The typical JNU Nehruvian communist left-libbers ideologues have really perpetrated some kind of stranglehold on India’s journalism, media and intellectual space.
    Almost all pro-BJP (or even centre-right ideologues) journalists have been slowly thrown out of their jobs due to pressure from the Congress and the Nehru family.
    Even the great venerable Ramnath Goenka, frustrated and broken by repeated I-T raids and ED investigations ultimately had to fire Arun Shourie twice from the Indian Express, which was once the best Indian newspaper in the 1970s and 80s. That was the team — Goenka the owner, Shourie the editor, and S. Gurumurthy the fearless journalist, that brought political heavyweights like Indira Gandhi down on her knees and even took on corporate honchos like Dhirubhai Ambani. (Ramnath Goenka inspired the Mithun Chakraborty character and S. Gurumurthy inspired the R. Madhavan character in the Ambani biopic “Guru”.)
    But very few centre-right ideologues are left in India’s media space today, that too in minor publications like The Pioneer. Almost all the mainstream media houses have been thoroughly infiltrated and coerced into towing the Congress’ line, sometimes just through ideology and relationships, and not even money power.
    The Congress party essentially owns and controls every single mainstream media house in India, including Hindustan Times, The Times of India, NDTV, CNN-IBN, The Hindu, Tehelka, Outlook, etc”
    Let us see the ownership of different media agencies.
    NDTV: A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain Supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan. Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist party of India . His wife and Brinda Karat are sisters.

    India Today: Which used to be the only national weekly which supported BJP is now bought by NDTV!! Since then the tone has changed drastically and turned into Hindu bashing.

    CNN-IBN: This is 100 percent funded by Southern Baptist Church with its branches in all over the world with HQ in US.. The Church annually allocates $800 million for promotion of its channel. Its Indian head is Rajdeep Sardesai and his wife Sagarika Ghosh.
    Times group list:
    Times Of India, Mid-Day, Nav-Bharat Times, Stardust, Femina, Vijay Times, Vijaya Karnataka, Times Now (24- hour news channel) and many more…
    Times Group is owned by Bennet & Coleman. ‘World Christian Council’ does 80 percent of the Funding, and an Englishman and an Italian equally share balance 20 percent. The Italian Robertio Mindo is a close relative of Sonia Gandhi.
    Star TV: It is run by an Australian, who is supported by St. Peters Pontifical Church Melbourne.
    Hindustan Times: Owned by Birla Group, but hands have changed since Shobana Bhartiya took over. Presently it is working in Collaboration with Times Group.
    The Hindu: English daily, started over 125 years has been recently taken over by Joshua Society, Berne , Switzerland .. N. Ram’s wife is a Swiss national.
    Indian Express: Divided into two groups.
    The Indian Express and new Indian Express (southern edition) ACTS Christian Ministries have major stake in the Indian Express and latter is still with the Indian counterpart.
    Eeenadu: Still to date controlled by an Indian named Ramoji Rao. Ramoji Rao is connected with film industry and owns a huge studio in Andhra Pradesh.
    Andhra Jyothi: The Muslim party of Hyderabad known as MIM along with a Congress Minister has purchased this Telugu daily very recently.
    The Statesman: It is controlled by Communist Party of India.
    Kairali TV: It is controlled by Communist party of India (Marxist)
    Mathrubhoomi: Leaders of Muslim League and Communist leaders have major investment.
    Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle: It is owned by a Saudi Arabian Company with its chief Editor M.J. Akbar.
    Gujarat riots which took place in 2002 where Hindus were burnt alive, Rajdeep Sardesai and Bharkha Dutt working for NDTV at that time got around 5 Million Dollars from Saudi Arabia to cover only Muslim victims, which they did very faithfully… Not a single Hindu family was interviewed or shown on TV whose near and dear ones had been burnt alive in Godra, it is reported.
    Tarun Tejpal of Tehelka gets blank cheques from Arab countries to target BJP and Hindus only, it is said.
    The ownership explains the control of media in India by foreigners. The result is obvious.

  20. You haven't figured, yet! says:

    @Go Figure! You haven’t figured yet, in respect of Chinese. It is obvious, you do not know them well enough to pass the kind of judgement that you have done.
    Let me first they are rightly referred to as: ‘inscrutable orientals’. They never express their feelings like opposition or their intentions. Nehru was deceived by Chou En Lai ( Zhoy Enlai) and trusted him , when he said he had no territorial aspirations on India. Look what happened.
    Now, in recent times, the Hong Kong Chinese and their leaders, openly accused their mainland brethren of deception, dictatorship, human right violations, when the mainland leaders changed the law of governance of Hong Kong, without consulting Hong Kong leaders. The mainland Chinese leaders made a written commitment to that effect before Hong Kong was handed over to China, by Britain. YOU SEE HERE CHINESE ABUSING ANOTHER CHINESE OPENLY. Your argument: ‘No Chinese, right or wrong, betrays another Chinese or China. They stick together and help their kind’ goes out of the window! You have not studied Chinese properly are you?
    Hong Kong Chinese speak Cantonese and Mainland Chinese speak Mandarin. They are 2 dialects from the same root. But yet, I have not seen in my experiencing of working with both and having been friends with them, these two ethnic Chinese trusting or helping each other! A mainland Chinese does not help a Hong Kong Chinese, but may help an Indian! In US, in 1970s, the most Chinese were from Taiwan, and politically Taiwan was an ally of US, until Nixon recognised mainland China to stop the Vietnam war. More mainland Chinese started arriving in US there after, and I could see the antagonism between the Taiwan Chinese and Mainland Chinese flaring up openly into a shouting quarrel, which I had to break! The reason: Taiwan Chinese accused the mainland Chinese of deception and worshipping a dictator , which is their PM. Both were quarrelling in Mandarin!!
    If you want, I can give you another example. This time Singapore. Singapore is ruled by ethnic mainland Chinese although Indians are part of their government for name sake only. The Chinese PM there is all powerful, and subject his citizens with vicious rules. Many Singapore Chinese, students and professionals, left Singapore and have taken up residences in US, Europe and Australia, Ask them about their Chinese PM in Singapore. You will get a mouthful of abuses from directed at the current Chinese PM and his henchmen.
    @ CHAKRAVARTHY: “Instead he should have dwelt at length on the constructive aspect of nation building to offer some valuable suggestions to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on how they should have performed better in our national and public interest’ George cannot win, as the likes of you will criticise him any way. Any criticism against Modi or his colleagues is a treasonable offence, as far as you are concerned. Why can’t you simply say this. Criticisms are always critical of some one else’s performance. Except perhaps a bunch of you, the fanatical followers of Modi, well informed economists think that Mrs Sitharaman has not got what it takes to manage a complex economy India has. Yet, she is kept as FM, because, like you lot, she is a fanatical follower of Modi, a party apparatchik, with no experiencing in any much concerning finance or budgeting, although she claims that she did this and that in her resume. Modi, should bit hard and replace her with some one who has dealt with complex economic situations. There is such expertise available in India. It is the question of appointing that person, having got him/her elected to rajya Sabha.

  21. Ironically Mr.TJS George’s views which are only strident in their critical aspect of India’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic and it’s adverse fallout on our economy are fully in tune with those of our power hungry opposition parties for whom Modi bashing is a main occupation.It was desirable for him to dwell on the constructive aspect and give suggestions and a considered view on how Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman should have fared better in the performing the national building tasks in the face of the grave threat posed to the whole of humanity by the pandemic.


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