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  February 9, 2016
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Caption: A group of villagers seen near Dadadahalli lake in Udbur today.

Mysuru, Feb. 9- The Amavasya (New Moon) Monday yesterday turned out to be tragic for two families as three persons ended their lives in two separate incidents in the taluk.

In the first incident, Raju (38) of Udbur village, in an apparent bid to end life, jumped into Dadadahalli Lake close to his village along with his two children (9-year-old daughter Spoorthi and seven-year-old son Srujan).

While Raju and his daughter Spoorthi drowned in the lake, Srujan managed to swim ashore and informed his mother about the incident, who in turn informed Mysuru South Police.

The Police rushed to the spot along with divers. However, the bodies of Raju and Spoorthi were not traced until today afternoon. On learning about the tragedy, hundreds of people from neighbouring villages gathered at the spot.

The Police suspect domestic disharmony for the tragedy.

In another incident, a contract employe...more

     Special Coverage   
   Disgruntled JD(S) workers set H.D. Kote Party Office on fire
   Suttur Seer to inaugurate 3-day ‘Mysore Travel Mart’ on Feb. 12
   Scrutiny of nomination papers begins
   Awareness on fire and emergency services for hoteliers
   II PU exam: Chief Superintendents, Principals meet
   Jewellers to observe All India Bandh tomorrow
   Maratha Regimental Day celebrated in city
   South Graduates Constituency: BJP launches 4-day voter registration drive
   Short circuit: Benz car partially charred


The Indian Express had reported on April 4, 2012, a news titled “The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key army units moved towards Delhi without notifying Government.” The Government then was UPA led by Congress. The Chief of Army then was General V.K. Singh. The media suggestion was a coup attempt by General V.K. Singh!

However, an embarrassed Congress had rejected the report.

The Indian Express was reporting on April 4, 2012, what was supposed to have happened on the night of January 16, 2012. The word “spooked” in the headline of the newspaper here in this context means ‘to frighten.’ To come to the point, it says that General V.K. Singh was trying to frighten the UPA-Government or whomsoever he wanted to.

Reason could be that it was on January 16, 2012, the same day the army movements were alleged that Gen. V.K. Singh had approached the Supreme Court regarding the controversy over his date of birth. It was an issue which saw him locked in a bitter confrontation with UPA-Government. Help, I suppose, for this must have come from some senior retried high-ranking army officers who are into the business of acting as agents in army purchases — looting of course. Gen. V.K. Singh had exposed them thus provoking these new merchants of army weapon to fix him.

From what I have been reading since Nehru’s time (Jeep scandal), I agree with Gen. V.K. Singh when he says in his autobiography that procurement and acquisitions made the armed forces the cash cow for successive Governments.

This controversy of unnotified army movement once again raised its ugly head when, one of the many Congress leaders who are visible only on TV or as paper tigers in newspapers, Manish Tiwari replied to a question at a book release function in New Delhi recently saying the report suggesting a coup attempt by General V.K. Singh was “unfortunate but true.” For a section of the Congressmen and also the media, any stick is good enough to beat the General who is alwa...more

     Feature Article  

By T.J.S. George

Indian news television demeans India. It has tribal characteristics that are eccentric and, more often, offensive. Only in India do news anchors outshout their guests. Only in India do channels crowd the little screen with so many different elements — multiple layers of headlines on screen top, then the main picture and a subsidiary picture splitting the screen, more headlines further below, a trailing line of spot news at screen bottom plus logos and sponsor's name and, not to be missed, the talking head of the channel's anchor hero popping up now and again, all simultaneously flashing and jumping for attention.

One ridiculous channel even has a line of fire raging across the middle of the screen to indicate that burning issues are being debated. Is this what made US Vice-President-turned environmentalist Al Gore say: The idiot box judges news by the maxim — if it bleeds, it leads; if it thinks, it stinks?

This kind of journalism assumes that viewers are morons who will believe anything they are told. Responsible journalism is just the opposite. In print or television, nothing is more precious than trust — the trust readers/viewers place in the providers of news and comments. The trust is earned through respect for the reader/viewer. In pre-independence India, the judicious prudence of C.Y. Chintamani was so patent that even the power-wielders he criticised would wait eagerly for his editorials which sometimes extended from one day to the next. In the early decades of independence, Sham Lal's erudite integrity was so influential that his weekly column, Life and Letters, could make or mar a book.

For comparable cases in television journalism, we must go West. Walter Cronkite, CBS anchor in the 1960s and 70s, was known as "the most trusted man in America." BBC's Richard Dimbleby was celebrated for his running commentary on historic events such as Churchill's funeral. When he was in charge of the microphone, it was said, pe...more

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