Cleanest City: Mysuru slips to 8th position

Cleanest City: Mysuru slips to 8th position

June 24, 2018

Hunsur wins Best City Award in Solid Waste Management

New Delhi/ Mysuru:  For all those of you who are thinking that Mysuru will regain the top spot in the Cleanest City Ranking, here is a shocker. The Heritage City of Mysuru has slipped into eighth position in the Swachh Survekshan 2018.

Last year (2017), Mysuru was in the fifth position. The rankings were released in New Delhi yesterday by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

In 2014 and 2015, Mysuru had won the India’s Cleanest City Award consecutively and had got global recognition.

Like last year, Indore has regained the top spot and has remained India’s Cleanest City. Last year, Indore, Bhopal, Visakhapatnam and Surat were ahead of Mysuru and this year, Indore (first), Bhopal (second), Chandigarh (third), New Delhi (fourth), Vijayawada (fifth), Tirupati (sixth), and Vishakhapatnam (seventh) have beaten Mysuru and as such our city has to be satisfied with the eighth spot.

The only solace for Mysuru is that the city has been awarded the title of ‘Cleanest Medium City’, in the 3-10 lakh population category.

Of the 485 cities with over one lakh population that figured in the list, Bengaluru stands   216th this year as against 210th in 2017.

In terms of State rankings, Karnataka stands 14th behind Andhra Pradesh that stands 5th, Telangana that stands 7th and Tamil Nadu that stands in 13th position.

The Swachh Survekshan exercise, part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet project Swachh Bharat Mission, was conducted between January 4 and March 10. The exercise was aimed at bringing in a spirit of healthy competition among cities to becoming clean cities. On its part, the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) too had initiated several measures to regain the top place but failed.

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According to the Ministry, the parameters included segregation and processing of waste at source, sanitation, open-defecation-free status, financial sustainability of local bodies and adoption of innovations and best practices. The survey was done by direct observation and citizen feedback, apart from monitoring progress in terms of service levels.

Hunsur Best City in Solid Waste Management

Periyapatna comes second in the Zonal Ranking South Zone and Hunsur has bagged the fourth place. Hunsur won the South Zone Award for Best City in Solid Waste Management (SWM). It scored 280 out of 476 marks in the SWM indicators which include segregation of waste in a majority of Wards.

Speaking to Star of Mysore this morning, Parvathi Devi, the Swachh Survekshan Nodal Officer, who is also the Executive Officer of Hunsur City Municipal Council, said that Hunsur collects about 21.9 tonnes per day. “We have adopted many efficient methods of solid waste management like segregation of wet and dry waste, transporting waste collected for processing on the same day, transforming garbage vulnerable points, developing a landfill and setting up a large number of wet waste plants,” she said.

Hunsur, which has a population of more than one lakh, has an efficient door-to-door garbage collection system. All the wet waste is transported by vehicles and dry waste into polythene bags attached to each transportation vehicle.

“We are yet to implement the door-to-door wet and dry waste segregation fully in all Wards though we do it near our landfills. The award motivates us to carry out the works in vigorous way,” she added.

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Hunsur CMC Environment Engineer Ravikumar told SOM that there are 27 Wards in Husur and they have been doing waste segregation works along with Pourakarmikas and Women’s Self Help Groups since the past five to six years.

2018 ranking of cities in Karnataka


Mysuru 8

Mangaluru 52

Hubballi-Dharwad 145

Tumakuru 190

Udupi 198

Bengaluru 216

Mandya 219

22 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Cleanest City: Mysuru slips to 8th position”

  1. Prakash. R says:

    What else to expect? The idea of swatch Bharath came from Modi and we karnataka is ruled by anti modi gang ! If modi says everybody should take gath to be clean, we have idiots who claim modi is the evil demon peeking in to our private lives, he is fake and Kairi and seculars start shouting slogans against RSS and BJP! So, our government does not even know that clean cities is good for them, instead they think, if it is successful modi may get a good name, so, it is inbtgeid best interest to make it fail.
    Reminds me of a joke! Somewhere in the iindoPak border 2 soldiers are awake I the middle of the night praying ! Suddenly God appears to Indian soldier and offers a boon! The God grants one and appears to the Pakistani solider and asks what he wants ! Pakistani soldier asks what did you offer to the Indian soldier!God says, he did not ask anything specific, but said, whatever you offer to Pakistani soldier, I want the double of it! Pakistani get a very angry and says, take away by one eye, one ear, one leg, one kidney, one lung immediately! God grants it and Indian soldier drops dead! And Pakistani leads a miserable life!
    Congress and Pakistani soldier have simioarity!If they can hurt modi, they don’t mind any trouble at all.the.they have supported all anti nationals and terrorists just because they want modi out of power

  2. Gina says:

    Nandini dairy, which is a big factory located in Siddarthanagar, is one of the main pollution pipes to the city. Air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution: these need attention rather than what we can cleanup with broomsticks.

  3. Arun says:

    Well Said By Mr. Prakash R, On Behalf Of Us.
    True Words By Him.

  4. swamy says:

    I would take Mysore any day for Indore, Bhopal or any other cleanest cities.. It is the overall
    atmosphere that matters and Mysore has it.

  5. Vinay.N says:

    The list is utter bullshit and i dont care what the ranking says. i have been in both the cities (Bengaluru and Mysuru) and i’m bangalorean by birth and i find it so silly about these stupid ranking where city like bhopal tops second and cities like Bengaluru and Mysuru slips every year.

    The Survey people should research properly and not assign ranks based on politics.

  6. Vinay says:

    Bullshit List every year they drop Mysuru and Bengaluru places to hell.
    Curse you survey people.

  7. Bhaskar B V says:

    Prakash R in his exhibition of absolute reverence to Mr. Modi, abuses Congress, which it may deserve under certain parameters. But Mr. Prakash tell me honestly what Modi did to the common man, actually benefitting him. Swatch Bharat is a joke and the Minister’s, CMs, Governors, Top Beauocrated, Film Stars et al did it once with heavy press coverage. And may do so once a year. That’s it. No one knows the fate of black money. Not a single average man seeing any benefit from GST so far. Petrol, Diesel prices sky-rocketing and making a big hole for small 2 wheeler owners. Diesel increase doing its damage on inflation on goods of any kind. Modi hugs the highly corrupt Gali family for galloping power. Ditto in many states for gaining political mileage in many states like Goa or any other state including NE. Has he not showed he is power hungry? In the guise of being a good speaker, he is misleading the Nation and able to temporarily succeed in his mission. He’s certainly not fair as seen from the tall promises made to AP state and beating it to pulp by dishonoring several projects which would have helped the State to recover and flourish. Now the corrupt to the core Jagan is his new found blue-eyed boy. Modi may not be corrupt – that itself is not enough – but he’s siding with the most corrupt allies present or future,behich time will surely testify. Modi is only a change but not a phenomenon. Watch opt. Pre or post general elections 2019 or even if earlier than that the true Colors of Modi would be known by the Nation.

    • Raghu says:

      We will get the Government we deserve!
      With all alliances moving out of the NDA, will it be possible for the BJP to come back to power in 2019?
      – *Kunal V Manusmare*
      – I don’t know if BJP will come back in power or not! I am not sure!
      Since Dalits are being convinced that Modi is against them,
      Jats are being convinced that Modi is against them,
      Marathas are being convinced that Modi is against them,
      Farmers are being convinced that Modi is against them and
      Muslims are being convinced that Modi was always against them!
      Massive propaganda of Hate spreading through print, electronic and social media!
      All this will surely have some effect.
      – Many out of 1.4 billion of us are not well informed; some informed are idealistic; some informed are selfish; some informed are 18 year old and *haven’t really experienced old governments; some informed are too busy to get into quarrel; some informed don’t want to get labelled as Bhakt!
      MODI MAY FALL! *But, it will not be Modi who will actually fall* 😒 *India will then FALL* 😡
      Final tally will decide the PM candidate! There will be a dirty fight within the coalition for the chair of PM and important portfolios! There will be hard negotiations and dirty bargains for railway, coal, telecom and infra ministries, *not to make it better but to reap benefits out of it!* All the good work done by People like Piyush Goel, Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parrikar, Nirmala Sitharaman under able leadership of Modi will get directional deflection or break!
      There will still be communal tensions, *(It is the upbringing of this society for last 70 years; everyone has been painted and labelled and it’s bound to happen!)*. But they will not be ‘news’ anymore!
      *Dalits and Muslims will still remain backward* and a vote bank (It’s for both the communities to introspect, *why they are backward even after 70 years in spite of being a vote bank!)*, farmers may be gifted with loan waiver to make them bankrupt in another five years! People like Mr. Ravish Kumar will do another episode with black screen to appear intellectual of intellectuals! Critics will keep criticizing governments. *There will not be discipline, there will not be targets, there will not be follow up!* Ministers of different parties will behave like independent kings and will not be answerable to any authority! *Corruption will increase to crazy levels!* Meanwhile China is getting stronger everyday, it will snatch the title of super power from US very soon! Hence massive geopolitical challenges ahead! There might be a war over water in near future! We need to earn more money, strengthen ourselves, that’s the way to avoide the war! Trade wars! Russia’s empty pockets and China’s deep pockets!
      *Who is good enough to handle this situation for the good of 1.4 billion people!?* The great Rahul Gandhi? Psycho Arvind Kejriwal (Whom, I have worshiped like a god for a good three years!)? Fool Kanhaiyya or Prejudice Ravish Kumar?
      Dirty coalition will give ugly break to the present growth momentum. What will Dalit achieve out of this and what will Muslims get!? Will Maratha’s and jat’s get reservation!? Will farmers’ suicides be stopped? what is the reason farmers started committing suicide in first place? That day people will say, Modi was Good”. That will not repair the situation!
      Modi has been working on long term and concrete solutions for collective good! Everyone will be at benefit in long term, not realizing it and not keeping patience will take us further away from the dream ‘Antyoday’!
      Modi is a human and can not yield answer to chronic problems created over past 70 years in 4 years! Have practical expectation, understand the constraints and limitations of largest democracy and then pass the judgement on Modi! The job is not as easy as Kunal Kamra to make people laugh by saying “Hamere jawan seema pe lad rahein hain..” I have been following Defence Ministry since last 10 years very closely and this government has done phenomenal work, which normal public is not aware of! And *when cheap people like Kunal Kamra makes fun of the work done and send wrong message across, my blood boils….*
      All this will not lead to fall of Modi but fall of Republic of India! We will loose a leader who is strong, progressive, hard and smart working and doesn’t fear to take the right decision by worrying about vote banks! The same vicious cycle will continue which held us back from being great for so many years, inspite of having all the resources to become greatest of all!
      It’s the duty of every informed Dalit, Maratha, Jat and Muslim to inform people with the truth and explain the situation and consequences, else fall is sure!
      I am a Maratha by cast and I keep receiving msgs in family and community Whats App groups that Modi and his party is against our community and uninformed people fall for it! And I feel pity on the people who are doing this propaganda and people falling for it. As Voltaire said, *I would rather obey a fine lion, much stronger than myself, than 200 rats of my own species*
      Whether you like it or not, Modi will be engraved in history as a glorified soldier who did everything he could do for good of his land! Alas! His own people couldn’t understand it!
      As Marcus Cicero said,
      “I have always been of the opinion, that *unpopularity, earned by doing what is right, is not unpopularity at all, but glory*”*
      We live in a quick fix society! Everyone is yelling where is the growth!? Where are the benefits of Demonetization, all the currency is back!? Where are the benefits of Swacch Bharat, my colony is still dirty!? Where are the benefits of Make In India, we still buy Chinese manufactured phone! Where are the 15 lakhs!?
      Poor souls! I hope they will come across the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree someday!
      I followed UPA1 & UPA2 very closely, read and educated myself a lot about India and it’s problems and what kind of mess India is, I learned about limitations and constraints created over past 70 years and when I saw Modiji handling this mess so well in the backdrop of a prejudice, hatred & criticism, *my respect for him has grown in multiple folds*!
      Modi has done amazing hard and smart work on so many fronts and I am so grateful to him for what he has done and achieved in past 4 years! Of course there are few mistakes, but can anything in this world ever be perfectly flawless!? For example, I never understood the ‘COW’ issue, but do we know what kind of pressure must be there on him from within the party!
      In a family or any small or big organisation, there will always be some people who we know are wrong and culprit for some mess, but we can’t help but to tolerate them at the cost of the unity of the family or at the cost of some bigger advantage in the case of organisation!
      One thing for sure, even critics will praise Modi someday, but it will be of no use then
      *I only hope that better sense prevails amongst Indian people & they Vote Modi back to power in 2019*

    • Saleem7 says:

      Swatch bharath is a joke? Modi did nothing? Now we have nothing to say! Things are crystal clear! You must have buried your head in some stinky orifice of some of those who want Raga back at any cost! Unless you remove your head from that filth, you will never see the reality of what common man is feelings!

  8. syed matheen says:

    Under the category of Medium city Mysuru as cleanest city.
    Above commented fool should know that who initiated Nirmal Bharth Abhiyan. If you are comparing everything to PM and so obsessed with performance where is Varanasi then ??
    Now blame Nehru, Sonia, RG and Siddu.

  9. Moin Ahmed says:

    My goodness people want to link this as well to Modi ji and Congress, and they present examples as well! How foolish!

    People are not crazy and neither is our KA Govt., to do exactly what Modi says even if it hurts us and spoil our environment. Mr. Prakash R., please know some facts before you talk- Mysore was the “Second Cleanest City” once and the “Cleanest City” for two consecutive yeats under Congress rule, as compared to BJP ruled states in the north, who are struggling with ‘n’ types of pollutions and related diseases. You want to say that just to oppose Modi, our Govt. and people are spoiling Mysore’s beauty? You must be crazy. Use your brain to talk, if you have any…

    • Prakash. R says:

      We can’t underestimate the power of the stupid! Will never know! Lots of people are unhappy with Modi because of propaganda!
      4 million kasmiri Pandits did not run away, they were killed, their children raped before they decide to run away,? Nobody seems to remember that!
      8500 families of Sikks were murdered and the murderers were protected by the Gandhi family!
      The only difference was, if any bad thing happened, it was branded as a Hindu terror!
      Here is some plain unadultrate d truth that points to why these people are angry! congress is so angry, they want to impeach the Chief Justice of india! So, who should decide that is legal! Madam Sonia and her nincompoop son, with his band of clowns cheerleading him?
      Modi’s Swatch Bharath Abhiyan was not only to clean the streets of India but to clean Congress and Seculars out of India as well. When PM Narendra Modi started his campaign with the broomstick, sleepless nights has started to Congress and the fear has gradually taken place in pseudo Seculars Fort!
      Do you know why Congress and Seculars hate Modi? Do you know the basic reasons to create enmity with such a genuine person of India?
      Well, there are lots of reasons to bark over Modi. I wish to mention some of them as below:
      1. Abu Saleem in prison! 1993 case finally closed!
      2. Sasikala in prison!
      3. Ram Rahim in prison, again 2002 case!
      4. Finance Ministry knows exactly the quantum of black money which was circulated, who are the culprits, the ISI printed & black currency never came in as it’s being discovered as junked!
      5. Corruption has been eradicated in the South and North blocks!
      6. Aadhar will control every citizen going forward!
      7. 10 lakh bogus ration cards destroyed!
      8. 1,00,000 gas connections surrendered!
      9. Triple Talaq abolished!
      10. India relation with US and BRICS countries at its best got Pakistan listed as terror state!
      11. 45 lakh new income tax assesses!
      12. GST for single point taxation removed the concept of sales tax check posts shortening travel time for trucks, has brought in most of the unregulated business under the tax purview and saved millions of gallons of fuels wasted at sales tax check posts!
      13. Kashmir clean up almost getting to closing point with terror funding abolished by NIA raids and Jihadist being terminated
      14. Money laundered to Christian conversion missionaries has been blocked!
      15. 70% of India Saffronizedwhich will help faster decisions and uniformity in policies across India!
      16. 30 lakh money laundering NGO’s checked!
      17. MEA successfully brings in refugees negotiating with many Islamic countries!
      18. China in the verge of war has been tamed, checkmated and sent back!
      19. Islamic refugees from Myanmar stopped!
      20. NEET brings in fairness, destroys 25-50 Lakhs capitation fees, uniformity in medical opportunities and checks quota misuse!
      21. Cattle markets regulated!
      22. National Herald and Sunanda verdicts soon!
      23. Defence strengthened with new high-tech equipments from US and Israel!
      This is what we call achievements of Modi! He knows what he has to do for the sake of the nation and he will do, no matter how anti-nationalists bark at him.
      Tightening, Cleaning and Putting checks in the system almost complete! Going forward it will be performance Delivery!
      For the medium term we see a very solid track ahead of the Indian economy: IMF chief Lagarde . This was recently expressed by mid chief who is not RSS or BJP
      India expected to regain the fastest growing major economy tag next year with 7.4% growth, higher than China’s 6.5%
      IMF expects Indian economy to grow 8% in the medium term on the back of reforms
      Here are the past Achievements of Congress
      Congress looted India for 6 decades scams after scam . Last decade itself they looted 300,000 crores! Every single scam below was engineered by Sonia, Rahul and Vadra under the great economists like Manmohan Singh and visionaries like Chidambarm!
      The list is as follows:Bofors scam, a trademark scam of Gandhi family.
      Coal Scam: CAG calculated it to be to the tune of 1.86 Lakhs crores, whoops mind-boggling!
      2G Spectrum Scam: To the tune of 1.76 Lakhs crore!!
      Common Wealth Games scams: To the tune of 70,000 crores, involved parties Suresh Kalmadi, Sheila Dikshit, Robert Vadra amongst others
      Chopper Scam: Perfect example of bribery and corruption in India 610 Million!
      Tatra Truck scam: dirty defence deal
      Adarsh Housing scam: a building made for war widows, but flats occupied by Congress big wigs!
      Cash for vote scam in 2011
      Satyam Scam
      Telgi stamp paper scam
      Insurance Scam
      Other Scam and Scandals.
      And finally,
      Terrorists are agaist Modi
      Opposition parties against Modi
      News media big and small against Modi
      All looters who lost money in Demonetization have ganged up against Mod
      Pakistan against ModiChina against ModiSeperatists agaist Modi
      Group of Muslims who support Owaisis agaist Modi
      Psedo secularists and opportunistic writers against Modi
      Now do we still have some chance that modi can win? May be people will elect Rahul and continue the bliss they had for 6 decades!
      Just to let you know, now Congress and Let are on the same page on `Hindu terror ‘. So we all may be considered as terrorists in Pappu wins

      • syed matheen says:

        If 300,000 cr were looted in last decade as per your inputs from PMO as you have direct access for all information. Why then PM is not aware about this facts and touring whole world like vasco da gama ??
        Was there any efforts for JAN LOK PAL ?? Fast track courts for corruption ??
        All what you have quoted is brain child of UPA ?? Who opposed GST?? Who initiated Nirmal bharath abiyaan ?? who started Adhaar and who opposed it ??
        Coal and 2G both cases acquitted in supreme court.

      • Syed Matheen says:

        Are you aware that Rupee is lifetime low against US dollar today.
        Do you know LPG price today??
        Do you know Flue prices today ??
        Be realistic, we do not need lecture or bhashan. we need productivity

        • Shakeel Ahmed says:

          So, you have concluded that Rahul, Mamatha and Owaisis going to deliver all that? ]2G accused escaped because Congress supporter judges were in the 2g case. The investigators carefully managed to weaken the evidence. Our courts are too slow to convict anybody! That is why Rahul and Sonia are on bail on 5000 crore scam! Now you are going to say innocent until proven guilty! But somehow even after yeddy was cleared by the court, you guys keep chanting that yeddy went to jail! If the same standards were held, Sonia, Vadra, Rahul,DKSHi should not be seeing the sunlight for the rest if their life! Somehow Gowri Lankesh murder , people want to link to Modi, while killing of BJP men Kerala you want to think as a happy accident?

          • syed matheen says:

            Killing of any person is condemned either BJP or any other creed, caste . But institutions involving in conspiracy to kill some particular ideology where even the PM’s party supports and follows such people on social flat form and never utters a word in his heroic speech world wide where he have time to wish happy birthday, challenge sports man and tweet about other countries, that is where it links to him due to his silence.
            Our neighboring country is enjoying by seeing this current government because earlier they were making efforts to turmoil in our country but the fact is that the current government is only doing that part and dividing society based on culture, food, caste.
            And about performance of congress , today you are sitting on your PC under fan with internet connection in your posh locality with peace, with electricity, affording all luxuries was done by same party, if we were ruled by opposition party imagine only cow dung, urine, temple, mosque, church, beef, sheep, goat, dog.
            we are nuclear power, we reached mars, we are largest exporters of doctors and engineers, we were fastest growing economy, we have best institution in world like IIT’s, AIMS,IIM’s.

  10. ankeatas says:

    Its a pity to know we have reached the 8th place. I would say Mayor of Mysuru should be blamed for it. isnt it ? please correct me if am wrong.

  11. Sir,
    Reading the above comments I find it sad that cleanliness of Mysuru is politicized. It matters not who is the PM or which party is ruling MCC. Irrespective parties or rankings the cleanliness of the city should concern everyone who lives in Mysuru. A clean Mysuru will benefit everyone especially the next generation.

  12. Madhu says:

    First of all, mysore slipping from 5th place to 8th is not a big deal as there are many BJP ruled state’s have moved up! There is a fact that Congress governments do not actively support any suggestions by Modi or bjp because it would displeasure madam Sonia and her son! So, at least our govt does not do anything unless you bribe them!
    Also, while modi has done very good work, his work has angered many, some samples we can see here!Nobody likes changes! For some ir may be that their way of life is impacted , be it a gas cylinder dealership or hawala business, or some illegal trade or now they have to pay taxes for the first time, for some others it is the dream of making mysore another city like Islamabad or Karachi or at least Kashmir and treat the way Hindus deserve to be treated, in their opinion ! That dream has suffered a temporary setback! You an see their anger by the statements calling others a fool or a moron!
    For a few, it may be the day to day discomfort that media is screaming abusing modi has convinced that Rahul may solve their decades of misery!
    A very objective analysis with true scenario comes from Mr Raghu, who did a cut and paste from a blog! That explains the present status of our nation

  13. Gani Waseem says:

    I agree with what Agara Sudhindra has to say. The cleanliness of a city should not be politicised and the fact that the beautiful city of Mysore has slipped three places since last year should only encourage the inhabitants of the city (us) and the authorities to try and bring in measures, to curb usage of plastics, to stop littering our environs, to have a better waste segregation process. Ranks do not matter, nor does recognition. What matters is how the city looks to those who live in the city. Let’s all stop blaming eachother and do our bit to make Mysore cleaner one step at a time.


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