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  March 26, 2015
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Mysuru, Mar. 26- In a tragic incident, a couple residing in Hinkal yesterday committed suicide by jumping into River Cauvery near the North Gate of Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) reservoir in Srirangapatna taluk, Mandya district.

The deceased have been identified as 48-year-old B.N. Devaiah (Vasu) and his wife K.H. Jayalakshmi (44), residing on Hosabeedhi in Hinkal on the outskirts of the city.

While Devaiah (Balyamederira), a native of Srimangala in South Kodagu, was working with a private security agency, Jayalakshmi was working as a teacher at Vijaya School in Hinkal.

Although the exact cause for the tragedy is yet to be ascertained, it is said that the couple took the extreme step upset over the death of their only son five years ago and tomorrow was said to be his birthday.

The bodies of the couple were fished out this morning.

Meanwhile, the death note which was kept in the bike parked at the parking lot and found by the Police said: “As we are suffering from d...more

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Bird is a fascinating animal with feathers. More fascinating to view when it is flying in the sky (where else anyway!), specially those that soar high or fly in formations. Some birds are flightless. I liken them to mundane, materialistic human beings with all the ills of this world. And those birds that fly are of the metaphysical realm with their souls soaring high towards heaven. Our saints, savants and rishi-munis are like the birds that fly. Hence they interest me, even attract me. And I guess they too are in love with these birds for the same reason.

Last Tuesday, I had been to Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ashram in city on Ooty Road to see the bird sanctuary of a kind, exclusively for parrots. I had heard of the Swamiji’s special love for parrots and of his providing a facility for pet parrots. Owners of these pet parrots seek facility when they go on holidays, leave the town or when the parrots are sick.

I had not visited the place before; though heard of it. Last Tuesday I could visit the place and was awestruck — not only at the number and variety of parrots I found but also at the facilities available for the health care and feeding of those birds.

Among the parrots, I found parakeet too. It is an affectionate and clever pet. Children love them because they are natural acrobats and most of them can say a few words — a short name, for example. The whole area, about an acre, is exclusively meant for all varieties and sizes of parrots from different parts of the world — many of them exotic. Hence it may be a misnomer to call the place an Aviary per se. I figure it to be like what we familiarly know here, Pinjarapole — a place where abandoned and sick cattle are looked after free. Swamiji, a genius in giving names that are eponymous, has aptly called this facility for the parrots a...more

     Feature Article  

By N.K.A. Ballal

Retd. Sr. Vice-President, ITDC

Also read about a dear old mother and how her seven sons are looking after her...

Not that this racket is confined to India. When I was General Manager of hotels, every year without fail we used to get mails and letters from an organisation in Spain, informing us that we have been awarded some award or other. The only catch was that an upfront payment of approximately 15,000 dollars had to be made to the organisation. I used to wonder as to how my hotel was selected for the award when I had not even applied for any selection. Imagine how hotels like Lodhi or Janpath, which were just three star become eligible for any kind of awards?

But later on I came to know this was an organised racket. The award ceremony would be held at a grand hotel in Spain and some suited and booted gentry with high sounding designations would come and grace the occasion. The medals and certificates distributed would be genuine and would impress anybody. This suited the private sector hotels, specially the individual hotels who craved for some sort of recognition.

I have talked to some hotel owners who had gone over to take the so-called awards in Spain. They mentioned that the awards function was very well-organised and the owners came back with a good plaque and a certificate which they proudly displayed in the lobby of the hotel. The public, of course, gets fooled into believing that the hotel has got some international recognition. Of course, the organisers at Spain would be laughing all the way to the bank. I am sure they would have three to four such ceremonies planned every year. An organised racket. A win-win drama both for the individual hotels and the organisers too.

When I was posted at Delhi, at least two to three local fake organisations would approach us informing us they would confer some hi...more

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