Securing Royal Legacy
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Securing Royal Legacy

February 16, 2023

After the passing away of the scion of Mysore Royal Family Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, his wife Pramoda Devi Wadiyar had embarked on a mission not only to restore her late husband’s dream projects but also to protect his properties. 

This journey has led her to secure the helipad and also the Devikere. She has also won cases concerning Survey No. 4 extending to thousands of acres and also the ownership of Chamundi Hill ! 

In a candid chat with Star of Mysore Managing Editor Vikram Muthanna, Pramoda Devi Wadiyar speaks about Rajendra Vilas Palace on the Hill and, most importantly, plans for Survey No. 4 and the Chamundi Hill.

Vikram Muthanna: Mr. Wadiyar wanted to restore Rajendra Vilas Palace to its old glory, and now you too are trying to do the same. Why?

Pramoda Devi: It was his dream project and I want to take it forward. Also, I like doing this kind of restoration work but finding artisans who do such skilled work is difficult. But most of the ceiling work has been done.

Unfortunately, there has been some damage but we will have to figure out a way to fix it. For now, my primary intention is to prevent damage to the Palace because of the weathering. 

Pramoda Devi Wadiyar showing the ongoing renovation works at Rajendra Vilas Palace atop Chamundi Hill to Star of Mysore Managing Editor Vikram Muthanna.

Vikram: Is the Palace structurally sound?

Pramoda Devi:  Yes, it absolutely is. There was some damage caused due to the construction of the parking area atop the Hill when dynamite was used to break rocks. This has affected the Palace as the site is so close to us. It may not have damaged the building as such, but it has caused some plaster cracks here and there. For now, my main intention is to safeguard the domes.

Vikram:  Do you ever feel it would be better to lease out this Palace to hotel groups like Taj or Oberoi like other royal families?

Pramoda Devi: I’m not a marketing person and I’m not good at marketing. I could use certain groups for marketing. But running and maintaining, I like to do that myself. If I give this to someone else, for them it will be a job. But for me, this is a labour of love. 

Vikram: Your other property, the Gun House, do you plan to restore and rejuvenate it too?

Pramoda Devi: Somebody was keen to run it for me in between, but there is a problem now. It takes a lot of resources to restore these properties. I haven’t taken any finances from anywhere. And you know what kind of difficult times I went through after my husband passed away. Maintaining the staff, and the properties, it’s a lot of pressure.

But somehow, God has been extremely kind. And she (Goddess Chamundeshwari) has given me courage. I get the right guidance at the right time. And she gives me the resources to do whatever I can. So, I have to use my resources wisely to do all this. I cannot take up everything simultaneously. I’ll have to wait. Finish one by one.

Vikram: Do you have any timeline for completion of Rajendra Vilas Palace?

Pramoda Devi: I usually don’t keep a timeline. It’s difficult to work with a timeline when it comes to heritage structures. If you do something here, the consequences are felt in some other place in the structure. It’s constant fixing until it all stabilises. That said, I would like to finish it as quickly as possible because I have to take up many other things. 

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Vikram: Speaking of so many other things, you recently won the Survey Number 4 case. Then, it is said that according to the Instrument of Accession Treaty, Chamundi Hill belongs to the Royal Family. So, instead of the Muzrai Department, will you manage the Temple from now on? 

Pramoda Devi:  After Survey Number 4 victory, I still don’t have my property. As you know, recently Devikere work was started. But how can you work on someone else’s property? Is it fair? I was shocked.

I was away for 15 days in Jodhpur and Delhi, and then I came. The first thing I saw is the Devikere news in your newspaper. I was shocked to read the whole thing. I cannot imagine the elected representatives doing these things without checking.

I came for last year’s Teppotsava at Devikere. There is nothing that is required to do there. They have broken a wall. I don’t know how much it may cost. I have to look into how much it might cost to rebuild the damaged wall.

Taking a trip down the memory lane… The late scion of Mysore Royal Family Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar in front of the Rajendra Vilas Palace atop the Chamundi Hill in 2008. Restoring the lost legacy of the Palace was one of his pet projects and he had made elaborate plans for the same. With his untimely demise, his wife Pramoda Devi Wadiyar has taken up the strings from where her husband had left, with the same passion and detail. In her own words, for her, this is a labour of love.

Vikram: And the Royal Family owns the Chamundeshwari Temple?

Pramoda Devi: No, rather the deity owns the Temple. It is just the right to manage the Temple as the Managing Trustees. As far as ownership is concerned, it is the deity.

Vikram: You have locked the gate to Devikere…

Pramoda Devi: That gate was made 30 years ago and was locked earlier. Sorry to say this, but the Police only broke the gate years ago. We just ignored it and left it unlocked. But after the recent Devikere incident, I got the gate fixed and locked it. 

Vikram: According to the Instrument of Accession Treaty, Chamundi Hill belongs to the Royal Family. Am I correct?

Pramoda Devi: Partly. I have to go through the details, but there is mention of Chamundi Hill because Lalithadri Cottage belongs to that. But what is the use?

The Government went to the Divisional Bench, and they lost the case. They went to the Supreme Court and lost the case, but they have no respect for the Court order and they have not complied with it. 

Renovation works under progress at Rajendra Vilas Palace.

Vikram: Many are worried that if Devikere gate can be locked, will access to the Temple and Hill also be restricted? 

Pramoda Devi: I am not that kind of a person. The deity is for all, no matter which class or wherever they are from. That said, I will definitely protest unscientific development. The ropeway, I protested. Everyone protested. Now I hear that they are bringing it back under Gati   Shakti as of last week.

Vikram: Since the claim is that the Hill belongs to the Royal Family, what happens to the people living atop the Hill? How will you handle that?

Pramoda Devi: I have to examine the whole thing. As of now, I am taking care of Devikere and the unauthorised construction around it because the Government needs to check who the land belongs to before they take up work.

Also, on the Hill, other owners own small bits of land. So, I need to look at the holistic view of that. But right now, I’m very confident of the Temple, so I am proceeding as the case is anyway pending. 

Vikram: You have taken over Lalitha Mahal helipad also, but it is the only helipad for the city. Will you respond positively if the Government offers you compensation to acquire it?

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Pramoda Devi: I have allowed helicopter personnel to use the facilities. Anybody can land taking permission. The Government does not want to ask me for permission. It is their ego which stops them from asking me. Anyway, I don’t blame them because they cannot take permission from a private person. 

Vikram: Can they acquire the helipad?       

Pramoda Devi: They can only do so after paying compensation. I will not allow and agree to it because I have put my father-in-law’s name there. I am running it as Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar Helipad. Flights are landing. I have allowed a person to handle the landings over there. I think the Health Minister landed here recently after we got permission from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Vikram: Would you be open to it if the Government offers you compensation for Chamundi Hill because people from across the country visit the Goddess and take a look from the View Points? Or do you feel you will do a better job of protecting Chamundi Hill and its greenery? 

Pramoda Devi: It is a very difficult question to answer. Protecting Chamundi Hill, I don’t know what other things are involved, like Forest Department or the public. Everything and everybody is involved, but I will not do anything against the nature or interest of the public, hurt the religious interests of the public, or hurt the religious sentiments. Again, I must say I will not allow unscientific and indiscriminate development, which is happening now. 

Vikram: Do you feel overwhelmed with all the cases and work?

Pramoda Devi: I can take up more works because I love to work. But sometimes I don’t do anything. I take time to introspect. 

I will work as long as I can. After that my son will have to look after things. Also, I want to leave something for the public and safeguard things for my future generation. People have given me so much affection, particularly after my husband passed away. That motivates me to move on because I have to consolidate so many things. 

Sometimes, the Government also misleads the public more so in the Survey No. 4 case. They say what are you going to do with 1,563 acres. I said let me find out how much is left. There was so much fraud in the deals and so much forgery that happened. 

I am of the opinion that you can make buildings, start industries and manufacture things, but you cannot manufacture land; hence it is precious. That said, I don’t mind horses or cattle in the land. They also need some place. 

Vikram: In Survey Number 4, most people are expected to sell it off and make money. Since you love nature, would you be interested in turning a large part of your property into an urban forest to give back to Mysuru city? 

Pramoda Devi: What do I need to sell the land for? Unless I am driven to sell it for my own survival. As I said, Goddess Chamundeshwari has been extremely kind to me.

While Pramoda Devi Wadiyar pursues her husband’s vision of a glorious Rajendra Vilas Palace come true and reclaims her family properties around Chamundi Hill, let us hope that she also manages to restore the hopes of Mysureans in keeping Chamundi Hill and the area around it green and turning it into an urban jungle instead of a concrete jungle. —Ed

18 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “Securing Royal Legacy”

  1. R RAJA CHANDRA says:

    Dear Vikram,
    At the outset, let me congratulate you and your dear father on the occasion of the 45TH Anniversary of SOM ! It is an eventful journey of which you can be justifiably proud ! You have a tremendous responsibility to sustain and carry forward the legacy built by my dear friend Sri. Ganapathy! All the Best !

    Coming to this article , honestly I was a bit surprised ! I am unable to comprehend whether it is a feature article or a paid promotional article !

    In one of the question you have phrased it as : Then, it is said that according to the Instrument of Accession Treaty, Chamundi Hill belongs to the Royal Family. So, instead of the Muzrai Department, will you manage the Temple from now on?

    Obviously you are confused as scores of judges across the country ! Instrument of Accession is a document executed by almost all the Rulers of Indian states after the vivisection of British India in to two dominions by virtue of India Independence act 1947! Only the Nawab of Jungadh and Nizam of Hyderabad & Maharaja of Kashmir did not sign the Instrument of Accession at that time. Only Nawab of Jungadh signed an Instrument of Accession with dominion of Pakistan ! Maharaja of Kashmir did it under extraneous circumstances and Nizam of Hyderabad had no option after a virtual conquest by the dominion of India. But nothing in the instrument of Accession affected the sovereignty of the acceding state internally. It was only on 26-1-1950 , the dominion of India declared itself totally free from the British Empire by becoming a Sovereign Republic. On the eve of he newly drafted Constitution of India coming to force on 26-11-1969, most Indian Rulers had in one form or the other had merged their Kingdom with the exception of Kashmir ( hence the bogey of Art. 370 etc). At this point the Rulers executed formal agreements with the Governor General of India in one form or the other to protect their Privy Purse, Private properties and succession to Gaddi etc. In any case these agreements were given a legal quietus by a combination of Art 363 and 26Th amendment !

    Coming to Mysore, Maharaja by his proclamation dated 25th Nov 1949 had already accepted the draft constitution and by virtue of which Mysore were to become a Part-B state and he and his successors were guaranteed the post of Rajapramukh of Mysore ( again annulled by Reorganization of states in 1956).

    Subsequently on 23-1-1950, Maharaja signed an agreement by which his privy purse , Privileges and succession to the gaddi were secured and the list of his Private properties ( as distinct from State properties ) were duly accepted after verification ! The said list was signed by both he Centre and state authorities and duly gazetted.

    In the said list, properties on Chamundi Hills are described as under:

    62. Chamundi ilills.—Rajendra Vilas Palace and several buildings connected with it, gardens and grounds surrounding the area fenced with barbed wire and angle iron.
    Old Palace buildings with its grounds, house occupied by Peshkar, house occupied by the Mothiikhana staff during Car Festival.
    Sri Chamundeswari temple with the connected buildings, viz., kitchen, car shed and maantapas, eta.
    Sri Mahabaleswaraswaiuy temple with its buildings.
    Sri Narayanaswamy temple and Jwalamukhi temple at Uttanahally.
    Devikere Shed buildings, taut: and its premises, Garden portion below Devikere in-charge of Palace Gardens (and a plot of ground having big Jack tree. situated between Devikere and Forest Nursery on the Chamundi Hills).
    Big Bull at the 700th step on Chamundi Hill with its premises.
    Three Pump Houses, at the foot, in the middle and on the top of the Hill,

    63. Lalithadri Cottage in the Chamundi Hill road with gardens and grounds surrounding it on the way to Chamundi Hill. ( This was sold KR Mills at some point of time and later changed hands to Khodays)

    When Maharaja died on 23-9-1974, within 4 days then State Government took over the Palace Temples ( including those within Mysore Palace fort, one on Ramanauja Road and even a Brindavan in Kolkata of CRW) under Muzrai act and the cases in this regard is still pending along with challenge to MPAT Act . This list did not include Devi Kere !

    There is many more points of the interview i can advert to, but i restrain myself for the time being as there is a Partition suit pending about the ownership among the legal heirs of the last Maharaja !

  2. Raampur Ka Laxman!! says:

    @RAJA CHANDRA has the propensity to confuse and obfuscate issues through a long-winding post such as this, with many questionable arguments , muddying the issues!
    It is clear that this Pramoda Devi is behaving as if she is still the Maharani with all the powers that goes with it.
    It is best that there should be a Constitution amendment that clearly makes properties that are of public interest like the Mysore Palace, the Deity of the Chamundi Hill etc.. etc.. state-owned meaning they belong to citizens of the country.
    Pramoda Devi can act as a private landlord, but she cannot simply declare an adopted son as the Wadiyar and make him to climb the gold throne in a room watched by a dozen people, and conduct his silly durbar. The Constitution should clearly ensure that such activities are against a democratic principles of Indian democracy.
    By amending the Constitution of the relevant parts that removed the Royalty, these Wadiyar remnants should be relocated elsewhere, clearly stating to them they are merely citizens.

  3. Sanjay Kini says:

    The Rajendra Vilas Palace when fully done can become an ideal destination for private celebrity weddings. The helipad at foothills bring an added advantage, celebrities can reach the hotel without entering the city. The Location on top of the hill ensures privacy from General Public . HNI’s (High Net worth Individuals)who want to have private weddings with only their immediate family can choose this Palace. Private weddings are best suited as the hotel can accommodate Max 50 guests as it has limited number of rooms and a fleet of luxury Electric Sedans can be used to ferry the guests from helipad to the hotel. The Hotel can be lit up with Golden LED bulbs on the day of the wedding and beautiful landscape gardens with lawns will make the hotel an ideal choice for people who like privacy as celebrities can spend time in outdoors without much attention from crowds. Will be a new landmark for Mysuru’s Tourism Industry to cater to Celebrities and HNI’s who will be more conscious to preserve the environment on top of the hill as they prefer hotels which concentrate on Sustainability thus a chance to create a product for sustainable tourism in Mysuru

  4. Sanjay Kini says:

    Congrats to Mr.Vikram and KBG Sir on the completion of 45 years of Star of Mysore .if Mr. Vibram could recollect i was one of the first people to send an email to his email address to start a website for star of Mysore when he used to publish his email below his articles. Now i would like to recommend a few changes for the website. The first change to the star of Mysore website is that in the About Section of website the line reads “Over the Past 41 years” , it must be changed to 45.Then the User Experience o the website is bad both in Mobile View and Tablet View (ipad).it is so bad that the website can be called Ads of Mysore and people will hardly read comments in Mobile and Tablets as the page shows literally 100 ads before we can read the comments. Hope these corrections will be made this year so that people can enjoy reading the paper online. There is another news website of Mysuru which have started operation recently and if star of Mysore doesn’t up its standards they might lose out on online Ad revenues. Also the system Admin at star of Mysore should be asked to Block IP Addresses of commenters who comment badly on national leaders and other personalities. Looking forward to seeing these changes in the New Start of Mysore on their 45th Anniversary.

  5. Ajjampur Vijayakumar says:

    Hello Sanjay Kini
    So like your PM Narendra Modi who blocked the BBC programme which highlighted what he did in terms of almost ethnic cleansing of Muslims , where thousands of them died when he was the Gujarat CM, like he blocked the news of China occupying yet more Indian territories during their reent incursion across the Himachal Pradesh borders, you do not want to keep the illusion of how wonderful he is, even you are and thus suppress
    any dissent or criticisms, which forms the core of freedom of expression of all |Western democracies.
    BTW, what does your lengthy rant anything remotely concerned with this article on ”Securing Royal Legacy’?
    I think you need some disciplined thinking yourself, before posting such inane stuff.

  6. Lunchave Swarga,Mosave Kailasa , Modiye Shiva! says:

    Hey @Kini
    Yes, block any one who does not agree with your leaders, and comments on their weaknesses and hypocrisies. Like Modi blaming Gandhis practicing dynasty based selection, while he is happy getting his brother Prahlad Modi VIP treatment!
    It appears, you do not want your leader Bommaii to be exposed as scoundrel for presiding over the 40% commission government, and a caste-based rile underlining the nepotism that drives it.
    I suggest, you migrate to China where you find censorships of all kinds regarding the cyberspace.
    How about blocking a poster who ridicules your knowledge of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardiac treatment and your recommendation of specific doctors?
    You should be really ashamed. But shame is not your virtue I gather!

  7. R RAJA CHANDRA says:

    Dear Editor,

    It is pathetic to see some faceless gnomes under pseudo names likes Lunchave Swarga, Mosave Kailasa , Modiye Shiva Raampur Ka Laxman etc posting their comments and misusing the privilege given by SOM ! I have no issues with the comments per se ! But it would be futile to make reposte to a ghost writer who does not have the decency to engage in a public discourse ! I sincerely hope you would introduce some checks and balances to chuck out such gross misuse of the system.

  8. Shashi Kumar says:

    @Sanjay – Agree, there are many ads before the comments section. Comments section should be right under the new article. Also, I find many of ads weird.

  9. Marigowda Ramanna says:

    Constructively engaging with you in your discussion, when you post a crap like Shilpi Siddalingappa, an obscure sculptor redesigning the Durbar Hall, you produced no evidence for it? You declare myths as facts, indulging i a lengthy prattle, as if you are the final authority on the topics of this sordid Wadiyar dynasty of late. What is not deniable i was the fact that Jayachamaraja Wadiyar was weak-minded person succimbing to temptations which people like the Shilpi and his butler Mahadevaiah, who rose to become his ADC, exploited to their benefits thus becoming rich.
    The above post of yours, which appears to have been produced by you in a drunken state, as its long-windedness make no sense at all. You could have summarised it in just 4 sentences.
    When you post such nonsense, what is the point of constructive engagement with you? Have you thought of quietly retiring some where ?
    By the way, I have posted this in my own name!
    I am trying to get your face in the above post. It looks a mad stray canine that haunts pedestrians in Mysore!!

  10. koppal boregowda says:

    Interesting that @Sajay Kiniwho has the solutions to everything from thefts in the 10-lne Mysore-Bangalore Highway to the redesign of the SOM format seems to have no achievements yo his credit. @Shasi Kumar, have you achieved anything at all in your life.
    The SOM has been flourishing since the last 4 decades, there is an achievement recorded, and you cretins are simply waffling trying to be too clever.

  11. Rao Bhamidimarri says:

    While you say, you have no problems with the contents of what for example@Rampur ka Laxman had posted, which incidentally, Mysoreans of certain age, who are born, brought up, worked all their lives in Mysore recognise the facts presented by that poster, you seem to be pissed of those facts revealed there.
    Why can’t you be honest and upright to say that you disagree with those facts-there is no need to address that poster , but a rejoinder could have been enough.
    No one who reads your lengthy nonsense, which you presented as points for discussions , feels worthy of any engagement with you, who seems to be living in the world of your own enjoying the myths about Wadiyars as glorious facts.
    FYI, I have posted this in my own name. I could have posted under the name of :”Silly Raja Chandra”!

  12. Rao Bhamidimarri says:

    While you say, you have no problems with the contents of what for example@Rampur ka Laxman had posted, which incidentally, Mysoreans of certain age, who are born, brought up, worked all their lives in Mysore recognise the facts presented by that poster, you seem to be pissed of those facts revealed there.
    Why can’t you be honest and upright to say that you disagree with those facts-there is no need to address that poster , but a rejoinder could have been enough.
    No one who reads your lengthy nonsense, which you presented as points for discussions , feels worthy of any engagement with you, who seems to be living in the world of your own enjoying the myths about Wadiyars as glorious facts.
    FYI, I have posted this in my own name. I could have posted under the name of :”Silly Raja Chandra”!

  13. Shantala says:

    While not interested in wading into the above discussions, the fact remains that this woman Pramoda Devi is behaving as a Maharani of 1920s in 2023 democratic India, where Royalty should not exist. I also agree that a grey area is left in regards to the ownerships of several assets that were claimed as the properties of Wadiyars, before the Royalty was abolished by Sirdar Patel. That act was not followed by a proper Constitution amendments stating clearly that given the public interest and involvement in events related to the entire Chamundi Hill area including the Temple, and other focal points like the Mysore Palace, such assets should belong to the people, to be administered by the elected state government. This would prevent the outrageous act by Pramoda Devi,like putting up a gate to exclude the swamp Devi Kere from being cleaned up and usable.
    The above clarity through Constitution tents, will stop meddlers like this Pramoda Devi, who seem to resurrect the Wadiyar rule in some form.
    It is very surprising that the Mysore Palace is not publicly owned , made a national museum, with artefacts and painting depicting the centuries of history of Wadiyars, which is open to the public. That would mean Pramoda Devi and his entourage vacating the premises of the Palace, which the Amba Vilas is part of.
    It is a shame that the most admired act of Sirdar Patel who saw the obstinacy of the autocratic Maharajas and Nizams, and hence ended their regimes, is not continued to the very end of making their descendants ordinary Indian citizens, and the assets acquired as erstwhile rulers are handed over to the state. the heritage then will be well preserved for the citizens.

  14. Operation Jackpot Nalli CID 999 says:

    It appears that this poster @RAJA CHANDRA is a strong admirer of this Wadiyar remnants who behave as if they are in a period where Wadiyars supposedly ruled Mysore. In fact, these Wadiyars were not independent rulers, they were strictly controlled by the British Viceroy through his representative in Mysore. Their Dewans reported to the Viceroy of the day.
    @RAJA CHANDRA seemed to be pissed off and gets angry whenever any one questioned his fairy tales!

  15. Sam says:

    Hello @RAJA CHANDRA AND @Sanjay Kini
    My name is Sam, and I live in the Bay area of San Francisco. I am an Indian IT tech person.
    Do not get deterred by distractions from other posters.
    Perhaps , I am the ONLY one who read and understood the contribution of @RAJA CHANDRA?
    Having said that, a suggestion to Pramoda Devi Wadiyar: , this Rajendra Vilas Palace and the Lalithamahal Palace could be sold to INFOSYS, who will develop them as conference centres for IT technologists. I know, a few IT entrepreneurs here in the Bay area, who will be interested in the above venture linking with INFOSYS.

  16. R RAJA CHANDRA says:

    @Marigowda Ramanna; Bhamidimarri & Operation Jackpot Nalli CID 999 etc : I do hope you people are not as Silly as your posts are !

    I cannot help if you are are unable to understand the Constitutional History of the Indian Republic.

    I was not so keen to continue this meaningless banter with people of doubtful identities ! But as some of the attacks are personal and defamatory, silence may be construed as acquiescence ! Hence this last reposte !

    @The above post of yours, which appears to have been produced by you in a drunken state…. : I am senior Citizen and teetotaler all my life ! Hold your tongue please !
    @ when you post a crap like Shilpi Siddalingappa, an obscure sculptor redesigning the Durbar Hall, you produced no evidence for it?: I never post anything without an authentic official record backing my facts ! Please read SELECTIONS FROM THE RECORDS OF THE MYSORE PALACE, volume II : Palaces and museums of the Royal Family published by the Department of Archaeology & also Shakapurusha Siddhalinga Swamilgalu by L.Shivalingappa for Karnataka Shilpakala Academy. For the records his paintings adorn the Durbar Hall !

    @ What is not deniable i was the fact that Jayachamaraja Wadiyar was weak-minded person…. : Maharaja gifted many of his properties to Centre and State, His employees , His Professors, His Vidwans, His Family etc etc – whoever who served him in any capacity! If you cannot understand a person dont pass reckless remarks and judge from your won values.
    @ While not interested in wading into the above discussions,….. : You have in fact waded blind folded into the controversy. Though I don’t hold any candle to the behavior of any person, But the moot question is if even after 70 years after Indian becoming Republic, if the legal heirs of the last Maharaja are not treated as equal Citizens and if they defend their constitutional rights within the available forums provided by the country , why do you blame them ? Just quote an example, in the same issue of SOM, another feature article mentions about the Palaces in Hyderabad which are still owned by the Nizam family. Mind you Hyderabad became part of Indian Dominion by virtue of a real military conquest. Even their jewellery was purchased by the centre by paying Hundreds of crores. Mysore Family is the only erstwhile Royal family in the country which is being hounded continuously for decades. So some of the comments in the many posts reeks of either ignorance of facts and or personal nature and are very unfortunate. So introspect if you have a heart.

    This is not a complete rebuttal but as any lawyer would say what is not specifically not traversed is hereby denied as false, contemptuous and defamatory !

    I do not want to carry on replying to inanities ad- nauseam.

    Keep barking if you wish to ! My silence is not acquiescence but i take refuge in an old Kannada saying ….

  17. Jogekal Lingappa says:

    What do you achieve by this lengthy rebuttal falling into the tarp set by the posters you named?
    Being a senior citizen, don’t you have better things to do? Why not start a charity which helps homeless children to find homes?
    You will not do it, as you want to win arguments! That is your problem as I can see it.

  18. Operation Jackpot Nalli CID 999 says:

    You have not mentioned about the colourful activities of Srikanta Dutta Wadiyar, the husband of this woman Ptramoda Devi, in 1970s!
    Was it sheer coincidence that both Srikanta Dutta Wadiyar and his father died in Bangalore Palace? Why did Jayachamaraja Wadiyar had to go to Dusseldorf for medical treatment, when there were better hospitals in the UK and USA-particularly in the UK where he was known in his days as the ruler of Mysore from 1940-47? Why was a German woman present in his home, who commanded so much power?
    Well, the answers to the above questions were well known, and hence do not bother to post your fairy tales!


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