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  August 1, 2014
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Mysore, Aug. 1- Hundreds of job aspirants took part in the day-long Job Fair organised by City’s Janaspandana Trust at Chikkamma Niketana Community Hall on Udayaravi road in Kuvempunagar today.

MLA Vasu, speaking after inaugurating the fair, said that merely getting a degree is not enough in today’s competitive world. Stressing on the need to gain excellence in communication skills, technical skills, computer knowledge, English language etc. in order to have a competitive edge, Vasu called upon the job aspirants to also appear for UPSC, KPSC and other competitive exams.

Pointing out that only the talented get opportunities in this era of competition, Vasu advised students to learn all the skills required for employability during their course of study itself.

KR MLA M.K. Somashekhar, in his address, said the Trust has been active in reducing unemployment by organising such job fairs for past ten years. Apart from being a boon to job aspirants, it provides an opportunity f...more

     Special Coverage   
   Minister inspects lift irrigation project
   Police action on helmetless rider triggers protest
   Actor Naveen, friends accused of brutally assaulting a youth
   Committee to prevent atrocities against women
   Amendments to Sugarcane Supply Act will favour farmers: Minister
   Former MP urges SpiceJet to continue its operation from Mysore
   Kempaiah to be appointed as Advisor to Home Dept.
   Workshop on Emergency Ultrasound begins at JSS
   I feel like I am home when I come to Mysore: Puneeth Rajkumar


‘Atmano Mokshartam, Jagath Hithayacha’ — Rig Veda

Realisation of self and service to mankind: Motto of Sri Ramakrishna Mission

Intro:“The proposed Viveka Smaraka, the Institute of Culture, in Mysore is embroiled in controversy as the present Congress Chief Minister Siddharamaiah does not want to handover the allotted land for the purpose. If land at the designated place is not given the project is lost. A loss for the students and youth of our city, not to the Ramakrishna Ashram nor to those who opposed the handing over of the land nor to those who fought for the land and lost. Thus, as a result of the intolerance by the few and indifference by the majority, our present and future generation has suffered injustice...”

Caption: 1. Swami Atmasthananda, President of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission.

2. Swami Atmapriyananda, Vice-Chancellor of Swami Vivekananda University

[Continued from yesterday]

One special grace to the people of Kolkata from mother nature that I found was the innumerable water bodies and tanks. May be because River Ganga flows right across the city. Even so, so much of sweet water. My companion during the tour Vinay Chandra Maharaj says that there is a government order not to close the water bodies and that law is enforced strictly and mercilessly. No wonder I could see so many, so many water tanks, with natural springs all over Belur, Dakshineshwar and other places.

Now come to Bangalore and Mysore. What do we see? Our rulers, our officers and our land developers have ganged up to close even those few water bodies. And what has remained will soon shrink in size and disappear as has happened with J.K. Grounds (Jeevarayana Katte), Doddakere in front of the Palace which are dead and turned into valuable landed property for a few, forgetting if these tanks were preserved they would have been more valuable for the 11 lakh population of the city. Karanji Kere and Kuk...more

     Feature Article  

Over a cup of tea

By Dr. K. Javeed Nayeem

My last week’s write-up about the kick-backs paid by diagnostic centres to doctors has drawn many responses from readers. Considering the fact that it was a rather dicey subject they were naturally of a very varied nature but the issue that stood out most noticeably was how this practice can be curbed. The simple and very straightforward answer is that it cannot be. My nonchalance may shock you but I am speaking the plain truth. How we accept it is a different matter altogether but the fact is that today all kinds of commercial activity is governed by market forces.

Considering this scenario, medical practice alone cannot be driven by a different set of rules and it should not matter how doctors earn their livelihood as long as they do not do anything dishonest. Today everybody including doctors and teachers too, the two sacrosanct pillars of society once bound by ethical fetters are compelled by prevailing circumstances and lifestyle trends to earn well if they have to lead a decent life without being ridiculed as oddities. So today it is a common practice for teachers to resort to private tuitions to earn a few extra bucks. If there are a few not-so-bright students who think they need a little extra attention after regular class hours why should anything prevent them from getting what they seek? And, why should anything prevent good and popular teachers from helping them and charging them a fee as long as they do it after their regular working hours for which they get their regular salaries?

All this is fine only up to a certain point. It is only when teachers start devoting less attention to their classroom teaching just to divert more students to their tutorials that the practice becomes unethical. Doctors too cannot be blamed for making a little extra money. As I said last week, to sustain hefty, money guzzling hospitals and medical establishments, hefty cash inflows are essential. So unless t...more

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