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  April 19, 2014
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VV Puram Traffic Police Sub-Inspector B.S. Krishna Shetty is seen noting down the grievances of public during the grievances meet held at VV Puram Traffic Police Station in city this morning.

Mysore, Apr. 19 - A plethora of complaints poured in from the public at the customary monthly Traffic Advisory Committee meeting, which was held at all Traffic Police Stations in city today. The grievances of public mostly referred to street vendors occupying footpath, indiscriminate parking of lorries, unscientific speed-breakers sans any distinguishable markings and parking woes on road.

KR Traffic Police Station

The meeting was addressed by Inspector Harish Kumar and Sub-Inspector Satish.

The residents complained that street vendors had occupied the footpath and even part of the road at Nanjumalige Circle, disturbing vehicular movement.

The Police assured to do the needful in this regard.

When the public alleged that the motorists were haphazardly parking ...more

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     Feature Article  

Black & White

Vikram Muthanna

As elections are getting closer to the finishing line, the divide and rule tactics are running wild. While one says “badla” another says, “Muslims won the Kargil war.”

Politicians are out to divide us. They are not patriots. They are the enemies within. A voter has to ask, has voting on religious lines ever made a difference to their lives? Or their children’s lives? Never. It has only had a divisive effect and has created a negative perception among both minorities and majorities about each other. It has even isolated minorities from mainstream economic growth and from cultural intermingling so much so that today, every city has its own a “Muslim” area or a “Hindu” area.

But every election, the biggest insult is meted out to the Muslims as it is assumed that they will blindly vote, as instructed. Do the political parties think that Muslims can’t think beyond religion? Do they think Muslims have no concern for economy, job creation and prosperity?

Thanks to religious leaders, the Congress, the BJP and all the other parties, election is now reduced to a religious sport.

While Congress has kept Muslims away from BJP projecting it as a danger to secular India, the BJP has not done a stellar job of proving the Congress wrong either.

Everyone is out to create fear psychosis, all for power. For example, Asaduddin Owaisi, a leader from Andhra Pradesh, debating on a Pakistani TV channel, where a Pakistani cleric stated there is threat to Muslims in India, sharply retorted, “In India we have a constitution and its preamble states that India is a secular nation and India’s pluralism will remain strong. Also we have decided that India is our country, so you please stop worrying about Muslims in India.” Now that sounds like a proud Indian. But then why does he make hate speeches back home in Hyderabad?! — Power. Owaisi is proud that India is secular but does not do anything to keep it that way, instead his...more

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