Train service between Mysuru and Bengaluru: Why make passengers wait inside trains?
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Train service between Mysuru and Bengaluru: Why make passengers wait inside trains?

May 3, 2022


There are many trains that run between Mysuru and KSR Bengaluru. Even after electrification and double tracking, the main issue with the trains from Mysuru is that, almost all trains reach Kengeri early, but from Kengeri to KSR Bengaluru, they take a very longer time to reach Bengaluru.

The trains stop for longer time  at Kengeri, again stop at Nayandahalli for longer duration, start from Nayandahalli and again stop at KSR Bengaluru outer signal for a long time. At least if the Metro Stations were close to Kengeri and Nayandahalli Railway Stations, the public could board Metro trains and reach their destinations at Bengaluru.

For example, Chamundi Express Train that starts at 6.45 am from Mysuru, reaches Kengeri around 8.50 am with a journey period of around 2 hours. From Kengeri it reaches KSR Bengaluru between 9.30 am and  9.50 am with a journey period of around 45 minutes to 1 hour, forcing commuters to waste time in the train.

In the mornings, there is a need for public from Mysuru to reach Bengaluru early to go to various Government Offices / Courts and other places and return back after completing their work.

If the trains cannot reach KSR Bengaluru early due to platform congestion at KSR Bengaluru, the trains can start a little late from Mysuru instead of public wasting time in train between Kengeri and KSR Bengaluru. One best possibility is to give a stop for all trains at Jnanabharathi Station as the Metro Train Station is close to the said station.

Even though I have sent twitter messages to Southern Railway / Railway Ministry / MP Pratap Simha, no action is taken in this regard. Hence, I request for a stop at Jnanabharathi Railway Station.

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M.V. Srinivas, Mysuru, 24.4.2022

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  1. K T JOSEPH says:

    This is exactly correct and Railway authorities either delay departure of Chamundi Express by 7.00 am instead of 6.45 am or make a provision for creating an additional platform by relocating atleast one maintenance line to new Baiyappanhalli yard. It is a every day problems faced by the commuters to all inbound trains to ksr Bengaluru from Mysore except previlaged Shatabdi express.

  2. Bhuvaneshwari says:

    Yes I too have experienced this there should be metro station connected to kengeri or janabarathi . So passenger can get drown and take a metro to their destination

  3. Jagadeesh says:

    Y you have written email to Southern railway it should be South western Railway

  4. Jagadish B N says:

    Very true…an excellent suggestion….it will save a lot of manhours…if you have the will there will be a way….with a little planning it is definitely possible to find a solution….all it requires is a little sensitivity from the concerned authorities….hope the authorities take note of this and do something about it immediately….

  5. Ramanuja says:

    Not Southern but South western railways is the zone for Karnataka request them

  6. Tahir Iqbal Ahmed says:

    Time is precious. Due to last stop no need to wait outer station. Railways should consider in this matter in order to avoid any inconvenience to the passengers. Thanks

  7. M S SRINIVASAN says:


  8. HS Subramanya says:

    It is worth to start little late from Mysore, as this will help many passengers to reach Mysore Railway station with less tention at the Start of the Day.

  9. Mann Ki Baat! Bisi Bele Baat! says:

    It appears whatever progress is made in Indian railways, in terms of track and electrification, it still remains the same backward transport as it was during the single metre gauge track between Mysore-Bangalore and the the days of steam locomotives.
    In 1950s and 1960s, the Chamundi Express leaving Mysore in the morning stopped at Kengeri/Nayanadahalli for 50 minutes at least before entering the Bangalore station. The Chamundi Express leaving Bangalore stopped at Naganahalli for 30 minutesbefore entering Mysore station. The reason given then was the single metre gauge track. It appears that even after the doubling the tracks and changing into broad gauge, this disease has not gone away.
    The reason: Indians cannot run any transport properly. Look at the shambles of Air India.
    In Western countries, Indian Railways is often quoted as an example of overstaffed, inefficient , and corrupt public service example, which resists any improvement.
    This is’Chandrayan’ and ‘Tech India’ of Narendra Modi! Wait for your PMs next ‘Mann Ki Baat!’ bull shit, , where he will praise the progress made in India!!
    Wait until the 10-lane Mysore-Bangalore Highway becomes operational and the highway is clogged with cars, moving very slowly in a matter of just 2 years!
    Jai Hind!!

  10. Yashas says:

    The scenario is the same in reverse as well. Most of the times the Chennai-Mysore train reaches Mysuru outer space by 10.40PM but it nearly takes more than 30-45 minutes to reach the platform. Have complained the same to Station Master several times.

  11. Sudhir says:

    Completely agree. It’s the same even at Mysore station. Trains stop at outer signal for 20-30 minutes irritating the passengers. I have no idea if the same thing happens all over India or only with SWR. What is the use of all modernisation if unnecessary delays are caused?

  12. Anantha says:

    Another example of lethargic attitude of railway authorities with regard to passengers of mysuru. Says everything and doing nothing who bothers about the valuable time of poor commuters and they are not vvips

  13. Uday says:

    From my childhood I travel by train mysore to SBC Or SBC to mysore same old travelling hours no change I asked train driver why it not reduce times, he said it’s impossible to reduce time, coz railway staff are not working promptly. Shame on mysore and sbc both station master.

  14. Subhajit Ghosh says:

    Correctly explained, I also faced so many problems regarding this, required to reduce time, new technology age why that much time required

  15. A V Prasanna says:

    Letter posted on trains between Bengaluru and Mysuru is very apt. Efficiency wise SWR is worst. Even railway minister is not bothered because all babus are from North. Observations by many readers are valid, even with electrification and no ghat section trains take 3 to 3.5 hrs to cover a distance of 137 km. This was also the time taken during Good old days of steam engine. Our PM is interested only in bullet train, time will tell when this bullet train will run only at 100kmph. SWR is full of jokers controlling from Hubli.

  16. ARSHAD HUSSAIN says:

    Express trains like kachiguda also stops in nayandahalli for almost 30 minutes daily.let the train start in Mysore at 3.30 pm instead of 3.

  17. Questo says:

    I too remember in my child hood, travelling between Mysore-Bangalore by Chamundi Express train driven by steam locomotive, the Express stopping at Kengeri/Nayanadahalli-the latter mostly for even 45-50minutes routinely, while the Bangalore Station platform was cleared of the train standing there for hours! The passengers who bought tickets and reservations for a connecting Bangalore-Madras ( Chennai) broad gauge Express train from Bangalore very often missed that train. They had to wait for 3 hours to get into a next passenger train, which was often very crowded, stopped at every station between Bangalore and Madras ( Chennai),suffering standing or seating on the floor of the carriage despite having paid Express fare to Madras( Chennai), ad holding seat reservations.
    As the poster has put it, the same story in other direction, stopping at a place between Naganahalli and Mysore railway station s for 45 minutes, while the passengers got bored looking at a workshop below the the welding process etc.. That was late 1950s.
    It appears nothing changes in India! also
    It appears in India of today, when its PM Modi boasts about: ” technology is a way of life in India”, his government responsible for running the Railways cannot fix these simple woes even after the tracks are doubled and electric locomotives pull the trains, and the running time remaining the same!! He boasts of his country’s capability to send 2 satellites into space simultaneously!!
    Talk of modern silicon chip factory in Mysore, sounds so nonsensical, when the state government does not even bother to fix the transport woes like this, in cooperation with the central government.

  18. Ashok says:

    I fully endorse views expressed. No improvement despite change in gauge and electrification. Other day I travelled by train leaving at 8.10 am.which reached Kengeri at 10.30 am,but from there it took one hour to reach Bangalore City. Total time 3 hours 20 minutes. This reminds me of the time taken during metergauge conversion days. SME is true
    Vice versa when trains find it hard to enter station n will be logged in outer signal.
    Hope some serious attention is bestowed and situation made better, by all involved.

  19. Ashok says:

    I fully endorse views expressed. No improvement despite change in gauge and electrification. Other day I travelled by train leaving at 8.10 am.which reached Kengeri at 10.30 am,but from there it took one hour to reach Bangalore City. Total time 3 hours 20 minutes. This reminds me of the time taken during metergauge conversion days. Same is true vice versa, when trains find it hard to enter station n will be logged in outer signal.
    Hope some serious attention is bestowed and situation made better, by all involved.

  20. Anand K says:

    Very Good Suggestion tq for your concern 🙏

  21. Mann Ki Baat! says:

    This situation of stoppage at Kengeri or at Naganahalli in the other way is historic. Even with the HQ at Mysore, of various named Railways over the decades, Mysore-Bangalore run time has not improved at all.
    There was a serious plan of converting the meter gauge between Mysore-Bangalore trach in 1950s,thus improving the run time with new locomotives, but the then Railway Minister Jagajivan Ram, who got his position because he was a Dalit, scuppered it, as he never visited South India, let alone Mysore/Bangalore. He talked with difficulty, ,like a buffalo breathing, but did not achieve anything ,even as the defence minister under Indira Gandhi-as she made him a virtual slave.
    As for Karnataka CMs starting from Nijalingappa, more importantly B D Jatti, who hailed from n arid desert of North Karnataka, speaking in a strange Kannada dialect was happy to be in Bangalore as the CM, thanks to th e stupid Karnataka Ekikarana/ integrated Karnataka, which is proved to be a disaster. Often These CMs are powerless against Centre ,never bothered to improve the State , and the culture that existed when steam trains were running exists today. Those responsible forthis pathetic situation are centre government employees /officers, and they know that the Centre does not care for Karnataka as its CMs are powerless morons. If this Mysore-Bangalore situation, existed say in Tamil Nadu between Chennai and Tiruchi, the CM there will howl and the Railway Minister will correct it immediately.

  22. Kawakawaffoxgowda says:

    This 45 minute delay at Kengeri has been going for decades, even after the broad gauge conversion and electrification.
    Why politicians like MP Simha , who is more interested in implementing Hassan-Kodagu-Kerala Highway, thus bringing thousands of Malayalees, to Mysore, most of them are crime gangs indulging in the gold smuggling business from the Gulf States, not interested in ensuring that this problem is solved, by talking to the Railway Minister in New Delhi?

  23. Kawakawaffoxgowda says:

    This 45 minute delay at Kengeri has been going for decades, even after the broad gauge conversion and electrification.
    Why politicians like MP Simha , who is more interested in implementing Hassan-Kodagu-Kerala Highway, thus bringing thousands of Malayalees, to Mysore, most of them are crime gangs indulging in the gold smuggling business from the Gulf States, not interested in ensuring that this problem is solved, by talking to the Railway Minister in New Delhi?

  24. Mrs Gupta says:

    Similar case from Malur to Whitefield station. There is only one stop in between. And it take 1hrs to reach Whitefield.
    That is simply time waste, energy degrade. It is very tiring journey. Why cannot can’t local train get clearence compare to others trains?
    Is there any plan to build metro connecting Malur with Bangalore, so that people can regular base go for up and down for job.

  25. Kamal Raj says:

    The halt trains are extended to mysore to increase the trips after double track.
    Double track, which was a long decade pending dream.
    But we are still operating at same efficiency.
    Money is spent and they increase more trips for every 30mins with optimum boogies and based on passenger traffic.
    Introduce stop at Gnanabhari stop for metro trains exchange the route for passengers
    People movement across platforms at Mysore Station is very pathetic. More number of elevated passages to done across platforms, so that people move out faster away from station.

  26. Mahesh S N says:

    Mysore commuters are totally neglected, the observations are very true. All trains unnecessarily waste time in un sheduled stops, such as Nayandanahally, and ouer of KSR. , this s same since over 20 years.
    After 6.45 am chamundi train to Bangalore, till 11.30 am Tippu there are no intermediate trains to Bangalore, which is very unfortunate. For businessmen, entrepreneurs, passengers traveling on many reasons.
    In totality the traveling time between Mysore & Bangalore has not decreased due to doubling, electrification, & up gradations of engines. Ironically the traveling time more or less remained same since over 20 years .
    If we are spending Sametime to reach Bangalore since 20 years , it’s really un imaginable about the Railway’s management in , signal management, track management, and platform management.
    We can only hope for good , passengers of Mysore are always least priorities.

  27. Madhu says:

    Mr Pratap simba, request you to kindly solve on top priority and wish you will.

  28. Padmanabha says:

    I fully agree with the above issue. This needs to be resolved.

  29. Anthony Xavier says:

    We are considered fools, so we are toothless after elections, Don’t care attitude of rule makers and representatives are the root cause of all endless problems .

  30. Simha says:

    Dear Sir,

    The challenges faced are highlighted very well. One suggestion is to run feeder buses from Kengeri railway station to the nearest metro station . This will help commuters to move to different parts of the city without going to KSR station.

  31. Shankar Rao says:

    This is true not only for Mysuru-Bengaluru trains but trains coming to Bengaluru from all directions.

  32. Ramasesha says:

    I completely endorse the suggestion made in the letter.

  33. Rajeevalochan says:

    Valid suggestions made by Mr. SRINIVAS, Hope there is a positive response by giving a stop at gnanabharati

  34. Ramesh says:

    Genuine message . Even the Railway TC’s do not take any responsibility in solving Public problems wrt the Timings issue. But they , allow the non- tenderised vendors to pass freely for selling their products inside the train many times but not the public without train tickets.

  35. Keshavadas says:

    Same is the experience for trains coming from Bangarpet side. Beyond Whitefield, there is stoppage for long duration at official and unofficial stops. Most frustrating is when you are made to wait at the outer signal of KSR station.

  36. Jayawanth Kumar says:

    Grievance highlighted is genuine and intended to draw the attention of Railway Ministry. It does not matter if it’s twitted to southern or south western part of the same ministry. Time is so precious that passengers are compelled to remain idle inside the train in the present schedule. Passengers are so near to Bengaluru but made so far to reach their destination due to poor planning of Railways. An ordinary citizen of the country commuting daily between Mysore and Bengaluru for their work does not need a luxury of Bullet Train. Instead the running time of existing train services can be realigned to help the needy passengers.

  37. AZEEZ says:

    The Lalbagh superfast train reaches Kengeri at 0655 AM after starting from Mysore at 0500AM, followed by reaching Nayandahalli at 0710AM. If a stop is given at JNANABHARATHI metro station is immediately next will facilitate the daily travellers to reach their destination far off at Bypanahalli Whitefield by 0745 AM thereby contributing factorin the nation building by saving time and contributing to the efficiency

  38. Kailasnath says:

    Same case with Mysore Railway station. Each and every train except Shatabdi stops compulsorly minimum 10 minutes at Mysore outer near Yadavagiri for signal clearance. The authorities definitely know the arrival of trains after passing Srirangapatna/ Naganahalli railway station. There is no congestion in Mysore railway station.Still They are doing this purposely to harass the passengers. This is the lethargic and arrogant attitude of South Western Railways.

  39. Howdy, Modi! says:

    The problem has always been, since 1950s , Bangalore Railway station giving priorities to the departure of trains to Chennai and other destinations to other states. The staff has always been involved to do this as a priority. That means when the Mysore-Bangalore track was converted to broad gauge, the platforms have not been free to accommodate this yet another broad gauge arrivals from Mysore. Hence the red signal at Kengeri, always
    for Chamundi Express from Mysore, or any train that terminates at Bangalore.
    The CM and the MPs from Karntaka should press the Centre to solve this problem. It is not going to happen.
    If Mysoreans boycott using the trains from Mysore for just 1 week, the centre will lose income, and they will come to senses.

  40. Nagesh Moro says:

    The other day I returned from Kundapura to Yesvanthpur and it took more than 3 hours for the train to cover a distance of 8 kms from Chikkabanavara to Yesvanthpur. These problems will continue to plague Indian Railways if only number of trains are increased without making adequate investment on increasing the platforms and improving the infrastructure in Railway Station.

  41. Vellala Vydhyanata says:

    Reason is simple. Commuters will be tempted to use Metro train.

  42. Ashok S D says:

    V much true alternately some action to be taken serioulsly so as to reach target at the earliest really its an waste of time money and energy if any vip in train that without any reason the train reach before the schedule no value for the common man why it is so really an a pathetic

  43. Syed Jameel says:

    KRS station need atleast two more platforms, the present 10 platforms are not sufficient to accommodate the running of trains , The space on western side should be used two more platforms, with one more entrance for
    Convience of travelling public.

  44. SRINIVAS M V says:

    There is a need for all trains to improve speed. Express trains with 2.15 hours, passenger trains with 2.45hrs duration is the need of the day. The Mysuru station is being treated as a dump yard. It’s an harassment / punishment travelling to ksr Bengaluru.

  45. Vinay says:

    I agree a lot with the views. Trains are cleaner than earlier, easy booking, and very convenient but for the unacceptable wait time. Lot of time is wasted, it’s the same with kcvl Mysore express. The train reaches Mandya by 10:20 am but by the time you reach Mysore it’s 11:20 am. Whereas the journey can be covered in 30min.

  46. Vinay b n says:

    I agree a lot with the views. Trains are cleaner than earlier, easy booking, and very convenient but for the unacceptable wait time. Lot of time is wasted, it’s the same with kcvl Mysore express. The train reaches Mandya by 10:20 am but by the time you reach Mysore it’s 11:20 am. Whereas the journey can be covered in 30min.

  47. Abra Kadabra says:

    The understanding of the concept that “waiting is a waste” (of time) is largely poorly understood in many places in India. We talk nineteenth to a dozen but fail to understand that wasting someone else’s time is showing disrespect. Intellectual understanding is not enough, the understanding needs to be demonstrated in behaviour and practice.

  48. Also if can come up to Carmelaram station it would be even more helpful for। People in Sarjapura road who work in wipro and other places out there।

    Going and coming from Mysore on weekends then returning to work on Monday morning , children to get ready for school or classes is a challenge If railways can help us out it will be very kind

  49. Dinesh says:

    The metro in Bengaluru is not properly planned, it’s too much of inconvenience for the passengers. The metro stations should be connected to the train stations like the one in New Delhi. Had we had a metro station in Kengeri station then, Kengeri should have been the last station and the passengers could have boarded the metro and headed to their respective destinations. I have lived in Delhi and it is very well planned and connected though being a such a big city.

  50. Jyothi says:

    Yes. E en I experienced it. We are held up in train for more than 45 mins in kengeri.

  51. Divya Prabhakar says:

    Perfect suggestion.. i have also experienced this a lot of time. But never had taken effort to bring to the railways notice. Very good initiative..

  52. Hemanth says:

    Yes very much true and it causes very much delay and waste of time. Most of all the trains are having this issue. Ever is leaving from MYS to BLR.
    They should give stop at Jayanabarthi station so that people can get into the metro and reach the office early.
    Someone should address these issues and fix it.

  53. Vinod says:

    Only few trains til
    Mys railway station rest can stop near naganahalli from ther ppl can take rickshaws

  54. Harsha says:

    Bad services from mys to Bangalore or Bangalore to mysore…if two tracks is thre…y trains delay ….simply giving problems to public this railways…..waste of time…

  55. Madhivanan S says:

    45 mts waste is great concern.
    Railway authority never wanted any train to delayed. Everything over loaded more than the capacity.
    We never bothered why Northern for railway budget is 13K crore but fir Southern railway it just 59 crore. Why this disparity.
    Find out why it is delay for such a long time.
    The train starts from Mysore Thoothukudi,Myladurai never been in time

  56. Venkat says:

    Very good suggestion . We wait long hours at the outer stations . There should be connectivity with the metro

  57. Rajath HC says:

    All advancement in railway system is excellent in India. Planning and scheduling for train timings and signals are very poor. People lost thier patience at sitting inside train with paid superfast train charges. If signalling or platform issues are there, have to plan to stop a train at connecting places like Jnanabharati metro station or near by bus station, whichever feasible to people to take choice. This will make people to energise and more people to come to work to Bangalore and reach their work place quickly and everyone feels happy. Kindly do immediate change in stoping point and avoid people to waiting inside the train.

  58. Ashwin says:

    I also faced same issue there are many people who will do Mysore Bangalore up and down. But railway authorities won’t work for fixing issues before doubling of track they us to only with in two hours we can reach Bangalore and wise vresa but now more than 3hours it will take if ask our mp he will tell i have brought more trains to Mysore it’s not a matter of bringing trains it has to be run on time.

  59. Praful says:

    Not only chamundi express. I faced this problem in tuticorn express i.e. 4.15pm train from Mysore.
    And hampi express, golgumbaz express, basava express which is coming from hubbali will not reach correct time daily to Yeshwanthpur or Bangalore main station. Instead of passengers waiting for more time .the could change the timings only.
    Golgumbaz express leaves at 3.45pm from Mysore will reaches at 5.45pm to kengeri..from kengeri to Yeshwanthpur it will reaches at 7.15pm. it’s better to change the timings.

  60. Raj says:

    You speak my words no comments

  61. B N NAGESH says:

    Nungannara sarakara adarallu nimma mysoorina lokhasabha sadasya mattu ghadkari seri eega madutiddaralla dasha pathada raste – bengaloorige 90 nimishadalli barabahudante ondu300 rupayi toll fees- ondu savira diesel karchu thindi coffe ge ondu 500 ottare nimma swantha car nalle odadaku kanista 2009 karchina anivaryate nodona bus galige innestu nigadhi madtaro

  62. Shiv says:

    Same situation with all evening trains. Solapur express leaves at 3.45pm it reaches bidadi at 5.15 to 5.30 and there after train halts at Hejjala, kengeri and Nayand halli for almost 1 he to 1 1/2 hour, making journey to hectic. Actual journey hours will be more than 3 and half hours.


    You fool. Go and check with railway authorities first. Do you mean to say they are fools. Can you arrange extra land near KSR? Don’t comment unnecessary. Railways are now pro active. You people want convenience at the cost of railways. Why can’t you catch an Auto and move further when railways have already arranged cheap movement?

  64. Mahesha Anand says:

    What is the use of investing millions in upgrading the track and engine?
    To reduce the commuting time.
    We hope IR manage the traffic efficiently.

  65. Dattatrey says:

    The Problem statement is very much true. I live in Kengeri, beside railway station. To reach office nearby Majestic, i have to leave home by 8:30 to catch the train and i reach only after 9:30. This is very paining, just a journey of 20 minutes is taken 1 hour.
    An humble request to concerned authorities to save us from suffering in routine life

  66. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout
    and design. Excellent choice of colors!

  67. A C Kumar says:

    Similarly trains from Hosur / YPR , reach B’luru Cantt. in time, but time taken to reach KSR B’luru is invariably always 15 to 20 mins later, sometimes even more.

  68. Howdy, Modi! says:

    You are the biggest dim witted idiot with minimal brain cells to post that nonsense. You are just an arrogant git.
    If Railways are proactive-you live in a cave to say that, why have they not solved this problem of trains stopping at Kengeri for over 45 minutes, since the days of steam engines? If anything after the broad gauge conversion and electrification, this problem has become worse. This stoppage is caused, because the so called KSR -more enthusiastic in renaming the railway station, typical Indians, instead of improving the station schedule like making platforms free to receive trains like Chamundi Express on time ; instead, your corrupt Railway authorities make them stop at Kengeri.
    If this so called KSR is unable to handle the incoming train traffic, then another station needs to be created elsewhere-if the land is not available nearby. You Indians breed like rats, and your population is exploding at an alarming rate, occupying every piece of your land.
    Hey Rao, in Western countries, your Indian Railways are often given as an example of how badly a large public service can be run with overstaffing and corruption. Be proud of this pathetic service. That says more about you.

  69. Mann Ki Baat! Bisi Bele Baat! says:

    So your overpopulated country which is adding one Australia every 6 months, means you have to live in Kengeri. Just a few decades ago, Kengeri was a distant village for Bangaloreans! Modi’s India is sinking by the weight of its own population!!
    This KER muddle, which makes your journey longer, because, it cannot handle the multiple trains, and needs to be expanded with an annex some where, where certain incoming trains can be diverted.
    @TS Rao. You must be the only fool who believes in Indian Railways and its efficiency! Do not call any one as ‘fool’ as you are the fool here.

  70. Sanjay Kini says:

    Maybe MP Mr Simha can talk to the Railway Minister and Get the 28 Acres (Not sure exactly how much now) of Binny Mills land be sanctioned for the Expansion of KSR Bengaluru Railway Station which will help in creating more platforms and hence more set of trains can be accommodated at KSR Bengaluru Railway station and the need for trains to wait at Kengeri will not arise. Even at a Cost of 100Cr per acre in Heart of the CIty, it will cost 2800 Crores, while ring roads in Bengaluru are developed to ease traffic why cant the station be expanded at such a small cost to ease the travel time of thousands of Rail Users from Mysuru.
    Similarly, if 100-year-old staff quarters (not heritage) make way for expansion in Mysuru Railway station then the Mysuru station will get 150 acres to expand more platforms in Mysuru and more sets of trains can be run between mysuru and Bengaluru.

  71. Pradeep says:

    If from ಕೆಂಗೇರಿ to Majestic takes just 30 minutes in railway train.,, People will stop endorsing such metro and instead start using trains. So with ulterior move to have more commuters into metro,,, they will never speed regular trains.

  72. Gautam says:

    First of all you should address this to South Western Railways. The Metro Station at Nayandahallibis close to the Railway Station, about less than a kilometre I guess.

  73. ಮಲ್ಲಪ್ಪ ಎಚ್ ಕೆ says:

    ಇದು ನಿಜಕ್ಕೂ ಇಂದಿಗೂ ಬಗೆ ಹರಿಸಲಾಗದ ಸಮಸ್ಯೆ.
    ಬಹುಶಃ ಪ್ರಯಾಣಿಕರ ಸಮಯದ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಸಂಬಂಧಪಟ್ಟ ಅಧಿಕಾರಿಗಳಿಗೆ ಕಾಳಜಿ ಇಲ್ಲ ಅನಿಸುತ್ತೆ.
    ನಮ್ಮ ಸಂಸದರು ಇದರ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಲೋಕಸಭೆಯಲ್ಲಿ/ರಾಜ್ಯ ಸಭೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಚರ್ಚಿಸಿ ಸೂಕ್ತ ತೀರ್ಮಾನ ಕೈಗೊಳ್ಳಲಿ.

  74. Mahavir says:

    They should learn from Bombay the Northern Railway and centre Railway never delays the after entering from Kalyan or Vasai.

  75. Venkataraman says:

    Most of the times platforms are empty in Bangalore.
    Last month Mysore- Mayiladuthurai Expressed reached kengeri at 6.45 pm but reached KSR Bangalore at 8.30 pm.Nearly 5 th platform was vacant nearly for one hour after Mysore kacheguda left.

  76. Vishwas Channapatna says:

    Agreed, Its every day problem for commuters

  77. Ganesh says:

    I used to take Tuticorin train from Mysore to travel to Bangalore on every Sunday. Train starts at 6 PM and even though the platform is free, it will come to the platform only by 5.30 or 5.45. People who come early to board the train have to struggle to get a seat as many youngsters travel the same day in the same train. Many aged people come early around 5pm but they rarely get the seat. When I complained to the station master, he told me to complain to the railway minister. He told we cannot do that if you want you come else go in bus. This is Indian Railway staff behavior. Worst service

  78. Acchu says:

    Yes, and it’s not only enroute of Mysore to Bangalore. There is a issue in Yeshwantpur Hubli or Shivmogga route also, Dear Indian Railways please lookinto this issue and save the time, we respect the time to reach ontime.

  79. Rajashekar says:

    From the rear side of the Kengeri railway station it is less than 10 minutes walk to the Kengeri BMTC Metro Station. Passengers could make use of this facility…..

  80. Krishna Prasad says:

    Yes I agree 100%. Even so called super fast trains takes 3 hrs to reach KSR Bengaluru railway platform from mysore. But they charge 80rs. Last week I boarded Mailaduthorai express from Mysore at 4:30 pm. Reached bangalore at 9:15 pm took almost 5hrs to reach. Horrible experience.

  81. Mahesh S N says:

    Since over 20 years , iam traveling regularly there is no change in traveling time between Mysore and Bangalore, even though doubling the track, electrification and. Mordernising the Railway’s stations all along with huge investments . Ironically the proverb wins over everything, no one can change the employee’s mindset because there is no competition. Just like in Telecom, & Airlines only government was operating how was the service and now how is the service.
    Let’s hope for God

  82. Mahesh S N says:

    Yes very true

  83. Kawakawaffoxgowda says:

    No wonder in Western countries, Indian Railways is cited as an example, where the monopoly, the corruption, the inefficiency and sheer negligence combined has made this as the worst case of public service.

  84. Kawakawaffoxgowda says:

    No wonder in Western countries, Indian Railways is cited as an example, where the monopoly, the corruption, the inefficiency and sheer negligence combined has made this as the worst case of public service.

  85. John Dominic says:

    Correct. the railway board head honchos have zero brains as they may have been appointed by the government or have got the job with fake certificates.

  86. Ramesh says:

    This happens because you are a common man and only common people will travel . Unfortunstely, the rules, policies, programmes for u people are formed by the people who never travel by this common trains. Even when they travel the authorites will ensure correct path . For u who will do . Please resign to your fate and be happy .the above note man seem like sarcastic one but that is the truth and truth will always be bitter .

  87. Arun Kumar says:

    It is not new in the country,, any department or any govt agencies won’t work or give convenience to the public,,we have to listen to their way or instructions or adopt their method,,no other go for the public in India ??!?

  88. Kiran says:

    My view are different. There should be every 30 min one train from Mysore Jn to Kengeri Or Jnanabharti from EveryDay 06.00 am to 09.00 am . The travel time should be Max 1.30 hrs. Similarly in the evening upto 10.30 pm. This increase the Revenue of thr mysore City and many people who reside in Bangalore will start leaving on Mysore n Mandya. Real Estate will improve and also many companies will start shifting to mysore. people can catch metro trains and save on rentals in Bangalore.

  89. koppal boregowda says:

    Clearly, you are hallucinating! This is third world India/Mysore.

  90. Chetan says:

    Certainly this issue need to be addressed. However Nayandalli metro station is just 400mts from Nayandalli Railway Station. It is 5 mins walk. This option can be used in urgency.

  91. Yoga says:

    I have experienced this several times.
    It seems authorities have not bothered to correct the same.
    At many times, additional services if required have to be provided in case of heavy rush.
    The things looks to be on deaf ears and it looks the railways have always second treatment of these route.


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