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  September 23, 2014
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I found the children malnourished: District Minister

Caption: Deputy Commissioner C. Shikha and District Minister V. Sreenivasa Prasad are seen having breakfast with the family members of Mahouts and Kavadis in the Palace premises this morning.

Mysore, Sept. 23- With the Dasara inaugural just two days away, a sumptuous breakfast was served to the caretakers of Dasara elephants and their family members this morning at the Palace premises comprising obbattu, idli-vada-sambar, dosey-palya, gulab jamun, khara pongal and fruit salad. The breakfast was hosted by the Mysore Palace Board.

District in-Charge Minister V. Sreenivasa Prasad personally served the breakfast, feeding the children with obbattu and other delicacies. A variety of toys were also distributed among the children of elephant caretakers (Mahouts and Kavadis) that were eagerly grabbed by them.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister said that though the breakfast has been served to the Mahouts, K...more

     Special Coverage   
   Rain creates havoc in city
   Moolika Dasara: Medicinal saplings planted at Judges’ Quarters
   MCC takes up Dasara Cleaning
   Police Band begins rehearsal at Palace
   Yuva Sambhrama draws to a close with patriotic fervour
   Princess Leelavathi Devi’s portrait unveiled at Gangotri Development Study Centre
   ‘Selection of heir is Pramoda Devi Wadiyar’s prerogative’
   Jumbos get acclimatised to sound at CAR grounds
   Cow dies after branch falls on it


Destiny changes life of men of Destiny

On 6th instant, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB) School in city celebrated Teachers’ Day, by inviting Dr. C.G. Nagaraja, retired Head Master, DMS, Regional Institute of Education also in city.

Speaking on the occasion, he recalled his early student days in Yuvaraja’s College, Mysore, struggling to find food and shelter due to stark poverty at home. Naturally, he could not raise Rs. 60 for SSLC exam fee and resigned himself to his fate deciding not to appear for the exam and look for some job instead. However, his father could raise Rs. 40 at last. When he went to pay that as fee, the clerk declined saying he must pay Rs. 60, no less.

Disappointed, Nagaraja was walking back but was met by Dr. M. Nagaraj, Botany Professor, who on learning the problem instantly gave Nagaraja Rs. 20 and asked him to pay the fee. Thereafter, Nagaraja never looked back. He went abroad and became a name in the field of education. Incidentally, Dr. M. Nagaraj is still amidst us living in Jayanagar. C.G. Nagaraja recalled his help with a lump in his throat. Later, I learnt his benefactor Dr. M. Nagaraj is a Dalit and C.G. Nagaraja a Brahmin! I mention this only to underscore the universal nature of love, compassion and brotherhood that transcends narrow barriers of caste, creed, region and religion.

I remembered this incident when I read the article “If KRS dam was not constructed...” by a college lecturer Gubbigoodu Ramesh in Mysooru Mithra yesterday. He narrates a similar incident in the life of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, Dewan of Mysore. While studying in SSLC he too did not have enough money to pay the exam fee. His mother emptied all her tin pots and searched secret niches to retrieve the coins kept for the rainy day and gave it to her son. He was happy and hurried to school to pay the fee. But he was short of four annas. However, the teacher, who knew Visvesvaraya was a brilliant student, paid the deficit thus enabling him to ...more

     Feature Article  

By T.J.S. George

It's a remarkable coincidence that Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping are brothers cast in the same mould. Both are believers in centralised authority, who spent their initial months in office consolidating their hold on the power structure. Both seek enlarged international status for their countries and for themselves. Both are fighters behind their smiles. Both are shrewd with the capacity to be, when necessary, ruthless. Both manoeuvre and manipulate with skill. Preparatory to his meeting with Xi, Modi did some manoeuvres with Japan, Australia and Vietnam all of which challenged China's stated positions. Preparatory to his meeting with Modi, Xi did some manoeuvres with Maldives, Sri Lanka and in Ladakh all of them aimed at intimidating India.

Then came Sabarmati. Majestic, peaceful Sabarmati, its waters twinkling in myriad lights, its banks bedecked with spectacular displays, Gujarat's finest art, culture and cuisine on show. No visiting dignitary has ever received so warm and so personal a reception from the Prime Minister of India as Xi received from Modi in Ahmedabad. Everything was so companionable that it would not have surprised anyone if star singer Peng Liyuan, Xi's wife, had broken into an operatic number.

But harsh facts remained. The relationship between India and China is unequal — in China's favour. This is so at diplomatic and economic levels. Never has a top Chinese leader visited India without including nearby countries in his itinerary; India is for them one among many. Never has an Indian leader visited China except on a stand-alone basis; China is never one among many. India exports virtually nothing to China while more than 10 percent of India's total imports is from China, making us an economic dependency of China. Traditional local industries like Sivakasi's fireworks were devastated by cheap Chinese imports.

Most importantly, China's border politics is intriguingly aggressive. Every time a senior Govern...more

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