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  November 28, 2014
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Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha in city; inaugurates new pilot testing system conceived by Dr. Abdul Kalam

Caption: Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha inspecting the new pilot testing system in city this morning.

Mysuru, Nov. 28- The Indian Air Force (IAF) is working with the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to phase out Kiran (trainer jet) which is being used for training pilots, said Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, Chief of Indian Air Force Staff, here this morning.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) developed jointly by the DRDO and IAF at No. 2 Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) located at Siddarthanagar in city.

The IAF Chief landed at Mandakalli airport by a special IAF jet at 11 am and then proceeded to the No. 2 AFSB.

He was accompanied by Air Officer Commanding and No. 2 AFSB President Air Commodore O.P. Tiwari.

The new CPSS was originally conceived by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the then Scientific Adv...more

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   Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway Accident: Elderly woman from city among 3 killed
   Girl student among two injured as bikes collide
   Tavera mishap: Miraculous escape for two
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   Tips for better Town and Country Planning Education
   Winners of St. Chavara Cup Competitions


In a democracy, people’s representatives alone are accountable for a city’s or country’s corruption, crime and doom or its boom and glory. Our city’s fate too depends on them.’

Last August I had written in this column about KDP meeting titled “KDP meeting is meaningless: Revamp or scrap it.” No matter the Chief Minister Siddharamaiah conducts it or the respective District in-Charge Ministers, the result at the end of half-day’s or one-day’s exercise invariably has been zero.

Many years ago when one P.N. Srinivasachari was the Deputy Commissioner (DC) I was invited for this kind of a meeting in the DC’s office. So many officers from different government departments were present and were asked to introduce themselves. One officer introduced himself as, if I remember, Range Forest Officer (RFO). Immediately, the DC asked about the non-implementation of chain-link fencing around Chamundi Hill under the Norwegian-aid programme saying that the aid money of a few crores would be lost if work is not completed in scheduled time.

The Forest Officer’s response was typical of any officer in such meetings — whether at ZP or MCC or KDP. The RFO said, ‘Sir, I came here just a month back. I do not know about this project.’ The DC was livid with anger and cast a quick look at me and said, ‘Why do you come for this meeting then? I had called the Head of the District Forest Office for this meeting, not his Assistant.’ Same is the story about many other departments under the DC. The same was the scenario at KDP meetings, only the Ministers do not notice this bureaucratic charade and shadow play.

Therefore, the fate of the KDP meeting held on 5th August 2014 chaired by Chief Minister Siddharamaiah was no different. Mysuru ZP has 64 departments under its jurisdiction. With so many officials present, how will the Chief Minister review each department’s performance?

Be that as it may, I am now reflecting upon another such review meeting of the Mysuru City C...more

     Feature Article  

By Dr. K. Javeed Nayeem, MD

We Indians are a pretty innovative people. We seem to have an uncanny practical sense which is found nowhere else in the world. But at times we also exhibit a total lack of sensitivity as we see in many places. Take for instance the rather common practice these days of putting up pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses or painting religious symbols like the Christian Cross or the number 786, held sacred by Muslims, on the roadside walls to deter people from easing themselves or dumping garbage there. Well, it may work wonders like nothing else in taming this rather common but extremely disgusting practice but I would like to ask if this is really the right way to go about doing it?

Very recently when I parked my car at a commercial complex and got out of it, I was shocked to see a dog urinating against a framed picture of Bharat Mata that was sitting atop a small pile of garbage. Before I could compose myself a little and pull out my mobile phone to click a picture of the offending canine, it finished its job and left the place wagging its tail at me. Distraught, I called the parking lot attendant and asked him why the picture was allowed to lie there with such disregard? As nonchalantly as the beast, the man replied that it was deliberately placed there by the owners of the food stalls nearby to prevent humans from urinating there. So for them it was a different matter if it did not deter dogs from relieving themselves as long as it worked against dog-like humans.

I felt sick and sad and requested him to at least pick up the picture and hang it from a nail a little higher up on the compound wall against which it was now leaning, a suggestion to which he just shrugged in response. Not satisfied, I then walked over to a man who was running a small tea stall nearby and expressed my anguish to him. He said that he would talk to the other shopkeepers and see if something could be done about. I hope he and his friends have...more

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