Chief Minister in city on Monday

Chief Minister in city on Monday

October 24, 2020

Mysore/Mysuru: Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa will be visiting Mysuru on Oct. 26 in connection with the inauguration of Jumboo Savari on Vijayadashami Day.

According to his tour programme, he will arrive in a helicopter at Lalitha Mahal Helipad at 12.20 pm and  proceed to Suttur Mutt at the foot of Chamundi Hill.

The CM will arrive at the Mysore Palace at 2.45 pm and perform puja to Nandi Dhwaja near Balarama Gate between 2.59 pm and 3.20 pm. He will inaugurate the Jumboo Savari procession by offering floral tributes to Goddess Chamundeshwari idol seated inside the Golden Howdah and placed atop Dasara elephant Abhimanyu between 3.40 pm and 4.15 pm.  Then he will leave to Bengaluru in a helicopter at 4.30 pm.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Is it right for a chief minister to waste lakhs of rupees of tax payer money to fly in a helicopter to ‘perform puja and inaugurate a procession’? Is this why we ELECTED a person? To waste our hard earned money that we allow to be collected as tax so we have schools, hospitals, parks roads etc.
    Isn’t this ‘ELECTED to SERVE’ person supposed to be spending every waking minute of their time solving the multitude of problems we are facing – Pandemic, hospital service shortage, education on hold, floods, food shortage etc.!!!
    IF we elected someone to come twice to Mysore from Bangalore to ‘start and conclude’ celebrations, we do not deserve any better. Instead of protesting such blatant waste we are allowing our exploitation. Shame on us because the elected officials certainly are not capable of introspection or shame.

  2. Meghadoot! says:

    @concerned citizen
    You see, you live in independent India, where corruption of politicians in power is the norm. You should be surprised if your CM does not do this. Your PM Modi who is the PM of India, should put an end to the taxpayers money wasted this way, but he wiil not do this. Yet you all worship him.
    Your Father of Nation and other freedom fighters fought hard and gave their lives so that Indians can rule themselves. Look what has become of India! India to day is institutionally corrupt,. Indeed corruption is weaved into the fabric of the Indian society. Yedi, the RSS Cheddi, knows that he does not have long time to remain as the CM,and he is indulging the tax payers money wasting this way. Typical corrupt third world India!

  3. Hare Krishna! says:

    The only politician, the CM, in my lifetime , who never wasted tax payers’ money on himself, and indeed, who did not possess any house of his own , until, after his retirement, when his followers, collecting one and two Rupees raised enough to provide him a very modest house. was Kamaraj, the CM of Tamil Nadu in 1950s.
    Kamaraj, was scrupulous in using government vehicles, travelled only in a car where necessary, in his Tamil Nadu, and very exceptionally, by a helicopter, when he had to view the havoc caused by monsoon rain in his state. He hailed from a very humble household, worked as a volunteer from a low level, and came up through sheer dedication and hard work. He was a bachelor, and hence, no question of his son/daughter as a MLA or MP.
    A very simple man, he was, he introduced free s school education and meals. Never meddled in areas that were best managed by professionals. Like for example, He kept Sir A L Mudaliar, as the VC of the University of Madras, allowing him a free reign, knowing , Sir Mudaliar was a distinguished doctor and an administrator. In his time, he industrialised his state bringing industries through collaboration with companies abroad. This was achieved by letting his industry minister Venkataraman ( who later became the president of India) to work without interference. His cabinet had just 7/8 ministers at the most.
    When Kamaraj died, he had very little savings left.
    Well, there is an example for Yediyurappa or any CM to emulate.

  4. Govind Pai says:

    Yes, remember Kamaraj! Hardly literate, from a poor background but with a wisdom which one cannot acquire with university degrees. What a contrast with our current, strutting leaders! I hear that they are now splurging Rs 8400 crores on two “refitted” B777 Boeings for the PM, President and Vice President. Some people are more equal than others! What a fall for the dreams of some our freedom fighters for a more equal, caring India that such narcissists with their delusions of grandeur are ruling the roost while millions go hungry and can hardly keep body and soul together.

  5. Jalandara says:

    My cousin and Kamaraj with R. Venkataraman, later industries minister mentioned above were prison mates in the Quit India movement that Gandhiji led.
    Later, when Kamaraj became the CM, after Rajaji, although, he invited my cousin to visit him, he never favoured-which my cousin never expected, who later became an industrialist on his own merit, in the then Madras, when Venkataraman industrialisation wave took place.
    Very few people knew then that Kamaraj, who did not complete his primary school education, laid the foundation of IIT Madras, when IITs were proposed by Nehru. Initially, the plan was to give the IIT to Andhra Pradesh.
    Interesting mention about Sir A Lakshamanaswamy Mudaliar, the distinguished gynaecologist and the VC of Madras university. When the DMK movement wanted him to be replaced, Kamaraj stiood firm and sent them packing saying that He ( Kamaraj) having not gone to university, does not want to interfere when Sir Mudaliar was doing such a great job! The establishment of the Central leather Research Institute in Madras was his initiative. He also persuaded the rich Alagappa Chettiar, who donated money to establish that massive Alagappa Chettiar Institute of Technology ( AC Technology) to teach graduate and postgraduate degree courses in areas such as chemical Engineering to donate it to the University of Madras.
    Yes, Kamaraj was called : ” Padikkatha Medai” ( the genius without studies!). When every CM was visiting Western counties, Kamaraj, after listening to the experts about the state of primary and secondary education in every country, went to East Germany, when there was an invitation from America. He wanted to now, how without pouring too much resources, East Germany was able to put in place excellent primary and secondary education. He visited East Germany to listen to how they achieved it. Later during early 1980s, when I was working in West Germany for a time, I visited East Germany, and indeed knew about their famed early years education. No wonder, Angela merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany, who grew up in East Germany had such good grounding on science education during early years, which enabled her to get her doctorate in Nuclear Chemistry.
    The current Indian leaders: CM, PM, and president, suffice to say have shun the poor. India has lost its residual moral value.

  6. Srikrishnabhagwan says:

    @Jalandhar, It is really sad to read comments like yours and to learn that East Germany led in Early education system. Had it been equally wise in their political system the world would have been much better. The state security Stasi employed over 90,000 people to spy on its Citizens. Neighbors spying on its neighbors. The wall . Everyone knows what it symbolized. You are lucky to have spent some time in West Germany. Please share your experience about your stay especially the check point Charlie. By the time I reached the age of employment , the wall had disappeared and Germany had reunited. The only thing I know about those days are from movies such as The Spy who came from the Cold, Funeral in Berlin , Night Crossing etc.,

  7. Jalandara says:

    Hey Bhagvan
    Interesting that you make your post a very political post focusing on negatives, like Stasis, when I mentioned about their early education. I am not going to educate you about the Wall or anything else, which does not enter into equation in terms of education. You fail to notice that a previous East German resident and who was in their government service is now the Chancellor of Germany: Angela Merkel. You also do not know East Germany offered scholarships to young Indian engineers to study postgraduate courses there.
    BTW, the Lecarre’s : The Spy who Came in from the Cold is a very subtle novel, and unless you lived in West Germany at that time, you would not enjoy it much.
    I have not praised East German political system, which was no different to what happened under Indira Gandhi’s emergency regime, when people spied on people. If you think now, India is like Western democracy , you are mistaken!
    I live in the West, and, in my country here, we have a very good health service paid by taxes, free at the point of delivery, indeed in all of Europe, because, the good aspects of East Germany’s state-funded health service was followed. No one in Europe today dies of illness, for want of cash for treatment.
    Good that Kamaraj went to East Germany and not America , where private education caters only for a few. This I am saying after having studied and lived there . The best doctors to day, are found in Cuba, and so much of their medical expertise is copied in America and so many doctors there were lured too.
    All you have there in Karnataka is private healthcare and private hospitals which fleece people. The private education , only a few could afford, and after getting it, they all want to go to America!
    Just look at what your CM did,. He went to the most expensive Manipal hospital in Bengaluru, stayed for a few days spending perhaps 20 lakhs, of your money!

  8. arun rao says:

    I read with interest your original post about Kamaraj, who provided free school meals and worked hard to give good education for poor kids at government expense. India’s poverty is massive, and arguably more than 400 million of Indians are below the well established poverty threshold.
    Yet, look at what their PM, their president and VP, and CMs are getting away with. @Pai has well drawn attention to the delusions of grandeur of these politicians in a so called democracy, instead of focusing on the povetry and hunger that pervades masses in India.
    Interesting that Indians like @Bhaghvan focus only on political aspects and negatives, but not about their country but others! Indeed what his CM Yediyurappa is doing is like the leader of a Communist country, enjoying all privileges, with no questions asked , taking rides in helicopters at government expense etc.. What Indian politicians in power are getting away with amassing wealth and special privileges are like the leaders in a Communist country!
    The above poster @Bhaghban perhaps was not at the receiving end of Indira Gandhi’s emergency treatment. For example, when a teacher in a school uttered his disgust about how women were forcibly sterilised by Sanjay Gandhi-Indira Gandhi’s son, he was reported by his colleagues in the school, and this poor teacher spent a few days in a police lockup. That was no different from a Stasi treatment!
    VIPs in Myysuru get a refurbished special hospital for Covid -19 infection treatment, where as others, the commoners, have to fork out lakhs in a private hospital or suffer in a poorly equipped government hospital. THAT IS SO CALLED DEMOCRATIC iNDIA!

  9. Meghadoot! says:

    Hare Bhaghvan!
    So you read about Germany from novels/films like the Soy Who Came in from the Cold by John Lecarre or Funeral in Berlin by Len Deighton? These were cold war films/noveld focusing on spies and betrayyals and the only detail s about Germany in those novels/films are the wall and the East West Crossing barrier called Checkpoint Charlie maintained by Americans. These films or novels say nothing more about Germany. Have you heard about Maxmuller Bhavans? These were located in India, and there was one in Bengaluru who gave plenty of information about Germany. Perhaps you did not know! There was more to learn in divided Germany than the Wall, Stasi etc.. Even today, those who lived in East Germany regret that they no longer have the kind of job security they had then. This does not make them communists. Communism is well and truly entrenched in Kerala !
    Mr Ganapathy and his son went to Germany to participate in the beer festival of Munich. They exclusively focused on Hitler’s Berlin. Nothing much is left there, but they still persisted! They did not see the real Germany at all-the Germany of today, except perhaps if they drive Mercedes , parts of which are manufactured in India for Indian consumption!
    The ignorance of your politicians. When your the then CM Siddu had to visit his son, who was unfortunately taken very ill, and was in a Belgian GOvernment hospital, Siduu thought that anything government ike in India was of poor quality. He did not realise that Belgium which has an excellent government health service, free for its citizens, has excellent government hospitals and private healthcare is very rare.
    Anyway, forget about the Wall and Stasi, and worry about the massive poor and hunger that haunt your country, and meanwhile as posters above pointed out your CM is having a luxurious time. PM Modi had t too, until the Covid-19 pandemic stopped him!
    Mysoreans like you should focus more on what your CM and PM and your corrupt politicians. Kamaraj was a giant and a sole exception.

  10. Srikrishnabhagwan says:

    All those who commented on my post please take a chill pill and get off from your holier than thou , self righteous train. You don’t know nothing about me but still comment as if as you know everything. History has shown us that no system is perfect. I was just pointing out the fact that a country or a system can fail and crumble even if it is perfect in many areas. I recall following lines from the movie, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World —
    “If it hadn’t been for lend-lease. If we hadn’t have kept your whole country afloat by giving you billions that you never even said “Thank you” for, the whole phony outfit would be sunk right under the Atlantic years ago”. This line is from an American to a English but also applies to many countries in Europe.

  11. Howdy Modi! says:

    Hey Bhaghavan
    @Jalandara simply pointed out how good the early education was in East Germany, which Kamarak rightly wanted to know more about.
    You did not imply that no system is perfect. Instead you looked at that country in terms of Stasis and one spying on another, a totally negative view which revealed your narrowmindedness. Hence, so many posts.just look at yourself. You will not, as a typical Indian!
    How about the following impressions on India, which visitors from outside, they are rare, but even the small numbers of them express them.
    1. Highly populated adding one Australia each year,, choking with masses of people.
    2. Greedy Indians, every one of them take bribes, want technology items, by any means, even stealing from any visitors.
    3. Young women are frequently raped, and no young woman is safe in the street,. If not raped, he gold chain is snateched.
    4. Corruption is institutionalised, politicians, people and society are corrupt to the core
    5. Food products are routinely adulterated
    6. Nepotism is ripe.
    7. Shanti towns where people live like animals, and nearby rich men drive foreign cars. People routinely use raod sides as toilets.
    8. Doctors and hospitals routinely fleece people. For them, money is the only goal, and patients death does not worry them. Indian lives are cheap.
    9. With all the above negatively in a third world hell hole like India, where educated want to escape to other countries, you have the nerve to comment on other countries.
    10. Indians deserve the corrupt politicians , who rule them without care. Their CMs and PM live in luxury while there are over 500 millions of Indians who are dirt poor.
    11, No clean drinking water, infant mortality, stray dogs roaming in the streets and even these days, stray donkeys too.
    12. Indians are basically very dishonest, and very selfish. They want to preach others in other countries, which they need most themselves!
    Hence, best not to comment on other countries negatively, with so much filth in your country
    I know, you will not take the above impressions, and look at yourselves. Instead, I am sure to get abusive replies. That is typical uncultured response from a country which boasts hundreds of saints!!

    Jai Hind!!

  12. Hello, hello! says:

    @Howdy Modi, and others
    It is a sheer waste of time replying to an ignoramus like @Bhaghvan who comes out as half-educated nitwit, and, as some only famous said: ! a nattering nabob of negativism”. He only knows how to respond with cyber abuse. Best to ignore him.

  13. Murali says:

    @Bhaghavan – Hello, hello! and Howdy Modi! Both are most likely the same person who is writing comments with two different names! So, if you can get two for one by ignoring them(both)! Anything logical and intelligent puts a heavy stress on their brain and they feel it is cyber abuse, They start behaving like they are the self appointed guardians in the universe! Nothing seems to be good for them! Some have tried to show them in a mirror! Some people who are sympathetic to their mental abilities have tried to politely point out but were abused in return! But narcissistic character(s) take no time to think, introspect but quick to intimidate others and yell that don’t have enough brain cells ! Any intelligent person would have taken a clue but we may be expecting too much here!
    Just for example, here are 2 lines from their rant
    “12. Indians are basically very dishonest, and very selfish. They want to preach others in other countries, which they need most themselves!
    Hence, best not to comment on other countries negatively, with so much filth in your country”
    Mark the words ‘Indians”, “Your country”
    Majority of Indians who even settle in other western countries never forget their roots and are proud of their mother land! If they think they are so smart, I want to know what is your contribution to humanity, other than self claim and boasting that you have dome something! Politely asking! What makes you so arrogant? Regarding the achievements. even the fake Drone Pratap looks like a superstar in comparison!
    if any dog behaved like this, people would conclude that it is rabid and give the due treatment! Human beings tolerate such characters!!

  14. Hello, hello! says:

    Hey Murali
    Your lengthy rant says that you are the rabid dog! Have your tablets failed?

  15. Howdy, Modi! says:

    We are looking at 2 Indian stray rabid animals here: @Bhagvan and @Murali. The guy Murali needing electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to set right their mental problems.

  16. Howdy Modi! says:

    @Murali wants us to be proud of a motherland, where in the midst of its capital. an young innocent woman called Nirbhaya was gangraped, ,her internal organs were destroyed using a rusty rod and was left fighting for life, which all the world noticed! @Murali is proud of this motherland of his, we do not!


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