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  April 24, 2014
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Spread message: ‘Live to Thrive, Don’t Drink and Drive’

Mysore, Apr. 24- Hundreds of students, staff members of ATME College and public took part in the five kilometre Atmeya Marathon- 2014 organised by ATME College of Engineering in association with the Mysore Traffic Police as part of the college’s annual fest here this morning.

The marathon was held with the theme ‘Live to Thrive, Don’t Drink and Drive’, to spread awareness about safe driving and ill effects of drunken driving.

MLC G. Madhusudhan, speaking after flagging off the marathon at Oval Grounds, said that youth these days were indulging in consuming alcohol which is increasing day by day and added that awareness on the ill-effects of alcohol and driving under the influence of liquor is the need of the hour.

He further said that though the Police issue warnings and create awareness on the bad effects of drunken driving, people, especially the youth, still do not follow the rules.

He called upon ...more

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   86th birth anniversary of Dr. Raj in city
   Rotary Midtown presents Silicon award to scribes
   Central Workshops celebrate 59th Railway Week
   Mandakalli airport gets Centre’s nod for upgrading
   First time offenders caught for ‘drunken-driving’ to lose their DL


In this election season I perceive some fundamental issues in our daily functional life that we are made to address. It may be travelling in a train or as simple and innocuous a responsibility like paying the electricity bill. How to overcome the problems that you may face, for example, when you get into the train for travelling or you go to pay your electricity bill? Go to Lokayukta or Law Court and suffer self-inflicted punishment waiting on two legs till the case is called or your legs collapse only to find the case adjourned for another month?

It is common for the problem-creating officials to respond to you in hubris saying “you may go to court.” With this the problem for the official is solved. But not to the citizen.

Admiral Robert E. Peary, the explorer, peering over Arctic ice on his third try to reach the North Pole in 1909, when he succeeded in his expedition, grandly told his team members: Find a way or make one.

Likewise in our present Indian life with officials without a human face we have to ‘find a way’ to solve our problems arising out of corruption, indifference or incompetence. When we ‘find a way’ or when we make one, we discover the way is laid with hurdles.

Presently I am going to tell you a real story of my friend who decided to ‘make one’ for himself and succeeded. But to succeed here one needs raw guts, never-say-die spirit of challenge against all odds and perseverance. My friend has all these qualities even at age 76. That should be a lesson to our youngsters who always look for ‘easy passage’ in life. To come to the point, let me begin with my friend’s experience while travelling in a train.

When one travels by train as a senior citizen, he or she is entitled for senior citizen’s travel concession. But when one travels with a second class ticket and wants to convert it on-board the train into A/C class, one is not allowed the concession by the Train Ticket Examiner (TTE). But this legitimate entitlement was not ext...more

     Feature Article  

By N.K.A. Ballal, Retd. Sr. Vice-President, ITDC

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), a phenomenon, a party with a difference. When this party burst upon the Indian electoral scene, nobody even gave them a chance. All the bigwigs of all the major parties felt that this fledgling party would vanish in a short time. From past one year, because of the active media as well as the power of RTI, lots of skeletons started tumbling out of the cupboards of the present government. Even the Delhi government headed by Sheila Dixit came in for lots of criticism because of corruption charges in Commonwealth Games.

When selecting the candidates for the Delhi Assembly election, the AAP should have put people with some administrative experience.

Blunder No. 1: Kejriwal announced grandly that he would not align either with BJP or Congress. And the moment Congress gave the support from outside, he accepted it in a hurry.

Blunder No. 2: His governance was more on drama than on substance. There were no long term plans. The idea was to do some quick fix solutions to the problems of the citizens.

Blunder No. 3: Then he grandly announced to resign on the issue of his pet Lokpal Bill if it was not passed by the Assembly. Constitutionally, bills passed by the Parliament supersedes any bill passed by the Assembly. This legal position was very well-known to Kejriwal. But still he went ahead with the drama.

Blunder No. 4: One of the main reasons he actually resigned was that his ambition by that time had got better of him. He started dreaming of becoming a Prime Minister. He wrongly calculated that by his grand announcement of resignation, he would get public sympathy in the Lok Sabha elections. But the series of blunders cost him the confidence of the very same people who brought him to power. Kejriwal, in a recent meeting, did admit that his resignation was a blunder.

It is also a fact that if Kejriwal had not fallen for the trap of the Congress by forming a ...more

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