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  May 4, 2016
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Funeral with State honours at Kallahalli in Hunsur later today

Mysuru, May 4- The body of Chandraprabha Urs (70), former Minister and daughter of former Chief Minister late D. Devaraj Urs, who passed away at Apollo BGS Hospital here last evening, was brought to her residence at Sai Shree Mohan Sadan Apartment, opposite Hardwicke Church in Lakshmipuram, this morning for the public to pay their last respects.

Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, who arrived at Mandakalli airport in a special flight from Bengaluru at about 9.45 am, drove straight to Chandraprabha’s residence at Lakshmipuram.

The CM, after offering last respects to the departed leader by placing a wrath, consoled her family members.

Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwar, Co-operation Minister H.S. Mahadevaprasad, District Minister V. Sreenivasa Prasad, MLAs M.K. Somashekar, K. Venkatesh, H.P. Manjunath and Tanveer Sait and a host of other political leaders too paid their last respects.


     Special Coverage   
   Chandraprabha Urs no more
   9,616 students write CET in city
   Septuagenarian from Belagavi collapses in train, dies
   Bengalurean killed in road mishap
   MCC evicts roadside shops around Town Hall
   May 15 deadline for ration card holders to link with Aadhaar
   Conservation of forests and wildlife is possible only if water sources are conserved: Dr. Jacob Cheeran
   CM to inaugurate Basava Jayanti celebrations in city on May 9
   Three including a woman killed as car runs amok


Recently I had a “reminder” kind of tryst with a Hindi film and an english book — both are Indian. The film ‘Fan’ and the book “India’s Broken Tryst.” If it is Shah Rukh Khan the actor in the film ‘Fan,’ it is the author of the book, India’s Broken Tryst, Tavleen Singh, whom I admire immensely because of her couldn’t-care-less kind of writing style, senior journalist and TV news producer famously known as a single mother.

Both these episodes, however, made me reflect on India that I have lived and worked since 1940s. ‘Fan’ is in a sense what we see everyday not only behind every popular film star but behind every politician — from a Panchayat member to the Prime Minister. This adoration as a fan of an actor or a politician has caused much harm not only to the film industry leading it to cast a hero with vast fan-following and produce a dud of a film but also to our democracy turning it topsy-turvy into a mobocracy. Incidents like this and others expose India’s broken tryst that Tavleen Singh discusses in her book.

A few days back my friend was taking his car out from his house and there came, like a bullet, a motorcycle-borne youngster, without helmet and probably sans licence, hitting the car. The boy was hoisted six feet in the air like a missile while the car went into a spin crashing into the neighbour’s compound. Luckily a safe landing for both. There was pow-wow, cursing each other but soon it was a case of the lonely car owner facing a dozen youngsters dropping names of politicians beginning from the Chief Minister. The Police were not inclined to pursue the accident as per the law of the land — the traffic law. It is a case of my friend’s broken tryst with India’s law !

In Mumbai some people with the good intention of providing shelter to war heroes and widows of the martyrs of Kargil war of 1999 set up Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society. The very name of the Society was sublime as it means ‘ideal’ or ‘model’! But see what has happened to...more

     Feature Article  

Birth of Ear Microsurgery — Stapedectomy

Dr. John Shea, the world renowned Stapedectomy Surgeon born on 4.9.1924 in Memphis, Tenessee, USA, was the first ENT surgeon to use ‘Teflon Piston’ (a bio-compatible implant made up of Polytetrafluroethylene) to replace the ‘Fixed Stapes’ due to Otosclerosis (resulting in deafness). This surgery was successfully conducted 60 years ago on 1.5.1956 on a 54-year-old housewife. Thanks to the foresight and fortitude of Dr.John Shea, millions of people suffering from deafness due to Otosclerosis are benefitted by this surgery even to this day. Dr. John Shea, who died on 8.2.2015 at the age of 90 years, is fondly remembered as “The Father of Stapedectomy.” Here we publish an article by Dr. M.S. Natashekar, a Senior ENT Surgeon practicing in Mysuru since 1985. He is a recipient of ‘Dr.Jayathilakan Gold Medal’ for his paper presentation on “My Experience in Stapedectomy” at South-Zone ENT Conference held in Mysuru in 1993. —Ed

Deafness or hearing impairment, an invisible handicap, is a real malady. The incidence of deafness, due to many causes, is on the rise nowadays. Deafness can be due to:

a) Congenital deafness (by birth)

b) Chronic ear discharge with a hole in the ear drum

c) Fluid in the middle ear

d) Fixation of the Stapes bone, in the middle ear (also known as Otosclerosis)

e) Exposure to loud noise

f) Old age

g) Wax impaction etc.

Deafness can be mild to moderate to severe to profound hearing loss, depending on various etiological factors and duration of the illness.

Patients with hearing problems avoid mixing with people, and stay isolated, often leading to social problems.

Patients suffering from hearing problems should get themselves evaluated by an ENT specialist. After careful examination of the ear drum, detailed history of the illness is taken. Tuning-fork test and audiometric evaluation is done, and if the patient is known to suffer from “Otosclero...more

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