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  January 24, 2015
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Two employees among three held for stealing Rs. 3 lakh

Caption: KR Sub-Division ACP B.T. Kavitha, SIs Kumar and Madappa and staff are seen with the three accused who were arrested for stealing money from a car showroom in city.

Mysuru, Jan. 24- Cracking a robbery case within hours, Lakshmipuram Police have arrested three persons including two employees of Advaith Hyundai Showroom on JLB Road in city on charges of stealing Rs. 3 lakh kept in the showroom yesterday morning and recovered the stolen amount from them.

The nabbed have been identified as Madhukumar, cashier at the showroom, Pavan, service engineer and Hemanth Kumar, a friend of Pavan.

It is reported that Hemanth Kumar, who entered the showroom between 7.50 and 8.10 am yesterday morning, switched off the CCTV cameras, stole Rs. 3 three lakh out of Rs. 3.14 lakh kept in Madhukumar’s drawer with the help of a duplicate key provided by the prime accused Pavan.

Within an hour of committin...more

     Special Coverage   
   Rehearsal for R-Day Parade
   MUDA meeting begins
   Convocation of BPBIM held
   MCC Council meeting: Decision on JUSCO deferred to Jan. 27
   Additional Rs. 6 crore funds to MCC: Corporators cry foul for keeping them in dark
   Lansdowne Building restoration
   Programme on ‘Evolution of Clocks’ held at JSS Medical College
   Vaggeya recital to mark anniversary celebrations of Shashwathi Kala Vedike
   Bomb hoax triggers panic at Palace


Read ‘Outlook’ Advisory of Jan. 12

Caption: A rare picture taken in the year 1990, September, at R.K. Narayan’s Yadavagiri house when The Hindu editor N. Ram had accompanied R.K. Narayan from Chennai. The Editor-in-Chief of Star of Mysore K.B. Ganapathy was invited on the occasion for breakfast and on his request the distinguished novelist and an equally distinguished editor of The Hindu obliged for this photograph insisting that I sit in the middle.

The January 12, 2015 issue of ‘Outlook’ magazine, released to market in advance as usual, edited by our Mysuru boy Krishna Prasad had a surprise for me, which may as well be a New Year’s compliment for a humble editor of a local evening English newspaper of 38 years, much older to this young ‘Outlook’ of 20 years.

I find a peculiar trait among newspaper and magazine readers in the way they open them. Those who are sports and games freaks go right away to the sports items that usually are placed in the last pages and if it is an English magazine like ‘Outlook,’ ‘India Today’ or ‘The Week,’ the three Weeklies I read, some start from the backpages where you get tit-bits on fashion, art and culture, book and film reviews. I am one such peculiar fellow. That’s how I happened to read the ‘New Year Diary’ of this ‘Outlook’ which was surprisingly written by its Editor-in-Chief Krishna Prasad, who, as I know, seldom writes.

Since the byline was Krishna Prasad, I right away began to read through and to my utter surprise he had recalled what I had written about one of my meetings with the renowned English novelist R.K. Narayan. I had narrated an incident where Narayan had refused to see a person because he had not taken an appointment for the meeting. However, I have to now complete that incident with an addendum. After all, any writing reveals only half of the story, like nature reveals only half of its mystery. Hence this addendum necessitated by Krishna Prasad’s recall of what I w...more

     Feature Article  

By Vikram Muthanna

Caption: 1) President’s best friends: Hurricane and Jordan (Dog Officers). 2) US President Barack Obama with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

Oh! Yes he’s back, back again…and Delhiites are in pain. Barack Obama is coming to town and it’s going to be Bharat Bandh or Barack Bandh, considering all the security layers that will render Delhi limp and India glued to their television sets.

While the Home Ministry has gone into a security over drive, the media is high on Obama frenzy, informing us on all things Obama - From his security to his phone, to his car to his dogs.

It is reported that Obama is going to have a seven-layer security! In fact, the US secret service has been in India since December 2014 making sure all security is in place for their leader. But the US security men, it seems, don’t have much faith in our men and even our dogs!

So the CIA is sending in their own ‘Concealed Anti-Terrorist’ (CAT) squads to Delhi as the Indian Anti-Terror Commandos performed ‘unsatisfactorily’ in both the aptitude test given by the agency on security and during the surprise checks by the agency! Oh! Is Obama’s visit exposing our incompetence?

Ok, fine, our commandos may be ‘unsatisfactory’ but our canines too?! Now special sniffer dogs have been flown in… sorry they are supposed to be addressed as “Dog Officers.” They reportedly will “sanitise” everything within 100 metres of the President. And guess where they are staying? At a 5 star hotel!

Interestingly, a newspaper reported thus: “Jordan and Hurricane, the President’s best friends, are expected to be part of the team. Other team members may include officers Rock and Fredrick.” For a moment, we thought they were talking about bureaucrats and experts who will be part of Obama’s negotiation team, but it turns out, they are the names of dogs, sorry “Dog Officers”! Whoever said “it’s a dog’s life” obviously has not met these “Dog Officers.”

Now the Presiden...more

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