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  October 6, 2015
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Bengaluru, Oct. 6- Kannada film world’s hattrick hero Shivrajkumar, son of late matinee idol Dr. Rajkumar, was hospitalised this morning after he complained of chest pain.

Shivrajkumar, who was at the gym, complained of severe chest pain and was immedia- tely rushed to Mallya hospital by the staff.

According to sources, the actor had a history of high blood pressure and a stressful job profile which may have contributed to chest pain.

On arriving at the hospital, the actor was subjected to ECG and Angiogram which showed that the actor was hale and healthy.

On receiving information, Shivrajkumar’s younger daughter Niveditha, actor’s brothers Raghavendra Rajkumar and Puneeth Rajkumar arrived at the hospital.

Speaking to mediapersons, Puneeth Rajkumar said that Shivrajkumar was in good health and there was no cause for worry. He also said that Shivrajkumar would be discharged later this evening.

MLA Madhu Bangarappa, Shivrajkumar’s brother-in...more

     Special Coverage   
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   Supari Killing case: When a daughter plots the murder of her father…
   Mysuru Warriors donate Rs. 1 lakh for cleft lip operation
   Good response for Job Mela
   Progressive farmer Puttaiah formally invited to inaugurate Dasara
   CM to convene special meeting to discuss Jabhoomi Baalo demands
   Canara Bank's CSR initiative
   Shelter Home boys take to archery
   Housewife consumes rat poison, dies


Caption: An inside view of the Book House. Another inside view of the Book House. The Book House as seen from road.

Sometimes, I wonder what would be this world for many, like me, without books. Not that I am a book-worm or an voracious reader, but surely one who loves books generally. An ideal friend when alone, whom you can leave easily and choose another, let me say, book-friend who will expect nothing from you yet keeps you engaged, entertained or educated. Which is why, while on holidays, when my wife goes for shopping, I choose a book shop, with her permission, to spend the time till she calls me on cellphone. Happiness for both! Let it be.

I broach on the subject of books because of my recent visit to a store house of books of all sorts, over five lakh in numbers I was told, in an unlikely place and location — Pandavapura, in Mandya district on the Mysuru-Nagamangala road running through a village called Harala Halli. In Kannada it is called Pusthaka Mane, Book House. And, therefore, a store-house of knowledge, since knowledge is power, a store-house of power! Officially it is known as Ankegowda Jnana Pratishtana (R).

Since few years my friend K. Vijaya Kumar has been gently urging me to make a visit to this library, as he called it, giving me some description of its significance and about the man behind this library M. Ankegowda, who has now retired from service at the Pandavapura Sugar Factory. An MA in Kannada from the University of Mysore, collecting books has been his passion, along with coins, postal stamps, greeting cards and even wedding invitation cards that come these days in a variety of shapes, sizes with contents that would make the Royal invitation from the Palace pale into ordinary. To deviate from the library, these invitations are generally from the nouveau-riche, the upstarts in society and the upstart politicians.

To revert to the Book House, it took its birth in Ankegowda’s house to begin with but later when the...more

     Feature Article  

By T.J.S. George

When 10 million Bangladeshis poured into India to escape from the brutalities of Pakistan's army, war followed. When 12 million Syrians were uprooted and 4 million of them fled across unwelcome borders to get into Europe, a good number perishing in the seas on the way, no liberation war broke out because too many players were working at cross purposes. But with the rise and rise of the Islamic State (IS), its barbarous beheadings and proclaimed goal of conquering the globe, the dynamics are changing.

Last week, Russia began aerial bombardment of Syrian targets, its first military intervention outside the old Soviet territory in 35 years. Earlier, to underline the importance of Russia's new putsch, Vladimir Putin addressed the UN for the first time in a decade and asked for a UN-backed coalition to fight IS terror. The world is changing. Where does India stand in this shifting scenario?

President Bashar Al-Assad, Syria's ruthless dictator, would have been thrown out along with Egypt's Mubarak and Libya's Gaddafi when Arab masses rose against their tyrants in 2011. But he survived because Iran backed him. Because Shiite Iran backed him, Sunni Saudi Arabia opposed him. Because Saudis opposed him, America opposed him. Because America opposed him, Russia backed him. Because the people opposed all of them, the IS gained strength.

The growth of Taliban and then of the IS was the direct consequence of flawed US policies. Never able to grasp the nuances of local forces at play, America helped build up Osama bin Laden himself in its anxiety to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. That short-term goal was achieved, but the price paid was horrendous as the collapse of New York's twin towers showed.

Learning nothing, the erratic George Bush launched the Iraq war on false pretences. Again the immediate aims were met — US oil companies got control of Iraqi oil and Saddam Hussain was disposed of. But at what cost? Today Iraqi oil is...more

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