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  November 26, 2015
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Lakshmipuram Cops solve 3 cases

Caption: Lakshmipuram Police Inspector Siddaraju (seated) and staff are seen with the two accused (squatting) and the valuables recovered from the nabbed youths.

Mysuru, Nov. 26- In what can be termed as a big relief for the City Police, Lakshmipuram Police yesterday arrested two teenagers allegedly involved in extorting money and other valuables from people.

The accused have been identified as Mohammed Zaheer, 19, son of Noor Ahmed, resident of 9th Cross, Shanthinagar and Vincent Vikyath, 19, son of Jacob Vinod Kumar, resident of 5th Cross, Nehru Nagar.

Police said that the duo were the members of a three-member gang, which waylaid lonely persons walking on the road and extorted money and valuables from them.

The two youths were arrested yesterday morning at around 4.30 am near the Institution of Engineers on JLB Road.

The other accused Salman, a resident of Shanthinagar, managed to flee abandoning his vehicle on th...more

     Special Coverage   
   No water since 15 days: Naidu Nagar residents up-in-arms
   Mysuru-Bengaluru train services to be hit for 3 days from tomorrow
   Tipu Jayanti triggers mayhem in Assembly
   Barricades, Traffic Signals, medians to be installed on Ring Road
   Madikeri group clash: Magisterial inquiry postponed to Nov. 30: Ban orders in Kodagu to continue till Nov. 30
   'Youth must strive towards making India a Vibrant Democracy'
   Thousands of devotees witness Chikka Jathre at N'gud
   First Annual Convocation of Music Varsity on Nov. 30
   City celebrates Constitution Day


Caption: Justice Kurian Joseph

When for the first time Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was conceived by a Supreme Court Judge and the case was heard, it was a big news. However, many did not think it would become embedded in our legal and judicial system as we see it today. If injustice is perceived in administration that would harm the interest of the public, a good Samaritan or an NGO could go to the Court seeking justice.

Of course, it was not well taken by the authorities, the government. The PIL was branded as a new kind of judicial activism usurping upon the government’s powers and duties. In such an atmosphere of unease caused by jibes from politicians and bureaucrats at PIL and judicial activism, it was Justice Kurian Joseph of the Supreme Court, like other Judges earlier, who had the gumption to assert that it was the “solemn” duty of a Judge to curb “legislative adventurism and executive excesses.”

Justice Kurian Joseph further said that in Public Interest it is the duty of the Judge to make up for the lapses on the part of the executive. He was delivering the 5th Lala Amarchand Sood Memorial Lecture in Shimla recently. He has rightly rung the bell of warning to the people of this country about the increasing excesses of the executive while extolling the role of the Supreme Court in pioneering PILs to curb such excesses.

Justice Kurian Joseph said the PIL enabled Judges to make issues like housing, education, food and health “constitutional social rights” of citizens that are “indivisible from the fundamental rights of a citizen to life, equality and religion.”

But what is the remedy when the government commits excesses and lapses like it happened in Karnataka by officially observing Tipu Jayanti, a controversial King who lived in the 18th century? And we are living in the 21st century, to remind Chief Minister Siddharamaiah. What could be the intention of the Government to celebrate Tipu Jayanti? Karnataka Congress governme...more

     Feature Article  

By Vikram Muthanna

Last month I was in Paris with my wife for a ‘romantic foreign holiday’ (it was to celebrate our 10 years of marriage… so Ooty didn’t suffice)… and we had a blast… Oops, guess that’s an inappropriate word to describe the Paris experience now. Well, let’s just say it was a lovely city and we just missed getting “ISISed”…but more on that next week. We’ve had enough terror talk for this week. So for now, let’s talk food.

When in Paris, no matter which restaurant I went to, I always felt the servings were very small and wasn’t particularly satiating. I was constantly hungry. This reminded me of an incident when I was visiting Italy many years ago. As I was sitting at a small restaurant with curtain drawn cubicles, I heard someone grumbling in Kannada! “give me something vegetarian andre…. volle elige kottange kottidaane, kapi nanmaga” (I asked him for something vegetarian and he brings me food like it were for a rat, bloody monkey) to which a woman replied, “It’s ok, sumne thinni.” I was curious and peeped into the other side and behold it was my classmate from Mysuru with her husband. And in front of them sat a plate with exactly 6 slices of tomato, four slices of cheese and a basket of hard bread. I felt bad for them as the husband said he had been in a constant state of hunger since he landed, like I was in Paris. But in my case it was an issue of quantity, not preference.

Now back in India I feel may be it was not the serving size that kept me in constant hunger but my wife! Why so? Well, according to a report in Deccan Herald, “Men eat more in the company of women!” The report is based on the study done by Cornell University, which concluded that men ate 93% more than usual in the presence of a female! Why? The report states, “This unhealthy behaviour is a way for men to let their female companion know that they can tolerate changes, even self-inflicted ones.” But tolerate what? Indigestion and self-inflicted loose motion...more

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