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  January 20, 2017
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Minister inaugurates ‘e-Office’

New system eases file clearance at DC, AC and Tahsildar offices

Caption: District Minister Dr. H.C. Mahadevappa is seen launching e-Office at DC office in city this morning as Dy. Commissioner D. Randeep, Additional DC T. Venkatesh and others look on.

Mysuru, Jan. 20- The Mysuru district administration is all set to go digital with the inauguration of ‘e-Office’ as part of the State Government’s ambitious plan of implementing paperless office in 15 districts.

The ‘e-Office’ software was formally launched in Mysuru by PWD and District In-charge Minister Dr. H.C. Mahadevappa at the Deputy Commissioner’s Office by the click of a mouse this morning. The project aims at paperless administration and will initially cover the DC’s office, offices of the Assistant Commissioner and the Tahsildar. Subsequently, it will be extended to all other government offices.

‘e-Office’ software is a product of National Informatics Centre (NIC) ...more

     Special Coverage   
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   Black and White cash loot case: ED moves Court seeking possession of Rs. 54.11 lakh recovered cash
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   BJP sounds warning to Eshwarappa on Rayanna Brigade


Caption: A scene from the play ‘Mejnun - Madman in Love’

If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.”

— Johann von Goethe

Since I could not wait for more than one-and-half-hours for the inaugural day show of the play ‘Chitralekhe’ (Kannada) at the Bhoomigeeta mini-theatre at Rangayana’s Bahuroopi International Theatre Festival, I abandoned the challenge and bought the tickets the same evening for an english play with an aspirational title ‘Mejnun - Madman in Love’ for yesterday. The usual spelling we are familiar with about this story of star-crossed lovers in Persian (or was it in Arabic?) is ‘Laila and Majnu.’

The original play is in Uzbek, it being from Uzbekistan, a country bordering Russia, earlier part of Soviet Union. It is 96% Sunni Islam but good people with liberal approach and practice of their religion, full of tolerance to non-Muslims and minority Shia Muslims. No wonder its Constitution provides for freedom of religion.

By the way, interestingly, the word ‘Majnu’ means mad man, probably for that reason an eponymous title is given to the play. The real name of the boy is Qays ibn al-Mulawwah.

This is a one-man show with the message of Universal Love and Tolerance among mankind regardless of race, gender or religion. A noble effort with a sublime message no doubt; but like all one-man shows or even pantomimes, it becomes boring and ennui descends on you. Mercifully, it lasted just about an hour.

As I left the theatre, a thought was troubling me, the thought that despite this kind of effort to propagate peace, understanding, tolerance, brotherhood and love among mankind cutting across race and religion, why the evil of hatred persists and the good of love does not prevail?

It is said that man is always anxious, fretful when evil befalls him and grudging when good befalls him. He...more

     Feature Article  

By Dr. K. Javeed Nayeem, MD

We all know that a little over a decade ago the Marina Beach in Chennai was ravaged by a dreadful Tsunami. Over the past three days the same beach has been experiencing a Tsunami of a different kind which thankfully has so far been very peaceful. It has become the rallying point where lakhs of people, young and old, hailing from all walks of life, have congregated and stay put, day and night, braving the winter, to show their solidarity and resentment against the Supreme Court ban on Jalikattu, the traditional, age-old, bull-taming sport of Tamil Nadu which I have never seen.

Now, what is most surprising is that the men and women, cutting across their castes, creeds, professions and social status have bridged their city-village divide and gathered to show their support for what hitherto used to be only a rural sport lasting over just a few days and witnessed by just a handful of their peasant folk. While there is nothing surprising about peasants and farmers being present in their protest rally, taxi drivers and tour operators, milk and newspaper delivery boys, push cart vegetable and fruit vendors, masons and carpenters and many other daily wage earners have all decided to forgo their daily bread and suspend their services.

Similarly, office workers, students, doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals who have perhaps never seen a single event of Jalikattu in their lives have also landed on Marina Beach. This only goes to show that although all of them may not be enthusiasts of the sport under question, they are very resentful of being deprived of what was an integral part of the landscape of their lives. Jalikattu may only be a drop in the ocean of their existence and only a tiny trinket in the extensive array of cultural ornaments that adorn their State but it still remains a very dear and integral part of their culture and tradition and that is what they wish to protect.

By showing their solidari...more

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