Government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti at Ravindra Kalakshetra on Nov.10

Government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti at Ravindra Kalakshetra on Nov.10

November 6, 2018

BJP to stage State-wide stir on Nov.9

Bengaluru:  Even as the BJP is vehemently opposing the Tipu Jayanti celebration, the Government will be celebrating the Jayanti at Ravindra Kalakshetra here on Nov.10.

Speaking to press persons here yesterday, Deputy Chief Minister Dr. G. Parameshwara, who is also the Home Minister, said that the Jayanti celebration will take place at Ravindra Kalashetra before 2 pm on Nov. 10.

Pointing out that the venue for the celebration was fixed after taking into consideration Law and Order and security issues, Dr. Parameshwara warned that action will be taken against those trying to disturb the celebration or cause violence.

He further said that the Government has directed all District Administrations of the State to allow Jayanti celebration only in halls and auditoriums, sans any posters, banners, flex boards etc.

He warned of stringent action against those who send provocative messages in social media and through other platforms.

State-wide stir by BJP

While the JD(S)-Congress Coalition Government is going ahead with Tipu Jayanti celebration, the Opposition BJP is all set to stage a State-wide stir across the State on Nov.9.

Announcing this during a press meet at a private hotel in Mysuru yesterday, senior BJP leader and MLA R. Ashok said that Tipu was anti-Kannada and the celebration of Tipu Jayanti was an insult to the people of the State.

Claiming that Tipu Sultan used to send messages and circulars in Persian language, Ashok alleged that the Coalition Government was celebrating Tipu Jayanti only for vote bank.

Maintaining that celebrating Tipu Jayanti was an insult to Chitradurga’s Madakari Nayaka and Onake Obavva, Ashok expressed apprehension that organisations such as Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) and Popular Front of India (PFI) may misuse the occasion to create violence in the State.

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Warning that the Government has to take the blame for any untoward incidents that may take place during the celebration, the BJP leader said that protests will continue in some parts of the State on Nov.10, 11 and 12 too.

Challenging the Government to arrest BJP activists during the protests, Ashok reiterated that anti-national elements may misuse the occasion to create trouble in the State.

Honour people’s sentiments, drop Tipu Jayanti celebrations: BSY

Meanwhile, State BJP President and Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, B.S. Yeddyurappa (BSY) has, in a press release, urged the State Government to drop its decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti and not to stand on prestige or ego. “The people’s sentiments and emotions against Tipu is strong and widespread. It is the duty of the Government to honour people’s sentiments,” BSY has stated.

“Tipu Sultan was a controversial person on many counts. He was also a religious bigot. Historical records prove that he had ordered the massacre of thousands of Kodavas during his invasion of Malabar,” the statement further added.

“Tipu had also ordered the execution of Mandayam Iyengars at the temple town of Melkote in Mandya on the day of Deepawali festival. The reason was that these Iyengars had supported the then Maharaja of Mysore and demanded that the Kingdom be given back.

“It is pertinent to mention that thousands of Kodavas staged protest demonstration in front of French Embassy in Delhi recently. They demanded an apology from the French Government for supporting Tipu in his war against natives and tribals,” he said.

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Taking strong exception to the statement made by Dy.CM Dr. G. Parameshwara that the Government will take action against those who oppose Tipu Jayanti celebrations, BSY said, “We have every right to oppose what is blatantly wrong decision and that which is against the people’s wishes.”

Stating that Tipu Jayanti celebration is a new-found strategy of the Congress party as a part of its politics of minority appeasement, BSY has said, “if the Government is so keen to honour eminent personalities from Muslim community, we have late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam or War Hero Abdul Hamid.”

“It is worthwhile to recall that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the family of Abdul Hamid who was martyred in 1965 war. Let the Karnataka Government emulate the Prime Minister,” he said and reiterated that the Government should honour people’s sentiments and drop its decision to celebrate Tipu Jayanti.

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  1. syed matheen says:

    Those who were with British were killed, he was a real freedom fighter who had guts to stand and fight against British, he lost his life in battle field fighting against British .
    The world honors for his bravery, courage, patriotism and not accepting slavery like Malabar, Nawabs.
    Royal Royce have special edition car in his name Tipu Mysore ghost edition, no on else has been given such honor for bravery.
    This Chaddi’s doesn’t have work rather injecting hate in people, we people of Karnataka are secular and love peace.
    Stop spreading hate and dividing people, if not you have seen today’s election results.

  2. Murali says:

    Tippu may have done some good deeds which can be deceptively construed to be called as a freedom figher. But he was a mass murderer . If somebody kills child’s parents and hand over a candy to the child, you cant call it a noble deed. He and his fellow men murdered in a brutal way 850 plus families in Melkote temple, the victims were Brahmins put of peaceful resistance! Many of the victims heads were chopped of and women and children were abused by Tippu,s soldiers! I belong to area and one of the descendants of Tippus `patriotism”. So, nobody need to tell me about your version of the “truth”
    Now mr Syed, coming to your point , who is spreading the hatred? You calling others a cheddi!? My ancestors were butchered by probably your ancestors, judging my your hate comments observing for some time! And you want to say Tippu served the people of karnataka? As per you, does that service include the murder spree he went on killing our ancestors for looting the temples? You call others Cheddi! From the same logic can I call you a Pak blooded pigshit? We have moved past those murders and now you want to rub salt on that wound to revive Tippu’s glory back? And you call others intolerant Cheddis! One of your famous “cheddi” is recognized by number 3 top ranking world leader, not by other “Cheddis but by all the nations and many Islamic nations included, probably except
    Pak and some people living in India and thinking of Pak!
    When I was travelling abroad, I met a few people from Pakistani Muslims, and they did not seem to harbor this ki d of hatred towords us ! They were exactly like my Indian Muslim friends So, now tell me who is trying to divide this country? People like you who thing who are proud of your ancestors crimes and also want us to call hate mongers, the very principle you are practicing! If Pakistanis hate us, understandable! But some here seem to have Hindus more than people living in Pakistan hate us! That is a concern

    • Hegde says:

      Calm Down Boy!
      You seem to be accusing other person of spreading hatredness but forgot not to do the same yourself.
      No king did any patriotic thing, everyone did for their own benefit which at times helped the Kingdom people, Be It Mughals or Shivaji or Wodeyar or Tippu or anyone else

  3. syed matheen says:

    Which king did not kill ?? Shivaji, Rajputs, Mughals, Marathas, Peshwas ?? Everyone killed for their own benefit to rule and to remain in power. In old days as well as in modern days for their own agenda.
    Mongolians killed millions
    Mughals Killed millions
    Veerapan killed hundreds
    Bin Lden killed thousands
    Bush killed millions
    Putin killed millions
    Stallion killed millions
    Hitler killed millions
    Same way who was against Mysore, who was against Wadiyars and who were with British were killed. He was commander in chief for Mysore and he has to protect his territory either from proxy war or battle field. But i feel pitty on this chaddi’s because how come they be changing ideology, Did not BSY celebrate Tippu Jayanti ?? Murali you had no balls in Chaddi that time, you can call your self pig if you did not oppose BSY that time and supporting him now ?? Why they oppose now ?? For political mileage . To create tension in society and to get benefit out of it.
    BJP and RSS harvest hate to get crop out of it. Tippu supported Udupi and Srigeri temple, mutts, you do not utter that.

  4. Mursli says:

    Are you saying the people in Melkote including the Hindu temple priests were supporting British and were killed by your ‘patriot’ Tippu? You need to get your head examined! He was trying to loot! Period! He butchers innocent men women and children! So, probably for you osama too is a hero and 26/11 too was a fair game! But we consider these murderers as terrorists and those who support them as evil!! If you must know I had criticized even when Yeddi government talked about Tippu! So it is not Cheddi politics as you pigshit is spinning it as, but people in that part of Karnataka do not celebrate Narakachaturdashi a part of Diwali as their ancestors were butchered by Tippu on that night! Since then we don’t celebrate that day here! Coming to tolerance of cheddis and Hindus these people still has not taken up arms against Tippu descendants like you who glorify barbarism by saying all the kings killed people! That doesn’t give anybody right to kill children! Stop dreaming about the glorious days of Tippu ! Hinfus have not become intolerant so far! Now, most of us Have started to recognize your game and want to save India from barbaric era which you are so proud of!

    • syed matheen says:

      I never said osama is hero or 26/11 carried out by hero we condemn it to the core, here you come followers of Nathuram Godse articulate this who think that we support such unkind, inhuman activities up to your shit filled brain cannot help. This is not your father’s nation if you become intolerant that we will accept it, may be after death you will thrown as ashes but we will be buried in our land. how much courage you have being an Indian even we have more than that remember it before you accuse.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am sick and tired of Congress, JD(S) and their rag tag followers pandering to Muslim vote bank. At this rate, there won’t be any homeland left for Hindus! Don’t we ever learn from our History?

    • Prakash says:

      You are so accurate! But this division among Hindus is very advantageous to people lied syed who can use it call everybody Cheddi and devide them! Their true ambition is hidden beneath their words. India is at 18 percent level
      Here are some a few Historic facts based on research.
      O. Peter Hammond is director of “Frontline Fellowship” South Africa, he was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1960, grew up in Rhodesia and converted to Christianity.

      Here are the excerpts from his book ! Compare it with the reality and find out for yourself, all this cry about India’s intolerance about freedom of religion, democracy, secularism and all the accusations are a part of a grand scheme and Congress has been milking it for 6 decades!

      Islam is not a religion, nor is it a cult. In its fullest form, it is a complete, total, 100% sys- tem of social-control.

      Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components. The reli- gious component is a beard for all of the other components.

      Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their reli- gious privileges. When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to Muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of the other components tend to creep in as well.

      Here’s how it works:

      As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority and not as a threat to other citizens.

      This is the case in: United States 0.6%+

      Australia Canada China Italy Norway

      1.8% Muslim

      At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.

      This is happening in: Denmark 2%
      Belgium 4%
      Germany 3.7%
      United Kingdom 2.7% Spain 4%
      Thailand 4.6% Muslim

      From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.

      This is occurring in: France 8% Philippines 5%

      When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris, we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non -muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Am- sterdam, with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in:

      Guyana India Israel Kenya Russia

      15% Muslim

      After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues as in:

      Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

      At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing mi- litia warfare, such as in:

      Bosnia Chad Lebanon

      59.7% Muslim

      From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:

      Albania Malaysia Qatar Sudan

      60.4% 77.5%
      70% Muslim

      After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some state-run ethnic cleans- ing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

      Bangladesh 83% Egypt — 90% Gaza 98.7% Indonesia 86.1% Iran 98% Iraq 97% Jordan 92% Morocco 98.7% Pakistan 97%

      100% will usher in the peace of ‚Dar-es-Salaam‘ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the madrassas are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

      Afghanistan 100% Saudi Arabia 100% Somalia 100%


      100% Muslim

      Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

      ‚Before I was nine I had learned the basic canon of Arab life. It was me against my brother; me and my brother against our father; my family against my cousins and the clan; the clan against the tribe; the tribe against the world, and all of us against the infidel. — Leon Uris, ‚The Haj‘

      It is important to understand that in some countries, with well under 100% Muslim popula- tions, such as France, the minority Muslim populations live in ghettos, within which they are 100% Muslim, and within which they live by Sharia Law.

      The national police do not even enter these ghettos. There are no national courts, nor schools, nor non-Muslim religious facilities. In such situations, Muslims do not integrate in to the community at large. The children attend madrassas. They learn only the Koran. To even associate with an infidel is a crime punishable with death.

      Therefore, in some areas of certain nations, Muslim Imams and extremists exercise more power than the national average would indicate.

    • heg3 says:

      Shouldn’t u include Yeddi and gang as well who supported Tippu when out of BJP?

  6. Raghu says:

    Narakachaturdashi is the celebration of the day Lord Vishnu killed the evil demon Narakasura and rescued the mankind from evil! On the same day the evil king Tippu probably the reincarnation of demon killed 800 Devotees of Vishnu! While devote Hindus celebrate one killing, the descendents of
    demons too celebrate the death of 800 human
    beings! For those who celebrate Tippu Jayanthi, you must remember you are celebrating the heinous act of mass murderers and Karma is watching!

  7. Rao says:

    Let People who consider TIPPU as hero, Celebrate his Jayanthi.
    Let People who consider him as war criminal, Do-Not celebrate his Jayanthi.
    Everyone are entitled to his opinion and should not force his views on others.
    Its so very easy to sit today and talk about history. No one including any historians know what were the actual facts and figures in that period of time.
    There are loads of things in every day life that we don’t accept but others have no issue with, it doesn’t mean that we block it for the selfish motive of ours

  8. Anonymous says:

    मेरा हिन्दू भारत मुस्लिम्स को नहीं दूँगी!

    • Rao says:

      ನಮ್ಮ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದಲ್ಲಿ ಲೋಕಲ್ ನ್ಯೂಸ್ಪಪೆರ್ ಆರ್ಟಿಕಲ್ ಮೇಲೆ ಹಿಂದಿ ಯಲ್ಲಿ ಬರೆಯೋದಕ್ಕೆ ನಾಚಿಕೆ ಆಗ್ಬೇಕು

  9. Anonymous says:

    ಹಿಂದೂಗಳ ಬೆನ್ನಿಗೆ ಚೂರಿ ಇಡುವ ದೇಶ ದ್ರೋಹಿ!!


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